First things first… There are so many different types of Facial Treatments! Depending on your skin type and/or if you are experiencing any skin issues, your licensed Aesthetician will choose the best type of facial specific to your individual needs.

A good, daily skin care routine is very important for your skin health and beauty maintenance as well, but there are no doubts that a professional, medical-grade facial treatment can help and improve a lot and have some amazing benefits for your skin.

So, let’s get into it!

1) DEEP CLEANSING – this helps your skin get rid of dirt, toxins, oil, and potential infection agents like some types of bacteria and fungus.

2) REMOVAL OF DEAD SKIN CELLS – by using an exfoliator and with the right movements of the hands helped by an appropriate product for your skin, all the layers of dead skin cells that accumulate at the surface of the skin will be gone. You skin will also be able to absorb treatment products much better.

3) REDUCTION OF ACNE – manual extraction, one of the steps during a professional facial, is great for removing blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and preventing acne breakouts. This is essential for those who are struggling with acne disease.

4) SOFTER AND SMOOTHER SKIN – by removing all the dead skin cells, excess sebum oil, and by helping your skin to retain its natural moisture.

5) HYDRATES, EVENS SKIN TONE, IMPROVES ELASTICITY, AND REDUCES WRINKLES – dependent upon the products that are used.

6) IMPROVES BLOOD CIRCULATION – through the hand movements, and massage, your cells will receive more oxygen and nutrients, and the toxins and free-radicals will be removed quicker. Professional facials promote detoxification of the skin.

7) BOOSTS THE EFFECTS OF ALL YOUR SKIN CARE PRODUCTS – when you have layers of dead cells and impurities at the surface of your skin, it forms like “a barrier” not allowing your skin to absorb skin care products. Cleansing the skin properly and gently exfoliating the dead skin cells really provides a huge benefit to your skin, however, do not over-exfoliate your skin! If you over-exfoliate the skin, it can cause dry, dehydrated, overly oily skin, as well as micro tears in the skin causing the skin to look crepey.

8) RELAXATION – the hand movements and light massage are great to relief stress, as well as relax and calm your mind. The use of essential oils and aromatherapy help to set the tone of the experience.

9) PREPARE YOUR SKIN FOR AESTHETIC PROCEDURES – a good facial done by a qualified professional will prepare your skin to better respond to many aesthetic procedures.

10) INCREASE SELF-STEEM – treating yourself with a spa day, will boost your mood and help you to feel more beautiful! Self-care and self-love.

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