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The Almost Complete Book of Sex

By Roger Y. Murray, M.D.

Sex is the most basic instinct of all because without it there would be no humans or animals. Thankfully, there is an instinctual drive to have sex and reproduce. This book is about understanding what can go wrong with sex and how to fix it. The material presented in this book is straight forward, scientific, and factual. It should be read by anyone who is about to become, or already is, sexually active. This is not a book for children, because

children between the ages of six months and puberty have no sexual hormones in their bodies. Those of us who have had children, especially boys, might now and again want to disagree with that announcement, however, it is true. The book that you are about to read has been organized so you can read it page to page, or essentially read the “slide” presentation. If a section catches your interest, the content underneath it will give

you a more comprehensive and layman’s clarification about the substance in the slide. Throughout the book, there are “Factoids,” which are astonishing facts that we had never heard before and we thought might be of interest to you. Moreover, there are various “Notable Quotes” which originate from different specialists, famous people and the “notables,” but unknowns. In this second edition, we are very fortunate to have Dr. Gina Midyett, a Ph.D. Sex Psychologist, who specializes in sex therapy. She will be inserting her thoughts about the different topics covered in this book. She adds a new dimension to this medical book of sex, and I thank her for her great insights. You may notice that a certain word or phrase may appear more than once, or in multiple slides, but each time there will be a slight difference in its application and understanding. The slides introduced were originally made by me for a physician tutorial exercise, and after one of my associates read it, they said this could be an incredible book for laymen if the slides were given interpretation. On occasion, I have inserted my opinion, which may be just the logical conclusion of the point I was making, or it might be something that following 30 years of experience I hold to be valid. Whenever my opinion is inserted, I will inform the reader that it is my personal sentiment. Clearly, I think you should read it completely through to get a thorough understanding of the subject matter. If you do read the entire book you will have a deep understanding of medical sexology. Since this subject matter is so comprehensive, I am certain I will have missed a few segments of sexuality, yet this covers most of them. Like anything medical it is a perpetual work with new discoveries

every day and I encourage you to continue to read and learn about this subject matter. Responding to suggestions from the first edition of the book, we have included a new section. We call it “Executive Summary.” This section will summarize in a few sentences the core take away from

each chapter. The book is divided into 3 sections: Males, Females, and Male & Female Combo.


Males Females Males & Females

Successful Aging


Erectile Dysfunction

Ejaculatory Problems





Ejaculatory Disorders


Sexual Pharmacology

Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms

Sexual Diseases

Peyronie’s Disease

Female Sexuality

Female Sexual Dysfunction

Menopause and Sex

Estrogen Replacement Therapy

Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

Hypoactive Sexual Arousal Disorder

Hypoactive Sexual Orgasmic Disorder

Testosterone and Female Sexuality

Dyspareunia or Painful Intercourse



Vulvar Pathology

Pelvic Floor Disorders


The G- and C-Spots


Sexual Dreams and Fantasies


Gender Identity Disorder





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