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What is a Lip Enhancement procedure?

The aging process affects every part of your skin and face, causing loss of volume and signs of aging, and your lips are not excluded from the process.

Femininity and beauty are often accentuated by the shape and fullness of the lips. Lips are an essential area of the face that can show early signs of aging such as small wrinkles, excessive sun exposure, and smoking. We can restore the youth of your lips, redefine volume and symmetry, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the lips and mouth with a nonsurgical lip augmentation procedure, also called lip enhancement. Now, achieving the perfect symmetry and fullness of the lips requires talent and experience. We, at The Murray Center, can give you the lips you’ve always wanted.

Techniques to enhance and improve the definition and volume of the lips may be separated into two categories: temporary and permanent.

Temporary techniques use injectable fillers, such as Juvéderm and Restylane products, a process which needs repeating every several months. Permanent techniques use Silicone Micro-droplets for lip enhancement.

What to expect for Temporary Lip Enhancement?

We recommend starting with temporary hyaluronic acid lip fillers to allow you to assess how plump and defined you would like your lips. Definition plays a huge role in the overall appearance of your lips; it’s not only about having two nicely plump cushions!

Dr. Roger Murray, as a true artist, strives on giving his patients the lips of their dreams! He will require a younger picture of you to assess your lips’ shape and fullness, in order to then give you what you want. Several safe, injectable dermal fillers are available. During your first consultation, our expect physician will explain how each product works to enhance your lips.

The injectable dermal fillers used in the lip augmentation procedure contain hyaluronic acid, a non-toxic, natural substance that naturally binds to water, causing lips to remain more hydrated, while also adding volume and fullness to the lips and reducing lines and wrinkles around the mouth.

How long does Temporary Lip Enhancement last?

Depending on the product being used, hyaluronic acid dermal fillers may last anywhere from six to twelve months before a follow-up treatment is required. Patients who choose temporary injectables will need to return for multiple treatments, perhaps once or twice per year, depending on the goal of the patient and to maintain the results. Injections are performed on an outpatient basis, and most will take no longer than 30-45 minutes in office.

What to expect for Permanent Lip Enhancement?

For permanent Lip Augmentation, the process is exactly the same as the above, only that Dr. Roger Murray will inject Silicone Micro-droplets, which remain soft and pliable, giving you permanently the lips that you love on you. Dr. Murray will start slow and build upon the results in multiple sessions.

Is Lip Enhancement right for me?

If you are unhappy with the appearance of thin lips, vertical wrinkles around the lips, and a general lack of definition and fullness to the lips, then you are the perfect candidate for Lip Augmentation (Enhancement).

We recommend Lip Augmentation for improving the shape, size, volume, and firmness of the lips. This procedure is for all ages and sexes. Younger patients may desire fuller, more voluptuous lips, while mature patients may wish to minimize lines and wrinkles around the lips and increase definition and fullness. Lip augmentation may also be suitable for improving the general balance of facial features in cases where the lips appear too small for the other features of the face or if lips are distorted from birth or a tragic injury. 

What are the benefits of Lip Enhancement?

Thin lips, smoker lines, and wrinkles around the mouth create a visual distraction that draws attention away from your eyes and makes you look older and less attractive. The natural process of aging is to thin your lips and allow wrinkles around the mouth, which gives you a tired look.

Lip augmentation, temporary or permanently, helps restore a more youthful and attractive appearance by providing:

  • Fullness, volume, and symmetry to lips

  • Reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around the lips and mouth

  • Preventing lipstick bleeding and restoring a more defined outline of the lips

  • Hydrating the lips

  • Correcting lips that are turned down

  • Results can be seen immediately after treatment

  • No downtime or recovery period required


How many sessions will it take?
The procedure may require multiple injections, so a numbing cream may be administered to help you relax and prevent any discomfort. The process of administering dermal fillers takes approximately 30 minutes at most, depending on how many injections Dr. Roger Murray prescribes. In regard to how many sessions it will take, it will depend on the patient’s goal. No downtime or recovery period is required following the dermal injection treatment.
How soon after my injections will I see the swelling going down?
Immediately following any lip enhancement procedure, patients may feel mild discomfort and swelling initially. You will notice that your lips are fuller and more defined, but there may be some mild swelling, bruising, and tenderness, particularly around the injection sites, causing your lips to appear slightly fuller and bigger than you expected. The swelling will go down after about three days, and your lips will feel less swollen, soon returning to a more normal size. The lip filler will be reassessed two weeks after the initial injection.
Are there any other side effects that may occur?
Bleeding from the injection sites, bruising and swelling, redness and tenderness at the injection site, and possibility of lumps and irregularities. If you have an infection at the site needing to be injection, including cold sores or fever blisters of the lips or surrounding the lips, the treatment will be postponed until the active infection has been cleared. There is a possibility of an injection into the blood vessel which causes tissue loss if you do not go to a qualified and skilled doctor.

*Individual Results May Vary

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