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Aesthetic Medicine for Colored Skin

For a long time, aesthetic medicine has failed to deliver effective answers and solutions to problems faced with colored skin of different ethnicities. Skin with a lot of pigment (darker tones) are very different from clear, pale skin and demand attention as well. Both skin types are in need of some TLC.
If poorly protected pale skin is at a high risk of skin cancer, then more protected darker skin is more prone to pigmentation disorders and scarring.
However, the good news is that Aesthetic Medicine today can provide safe solutions! We offer many treatments to fit this category and their specific characteristics.
– Non-Invasive Antigravity Face and Neck Lift: face or neck lift without surgery, but with long lasting tensor threads in order to replace and correct sagged tissue and loss of the face oval.
– Age Spots, Melasma, PIH: treatment of age spots with a mild/deep chemical peel and/or laser.
– Eczema & Acne: chemical peel treatment.
– Dermal Fillers
– Laser Hair Removal: safe, effective laser.
– Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement therapy: hormonal balance for men and women.
– Non-invasive Body Contouring: shaping and slimming.
– And many more…

For ages 30 to 70 years: The Non-Invasive Anti-Gravity Face or Neck Lift:

Everyone ages different. Fortunate for some and not for others, but the type of skin you have also plays a role in how you age. For example,
● Fine Caucasian skin thins and wrinkles rather quickly, looking very crepey.
● Thicker Colored skin wrinkles slightly, but mostly undergoes dropping at the cheekbones and jowls.
The Non-Invasive Antigravity Face Lift is the first medically, nonsurgical face lift with the use of tensor threads without any risks for darker skins.
– No linear scarring
– No hospital stays
– No general anesthesia
– Intervention in a dedicated operating room
– 100% biocompatible threads, thus never any allergy
– Intervention using non-cutting needles, therefore decreases the chance of bleeding or nerve damage
The Non-Invasive Antigravity Face and Neck Lift has many advantages:
– Natural result.
– Assurance of discretion.
– The tensor threads are painless under the skin, even at the touch. As well as being always invisible.
– The procedure is fully reversible.
– The speed of the procedure, total of 3 hours including prep time at the practice.
– Minimal downtime of 48-72 hours and full activity can resume within 3-8 days. Some patients may have persistent edema (swelling) that can last up to 15 days.
– Long-lasting results, nearly 10 years.
– Financially affordable procedure in comparison to a Surgical Face Lift.

*Individual Results May Vary*

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