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What is Epitalon?

X-tend™ (Epitalon) is a nutritional supplement designed to enhance a long life. Epitalon is small tetra-peptide, one of the very few substances which are reputed to activate Telomerase enzyme in human. It is classified as a telomerase activator, and putative anti-aging drug developed by the St Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology in the late 1980’s, primarily overseen by Vladimir Khavinson in Russia. It was identified as the putative active component of a bovine pineal gland extract known as Epithalamin.

Epithalamin may increase a person’s resistance to emotional stress and may act as an antioxidant. Telomerase medical studies show that it renews (elongates) the telomeres, which are responsible for protection of the human DNA from damage and cancer-causing errors.

Epitalon (aka): Epithalone/Epitalon/Epithalamin has not generated much interest in the western world by big pharma industry since all patents are held by the Russian inventor. This makes the substance fairly unknow in the west due to the absence of marketing.

Clinical studies show prospective results in psychiatry, neuropathology and geriatrics.

What is X-tend™?

X-tend™ is pure A.E.D.G. (Ala-Glu_Asp-Gly) The compound is made from 4 amino acids combined in a specific way and as such is known in the scientific community as A.E.D.G. X-Tend™ was the first lab to produce and promote A.E.D.G. to labs and universities so we have had ample time to perfect our process which is important as this small tetra-peptide is very fragile during production, easy to absorb moisture and degrade.

X-Tend™ is pure A.E.D.G. (Epitalon) cleansed and filtered to greater than 98% purity and freeze dried into sterile vials of 50mg each.

Is it Safe? Are there any side effects?

As of today, there were no reported side effects of Epitalon in any of the clinical and experimental trials. Likewise, there are no reports of any Epithalamin adverse reactions on various internet forums, where people have been documenting repeated courses every 10-15 days for several years.

How do I preserve Epitalon?
Along with your vials of X-tend™, it includes a dropper bottle which we recommend using via sub-lingual. You can mix 8ml of distilled water into the vial, swirl to mix well and pour into the dropper bottle. Each 1 drop will have roughly .4mg of A.E.D.G. Keep the dropper bottle in the refrigerator. Keep any un-opened vials of X-tend ™ in the freezer.  They can last in a freezer for up to 18 months.  After 18 months they will start to slowly degrade.
What is the recommended dosage?
6 to 8 drops of X-tend™ under the tongue daily.

*Individual Results May Vary

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