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Dear Joelle and Roger,
I have to say, thank you so much for helping me!
My knee feels like “new” and as never used before, it is a miracle! Just after the second day from the treatment I
could feel the effect from the stem cell therapy- unbelievable:)
Again: thank you!
Have a great weekend.
- A. Gregg

“Dear Dr. Murray,

Your memory formula is just awesome. It has been months that I’ve had a hard time concentrating at work. My mind was mostly fuzzy, my focus was off and I generally felt low energy levels. I started assuming that it was probably due to growing older and I had to accept that slower state. However, since I’ve been taken your memory formula, I have felt an immediate boost of energy. My mind has become sharp again and I am laser focused at work. My passion is back and I am enjoying my work life again. All this thanks to you, Dr. Murray!”

S G – Orlando FL

Every woman that works at the Murray Center makes going there a pleasure. I’ve been wanting to write this for a while, but haven’t gotten around to it. I have NEVER gone to into a medical environment where I am made to feel “liked”, cared for and like “one of the gang”. I cried last week when I had to go to my doctor bc AS USUAL the nurses, office staff etc are so mean! Makes me want to get a sleeping bag and live at your clinic:) haha. I love my reg. doctor, but to get back to see him I have to endure 45 min of them yelling at each other and me, for no reason. But with you all, it’s like I’m on a different planet, bc remember I’ve never encountered nice nurses, technicians, office staff etc. You ladies really have a talent for making people feel awesome and I thank you so very much for that!!! Please share this with the ladies. What I’m trying to say is you all are an absolute joy to be around!!! Thanks you for being your wonderful selves!!!”



”My friends now compliment my great complexion.”

L.P., Mississippi

”Now I use a little makeup to enhance my looks rather than hide them.”

N.D., Kansas

”The ugly vessels I had on my cheeks are gone.”

A.J., Missouri

”I’m no longer worried about the blotchiness I had.”

T.H., Texas

”My skin looks younger!”

D.F., New York

“The improvement in the tone and texture of my skin is obvious!”

L.D., Texas

“My friends have noticed a difference after just one MLP!”

D.C., Virginia

“I love the subtle improvements instead of a radical change.”

C.M., Florida

“My skin is softer, smoother and more supple after my MicroLaserPeel.”

R.L., California

“Now that the embarrassing facial hair is gone I can smile again with ease, and I’m happy to have my picture taken.”

R.M., California

“I used to dread summer clothes and swimsuits, now I look forward to warmer weather so I can wear them.”

J.P., Washington

“No more razor cuts or burns on my sensitive skin.”

W.M., Tennessee

“I love waking up in the morning knowing I don’t have to shave, pluck,
wax or bleach.”

T.S., Minnesota

“No more messy makeup to hide wrinkles—friends say that I look so rested.”

D.K., New York

“I had abused my skin over the years with too much sun and smoking, and I’m very pleased with how much restoration was achieved.”

S.U., New Mexico

“My age spots and wrinkles are so diminished—I’ve truly turned back the hands of time!”

R.M., California

“My face, neck, chest and hands all have a younger, smoother look since having a laser peel. People have mistaken me for my daughter!”

T.C., Nevada

“People think I look great without knowing what I’ve done. The glow in my face tells it all—I have younger looking skin now, and feel younger too.”

J.B., Florida

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