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Who is going to take care of us?

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With socialized Health Care looming on our horizon a recent study by the British Medical Association showing the attitudes and working conditions of our counterparts on the other side of the ocean many be useful.

11,000 G.P.’s were asked how things are now vs. five years ago and 53.2% said things were now worse. 63% said that practicing good medicine was now harder, 52% said they would not recommend medicine as a career, 53% said they thought extending office hours would be good if they got paid for it, but 72% said that would be a bad allocation of resources. Considering that the first year G.P’s get about $200,000.00 dollars salary, which is substantially more than their American counterparts, it may surprise many that American Doctors will be financially better off with a Universal Socialized Health Care system.

Authors Note: As a private practicing physician of 30 years I have only had four two week vacations in my entire working life, the rest being either one weekers or long weekends. Being salaried sounds pretty good to me because my 3000+ dollars a day overhead would be eliminated, 6 weeks of vacation a year sound unbelievable, having my own health care provided for, minimalized risk of mal-practice, and anything approaching a 40 hour work week would be almost unbelievable. From my stand point, call it what you want, Socialized Health Care, Universal Health Care, Hillary Health Care, I believe doctors would have better quality of lives than under our current system.

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