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What Is Aesthetics?

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Welcome…..I think… to 2010. Thank God 2009 is over and hopefully never to be repeated.

Rather than jumping into my usual predictions I am going to address a subject that has been coming up a lot lately, namely what is aesthetics. And the colliery – how do you know where to put the filler or enhancer and how much?

To answer the above let me try to explain, as an artist how I approach the face. From a medical point of view it is your computer and home to most all of your senses but from an artistic point of view it is about emotions and sensations. Most doctors who talk about beauty usually start telling me that it is all about symmetry, balance, harmony, and proportions. And while it is true that if your facial symmetry is off the harmony and balance seem discordant. But we have all known people that have ebullient personalities, fantastic voice expressions, great attitudes and what I call “Olympic listeners” who are so vivacious that we completely overlook any facial asymmetry that they might have. And they leave us with warm fuzzies and the feeling that they really do care about us. It’s all about emotions and sensations.

As a sculptor I am mostly concerned with texture, size, shape, proportions and volume. And I am also starting with a square block of marble, whereas in the human face we already have a set of defined proportions and interactions. So I look at the face and think, restore, enhance and rejuvenate.

It is sadly too often that I see patients who have been to someone who attempted to build, replace and remove facial features. We have all seen the women with the “monkey upper lip”, or the “sponge Bob” squared off face, or the beautiful Farah Fawcett smile now replaced with tight lips and stretched skin.

My job as an aesthetic surgeon is try and make you look as close to your best, which is usually about 10-15 years younger and enhance what I can and leave alone that which defines you. We do this by giving you the fullness of your lips that you used to have, (never put big lips on someone who never had them, in spite of their sometimes persistent requests) restore the volume that has been lost due to sun, running, dieting or just age, restore the eyebrows to their youthful place, eliminate gravity wherever we can, reestablish volume where it used to be, and make the envelope (skin) as smooth as it can be. This now leads me to my definition of beauty which is…”the proper proportion of one facial feature to another overlaid with a picture of health producing a child like appearance engendering feelings of love and protection”.

After reading this to my staff they encouraged me to say something about the products and procedures we do. For the lips we usually recommend to start with Juvederm Ultra and if you like the look then the next time after the Juvederm wears off go to Silicone which is permanent. For early gravity issues we recommend skin tightening with the Thermascan laser, and for more advanced gravity laxity we recommend the Silhouette thread lift. This is not a barbed thread lift but instead a thread with Hyaluronic cones knotted into the thread which makes each one of them capable of lifting 35 pounds. For areas of fat loss we use only Sculptra which is an enhancer and can last up to 4 years in my experience. Of course there is always Botox and Dysport for the wrinkles and for the more damaged skin we recommend the Erbium laser peel. Many of you have had the various Fraxil lasers on the market today, and many of you are substantially poorer with minimal results. Most of you are now coming back to get the much cheaper and more effective Erbium Laser peel.

The most famous Italian Liposculturer is Dr. Gasparotti who so famously said “it is not the wand type that counts, it is the man holding the wand”. And it is the same with all aesthetics. It is not the product that is the most important thing it is the man or woman holding the syringe, scalpel or laser head that really counts.

For all of our new subscribers I usually write a section on What’s New in science. Most of the time it is about new scientific findings on the body but occasionally its just about cool new things.

What’s New

Blio. Yes the newest version of a Kindal, those electronic books. This one is by Microsoft and what distinguishes it from the others is that when you click on a picture in the over 1,000,000 book selection it turns into a video. In addition if you are a college student (or any other student you want to be) you can have the book read out loud on your way to school, or on a long trip or to work …’s endless. What a great gift to a student or for your self.

Cell Phones reverse Alzheimer’s Disease

Wow! In a ground breaking study performed at the U. of Miami researchers exposed 96 mice for more than 9 months to the same radiation emitted from a cell phone. They took mice that had been genetically engineered to get Alzheimer’s disease and normal ones and exposed them to the cell phone radiation for one hour a day for nine months. Those mice that were supposed to get Alzheimer’s disease when exposed at a younger age fared better than the older mice and the normal mice actually had improvement over their normal non exposed peers. Those mice that already had the disease improved and reversed many of their symptoms. Obviously human applications will follow very shortly. I guess we can’t berate our kids any more because they are actually getting smarter the longer they are on their phones…….who would have guessed. The study was published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease

Werners Disease

This is a disease that causes accelerated aging in humans and animals. In this study from Canada mice that have been bred to get this disease were given plain Vitamin C. It not only stopped the disease but also reversed it. Some of the other associated conditions that go along with the disease such as atherosclerosis, liver disease and heart disease also showed regression. On a sided note there have been now multiple studies showing that smokers who take 1000 mg per day may reduce the harmful effects of smoking by as much as 80%.

So while this vitamin has had its good times in the literature and its bad times taking 1000 mg daily could at worse cause you no harm and at best help dramatically.

An Anti cancer Cocktail?

Scientists working together in Calif. and Mass. have developed a series of nano tubes and particles that when ingested orally fist go to the tumor and mark it and then send in some other nano tubes with anti cancerous drugs in them that kill the tumor. You simply ingest the cocktail and only your tumor dies and none of the current nasty side effects of chemotherapy. This is obviously still experimental but for some of us this technology will be available in our life times.

Does anyone know what a Boskop is?

We have all been taught that we Homo Sapiens are the highest form of evolution. Right? Wrong! The Boskops were a civilization that lived on the east coast of South Africa 10,000 years ago. The most interesting finding is that their brains were about 30% larger than ours and in adulthood they exhibited a child like face. If you speculate on their brain sizes it means that the average IQ was about 150, close to what we call genius today. And that being average about 5% probably had IQ’s in the 180’s. Which means that their integrative capabilities of information would have been on the order of four times ours. Imagine the ability to look at a complex task and be able to come up with four simultaneous ways of solving it. Imagine being able to run parallel thoughts simultaneously. They probably could. What happened to them? No one knows except we do know that even today there is greater mortality amongst large headed babies. Perhaps they evolved into extinction because of the size of their brains. It also turns upside down the concept of forward linear evolution. In this case we went backwards. Why would a race that is at least 30% smarter than us gone into extinction? Obviously it is evolution backwards. You can read more about it in the book Big Brain by Gary Lynch.

Just as a reminder, now is the very best time to get your laser treatment while the sun is still weak and the temperature still cool.

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