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The Murray Center Now Offers Cryo-Therapy

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There are times when innovations in the cosmetic world appear to be at a stand still and times when you just cannot keep up with all of the new stuff. Well this is one of those times when there is a ton of new stuff.

Firstly I would like to announce that we are now doing cryo-therapy which is the freezing of those ugly brown spots off of your body. We bought the Cryro-Probe system which is a little different than the liquid nitrogen. This devise uses the nitrogen ‘gas’ component but not the ‘liquid’ and therefore you do not get the bleached out white spots which are forever. So if you have any brown spots you want removed from anywhere on your body please call for an appointment.

Dysport vs. Botox

At long last the FDA has approved the first competitor to Botox. It is already in use in 27 other countries and has been used on a regular basis in England since 1991.

The difference is this, one it is cheaper, two it lasts longer, three its onset is much faster. Botox tends to stay exactly where it is put whereas Dysport tends to spread over a wider area.

When I return from vacation we will have both available for you.

Combined Integrative Approaches

This concept is the new buzz words for combining multiple modalities to get better results in cosmetic in cosmetic procedures. For example if you have wrinkles under the eyes we might start with Juvederm injection to fill the void space, then follow that with a laser procedure to tighten up the skin and then use a cosmeceutical cream to further smooth out the remaining fine lines.

We have already been doing that with our Lipodissolve to get rid of unwanted fat. Firstly we start dissolving the fat with the non-invasive Laser, then we inject, then we re-laser using a different setting, then we give you HCG shots to further dissolve the fat, follow that with a safe diet pill and then give you a diet which is designed to further get rid of your Triglycerides. Using this Combined Integrative Approach we quite routinely can dissolve about four inches off of your abdomen, and get you to lose about 15-20 lbs in one session.

Our new approach to tightening the skin is also I feel a giant step forward. Firstly we use the Diamond Wand micro-dermabrasion to get rid of the outer layer of dead skin cells, follow that with a 40-70% Glycolic peel which not only gets rid of even more epidermal skin cells but also has a tightening effect, and then follow that with the Thermascan Laser which penetrates laser energy even deeper into the skin to cause an even greater tightening of the skin.

Eye Lashes and More Eye Lashes

For many years we have observed that those people who took certain eye drops for glaucoma ended up with long thick eye lashes. I know because I have congenital glaucoma and have been taking these drops for years. Now a group of companies have come out with ßßthe extensions, but the downside is that it is going to take 8-12 weeks before you see the results, whereas the extensions are immediate.

Skin Tightening

In a recent survey the most popular and most frequently used cosmetic procedures were Botox, Dermal fillers, Mico-dermabrasion and skin tightening procedures. The economy has taken its toll on face lifts, breast lifts and liposuction.

Ellman is the company that has been most closely associated with radio-frequency devises. I have had my Ellman for 20 years and have removed innumerable facial moles with it. The company has just been approved to release their first skin tightening devise called the “Pelleve”. This should be a great improvement over similar devises on the market today. The most known one is Thermage.

Rejuve Cream

Our Rejuve cream (as many of you already know) is one of the most advanced creams of its kind in the world. It contains the entire cascade of Growth Factors (IGF-1, IGF-2, TGF-ß, Epithelial Growth Factor, Endothelial Growth Factor and VEGF). While anti oxidants slow the aging process growth factors can actually stop it and in many cases reverse the again process.

I recently had an unsolicited testimonial in which the woman said she had been using the face cream and then wiping the residual cream left on her right hand over the back of her left hand. After having used it for almost a year someone commented to her that her left hand had almost no signs of aging whereas her right hand had a lot of brown spots and a rougher texture. She was so shocked by this revelation that she called me to ask me if other people had noticed the same. I assured her that we had indeed heard many such testimonials.

My loss is your gain – and by that I mean that there was a confusion the last time we ordered the cream and I was sent three times what I ordered….so we are offering a one time special offer at $90.00 per bottle instead of the normal $120.00. We have an extra 40 bottles only and based on our us usual sales volume this will be gone in less than a month so call asap.

Authors Note

If you have been reading these news articles regularly I have been saying for many years that the future of medicine is Stem cells and Growth Factors. Creams that tout anti-oxidants and vitamins as their means of regenerating the skin are completely out dated compared with what is on the market now. The Swiss and Germans have been growing Growth factors on skin cultures and then incorporating them into creams for years and now a California company Histogen Aesthetics has devised their own proprietary method of doing what the Europeans have been doing for almost a decade. Expect to see more and more companies to be coming out with these growth factors for they truly are a giant step forward.

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