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The Best Scientific Breakthrough of 2008, Etc.

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Blind Sight

If a person is completely blind can he still “see”? It appears the answer is YES.
In an experiment in the Netherlands a blind man was asked to walk down a hallway which was full of obstacles and to try and avoid them. Using his subconscious mind and primitive areas of his brain he was able to completely avoid all of the obstacles. In congenitally blind people there are other abnormal brain developments that prohibit this type of “seeing” but in this individual he had a stroke in his fifties so the neural mechanisms to see were already established to entire visual parts of the brain, however these parts were completely dissolved due to the stroke. Scientists have long known that when we see something it registers not only in the visual cortex but also in the subcortex areas but this is the first time where we can actually measure the contribution of this primitive part of the brain. Further experiments were performed where a very noxious picture was shown to him and even though he could not describe the picture he had a withdrawal response and a noxious feeling inside. If you want to see a video of this go to
Science is truly amazing

We are truly going Bionic with this one

Currently there is technology where we can implant a tiny wire into the brain of Parkinson’s diseased patents and through intermittent stimulation get the brain to release the neurotransmitter Dopamine which has caused the disease. Now from England comes an experiment where a women with no sex drive had an implant put into the orbital-frontal cortex of the brain (the front part) which when stimulated made her become very sexually active. It worked perfect but the woman was uncomfortable with her new sexuality and had it removed. You and I both know where this is going and it’s just a matter of time.

The Best Scientific Break-through of 2008

The most significant discovery is called Cellular Reprogramming. With only four genes they were able to take a mature cell and turn it back to an original stem cell. The implications are of course enormous. Let’s say you have a pancreatic cancer by taking some of the pancreas cells and reprogramming them back to their original stem line you can then reprogram an organ and it will then remove the adult cells that have gone awry and reput in healthy reprogrammed cells. The implications are really beyond anyone’s dreams. For example any failing organ can now be regrown with its own genetics and give you a new one. The applications in the future will be anything from regrowing a new kidney to that all elusive ultimate anti aging eternity age (350years).

The Common Cold

If you have been following my blogs you read last year that the influenza virus be it either the common flu (H1N1or H1N3) or the Bird Flu (H5N1) are all viruses that originated in Birds. Now comes a group of Virologists who have traced the common cold back to birds about 200 years ago. Now this is very important – these are intestinal viruses. While the cold affects your runny nose and lungs its portal of entry is the intestines. That’s why we have so many teachers who swear by our Telemorx product that we sell through the office. It has massive amounts of IgG and IgA which attack the disease in the intestines before it gets into your body. If you are prone to upper respiratory cold and flu like illnesses then you need to be on this product.

Beyond Dick Tracy

Remember when we thought that having a radio or TV on your wrist was so far out there, well now UCLA has developed a cellular phone with a mini lab all built into one for developing nations. You can run a HIV, malaria, and leukemia test right in your cell phone. It won’t be long before we have the Star Trek Scanners available.

Jurassic Park Lives

Taking cells from a 16 year old dead mouse researchers have recently cloned live healthy mice using these cells. The debate is now focusing on cloning endangered species of animals such as the white rhinoceros. Obviously the wooly Mammoths which have been found frozen in the tundra are the source of much speculation but who knows.

The Quantum World is Beginning to Unfold

Why would Microsoft be interested in “fractional quantum Hall”. What is that you ask? Well it is the way that subatomic particles behave. Quantum particles are known as fermions, and bosons. These are the subatomic particles within a cell or molecule. They spin at subatomic speeds with virtually undetectable energy. If a computer could harness the spins of millions of these subatomic particles you would have a computer that would literally appear to work at the speed of light doing trillions of computations per second. Why is Microsoft interested??? You don’t need me to answer that.

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