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Swine Flu

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We’ve all read just about everything there is to read about the swine flu, which is also known as H1N1, referring to the antigenic sites on the virus.

Yes it can kill certain individuals, especially those undergoing chemotherapy, those who are HIV positive, people who are 100 lbs. overweight and pregnant women. But for the most part it is less dangerous than the normal flu. The big difference between this one and the regular flu is that it is sweeping the world in the summer and has affected every single country in the world.

If we put this disease in perspective we can begin to gleam why there is so much coverage. Hepatitis and diarrhea each kill more than one million children in the world every single year!!! I believe that the death rate so far for this flu is less than 300 in total worldwide. By now it should be obvious to many that there is money to be made from selling vaccines. No one even talks about the millions of children dying, but the news is full of fear talk with the swine flu.

And just in case you haven’t noticed, the usual television networks that were usually ‘quite left ‘ have been moving quite centrist of late. Have you also noticed that the number one category of advertizing that all of the stations are doing is “drug advertizing?” Car commercials are virtually non-existent and beer commercials are only seen on sports stations. Need I say more?

Yes I do, because I want to talk to you about Dr Murrays Immune Complex. This is our organic product that comes from colostrum and has Immunoglobulins added to it. The swine flu and all other flues came from birds where they were intestinal viruses. The route of entry for all flues is via the intestinal tract. Our immune complex is loaded with IgG (immunoglobulins) that kill the flu virus in the intestines before it can even get into your body. We have literally dozens of schoolteachers that take it every flu season and they keep coming back year after year because like they say, “it works and I don’t get sick.”

We do know that the swine flu will probably sweep around the world one more time and that the regular flu will come out at its usual time. The third thing we know is that the H5N1 (bird flu) is now in 17 metropolitan areas and human-to-human spread has started. What all this means to us is that we will be exposed to more viruses, and we hope that there is not anyone who will get all two or three viruses at the same time, because that means a mutation is likely. That is what is really scaring the virologists today.

Our immune complex has been tested, as to its effectiveness, against the flu vaccine, and it was proven in a double blind placebo controlled study to be three times more effective than the flu vaccine!

So please come in and get some Dr. Murrays Immune Complex if nothing more than to be safer this flu season.

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