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I am pleased to announce the opening of


As many of you know I started my career as a Family Practioner in Altamonte Springs. After ten years, and building the largest solo practice in Orlando, I went back to school to become a Phlebologist. It was by happenchance that many of the drug and surgical supply companies saw my art work and requested that I represent them in teaching other doctors the artistic side of esthetic medicine. Doing esthetic medicine was an extension of one of my hobbies, which is sculpting the human body in marble. Life was good until the equity houses on Wall Street began getting greedy and their speculations with derivatives and wide margin calls, combined with the housing bubble, put us into this recession.

The esthetic market has taken the biggest hit and discretionary dollars have dried up. I foresaw this and began recertifying last year and have just recently been recertified and reinstated as a Family Practioner by the Florida Academy of Family Practice and the American Academy of Family Practice.

I will continue to do all of my esthetic work, all of my vein work and will add Family Practice to my current practice. Yes that’s a lot of CME’s to do a year, but I like that.

If you would like me to be your Family Doctor please call and register yourself. We are currently on all of the major health plans (BCBS is the only one pending.) I offer a full service practice for ages 15-65. Fortunately for me, when I sold my Family Practice there were about 100 people who refused to leave (that number has since grown to about 200) so I kept most of the necessary infrastructure to run a Family Practice.

Because I already have an established practice, my Family Practice will be a little different than what you might have had to become accustomed to.

1. I will see all the patients myself; there will be no P.A.’s.

2. I will not treat you like a number to be processed but rather a human being with a problem that needs to be solved.

3. I believe if you give the patient long enough they will tell you the diagnosis that you are looking for.

4. I treat patients – not lab results.

5. I believe that while drug therapy can be helpful it should not be where you start.

6. If you are looking for a type of doctor that practices by ‘give me your symptoms and I’ll give you a prescription’ – that’s not me.

7. I subscribed to the truism that “people don’t care what you know until they know you care about them”.

8. If I can cure you non- pharmacologically (for example diabetes, hypertension) then I will attempt to do so. I do not want a practice where all I am doing is writing prescriptions for chronic diseases with no end point in mind.

9. I look at our relationship as a partnership where I will do my part but I expect you to do yours

10. I proscribe to the basics we were taught in medical school: listen to the patient then inspect, palpate, auscultate, and percuss. In other words most diagnoses can be figured out with a good exam.

I hope this explains who I am and how I practice. Many of you already know this so I look forward to seeing you as your Family Practioner.


Yes even the drug companies are feeling the squeeze. Sanofi-Aventis the drug company that makes Sculptra is offering a special.

When you buy three bottles the company will give you a fourth one free.
Since each bottle costs $1000.00 dollars that’s a 25% savings. I know that’s a lot money but it’s also a lot of savings.

Sculptra is a not a wrinkle filler but a facial enhancer. If you have lost a lot of volume in your face then Sculptra reestablishes the normal contours of youth. This is seen particularly in athletes and runners (also smokers). There is no operation that can re-establish lost volume and while other “fillers” are attempting to try and do what Sculptra does, in my opinion they fall short. On the other hand Sculptra is definitely not made to fill wrinkle lines.

The nice thing is that it lasts for years by enhancing and allowing your own collagen to grow. The results are a more youthful appearance which usually not only enhances your looks but also your self esteem.


We have recently had many calls to see if we are continuing to do our specials and the answer is YES!

As long as we are in this crisis we will do our part to help you continue to look your best all the time, in spite of our economic woes.

Botox is still $11.00 per unit

Juvederm will continue to be $400.00 per syringe

Silicone will continue to be $150.00 per .1 cc

I know many of you have put off getting your legs done but the inevitable is here. One, the veins are continuing to grow and two, spring is right around the corner. We have not had a price increase in 5 years so it is still only $275.00 a session in which I maximize all the solution you are allowed to have.

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