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Latest Developments That Can Impact You

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In keeping with our tradition of not only informing you of all of the latest cosmetic and vein procedures I thought I would give you an update on some of the latest developments that are either impacting you now or will impact you in the near future.

The first thing to talk about is the brain. A group of researchers have recently been able to decipher the energy emitted from an object and its subsequent transcription into the brain. In other words when you see an object, say an apple with your eyes a series of electrical impulses goes to your brain and tells you that what you saw was say an apple. Those series of impulses has to be different than when you are seeing an orange. That specific energy has now been decoded. They recently showed a test subject a word and just by measuring the energy in the researchers were able to decipher the word that only the test subject saw.

What does that mean to me? In the future we will be able to go into someone’s brain and take out their thoughts!!!
Another group was able to allow a test subject to see an object and then using sophisticated MRI determine where that object registered in the brain. Then using lasers directed at that same spot allow the subject to “re-see” the object that he had only been shown once.

What does that mean to me? It means that in the future we will be able to extract from your brain any image that you have ever seen!!!
It wont be long before you and your vital functioning organs will be able to be monitored 24/7 from anywhere in the world. There are already companies that can measure your heart rate, Blood Pressure, Oxygen saturation of your blood, your response to drugs, a continuous EKG, your respiratory rate, your calories burned, your food intake, the quality, time and depth of your sleep, and the amount of UV light that you have been exposed to. All of these devises already exist , so whats around the corner?

Blood chemistry analyzers that will monitor and predict a possible heart attack. Brain analyzers that will tell you when you are mentally fatigued, depressed, or about to have a seizure. Hormone analyzers that will tell you if you are functioning at peak performance.

And lastly monitors that will survey your body to alert you when a possible cancer has arisen. There are a lot of companies already busy at work and most of the above will all be available within the next ten years.

What does this mean to me? Greater life expectancy, more control over you but loss of privacy.

Many of you have heard my predictions of our children being able to live to 300 years of age. The above is just one part of this puzzle. The real big thing will be the stem cell development in which you will be able to extract your own stem cells and build your own organs when the existing ones start to deteriorate.

Before we can reach all of these new levels of achievement we are going to have to see into the body better and now using newer metals we have a new generation of MRI’s that can see into the body with High Definition.

All of this has to happen in the nano-world (a nano meter is a billionth of meter). Using Nano-rods and balls with specific receptors built onto them we can inject them into the body where they will target and eliminate addictive behaviors. By injecting other nano particles into the brain we can activate them with light to produce dopamine and help people with Parkinson’s disease. We can also attach anti-bodies to nano probes that go to a cancer cell only and kill it. They have recently developed nano batteries made of a thin membrane which moves back and forth with body motion and thereby keeping it continuously charged. Batteries for life – sounds awesome to me.

In Texas they recently developed a muscle made of nano tubes and is stronger than steel! Atificial cartilage has also been recently made using ultra thin laminating layers which is stronger and more resilient than normal cartilage.

And of course the ultimate which is artificial intelligence and brain imitating technololgy. A group of Germans have recently developed a chip which mimics brain function, that is it has a main intelligent pathway with hundreds of thousands of side off shoots. It is my prediction that we will be able to download and upload our brains during sleep within the next 20 years. Can you imagine going to sleep and when you wake up all the new information that you would need for the next day has been downloaded. We already know that a persons intelligence is related to the thickness of the myelin layer around a never fiber. Now its just a matter of time before we can target the proteins in the myelin layer and thereby increase intelligence – even in normal people.


It’s a sad story when the lead article in your Aesthetic medical journal Reports that another Hyaluronic acid filler with Lidocaine satisfied the 12 patients in the study. Duh! Pain vs. No pain!!

The remainder of the articles concerned themselves with smaller, cheaper but not as effective lasers for office use. I think it is a sign of the times. The manufacturers are not investing in new equipment, studies are decreasing, and everybody is tightening their belts.

The good news for us is that most people are opting for the less non invasive procedures now. Liposuctions and facelifts have had a dramatic decrease, while fillers and Botox are holding their own. It turns out further that the procedures are aligning themselves ethnically. Whites are doing more face lifts, Asians are also doing blepharoplastys, while African-Americans and Hispanics are doing more nose jobs.

The procedure that is increasing the most is Facial skin tightening. We fortunately have the Sciton Thermascan in our office and we have been seeing a lot more of this lately.

And the reasons cited for women doing these procedures are for staying competitive in the work place and getting ready for a special occasion(Wedding Day and Class Reunions).


I would like to extend a special Thank you for all of the new people who have signed up to receive these blogs and our newsletters
We will not only inform you about the latest in our special field but also whats going on in other fields of medicine. We hope to keep you abreast of the latest discoveries in medicine.

The Spring Meeting of the American Academy of Anti Aging

As usual there was a mixture of quackery and real great science. The sham stuff came from Europe in the form of energy machines. There were gloves which were impregnated with silver through which a minute amount of energy supposedly passed and rubbing this on the face allegedly gave you a face lifting effect .I had it done at the show and then asked passer-bys which side was supposedly lifted and half were right and half wrong!!!

Then there was a machine that could measure your autonomic nervous system and find the disruptions in energy flow. I talked to representatives for almost 45 minutes and they were unable to my satisfaction relate their machine to my understanding of the human nervous system.

Then the good stuff was really remarkable. Stem cells that could reverse end stage disease, save limbs, rejuvenate irreparable hearts,
and the future of actually growing a new organ from your ofwn stem cells. Alas we are, due to political decisions of the past about 10 years, behind most countries in this technological field. Thailand and even Dominican Republic are performing life saving procedures on a regular basis. The future of altering disease truly is going to be about stem cells. The future of anti aging in healthy people is about the Telomere, the 10,000 pieces of genetic code on the ends of all of our chromosomes. More on this subject in a future newsletter just devoted to this topic.

The A4M has turned into a cosmetic workshop, which I guess is a form of anti aging but it appears that they are running after the dollars instead of how to get us to live longer and more productive lives.

Thank you,

Dr Murray

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