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Dr. Murray’s Memory Enhancing Formula™

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Every new venture has a story behind its inauguration and mine is no different. People have asked me “Why have you started your new production company with a memory pill? Well, this is my story.

Many years ago I was the Medical Director for the Alzheimer’s Foundation and as such began getting a lot of patients with the disease. While running routine laboratory tests I noticed that almost all of the patients had low Pregnenalone levels. Then I started testing some of their relatives and noticed that they too had low levels of Pregnenalone, so much so that the correlation was in excess of 80%. So curiously I started ordering Pregnenalone levels on people who had no symptoms and no family history of Alzheimers and much to my surprise almost none of them had low levels of Pregnenalone. I observed these phenomena for almost 20 years and it has held true ever since.

Somewhere in the early 90’s a young woman in her 30’s whose mother had contracted the disease came in complaining of memory loss. I ordered a Pregnenalone level and as predicted it was very low. I started her on Pregnenalone and within a week she called me back thanking me for getting her memory back. With slight variations I have seen this story play itself out innumerable times in my practice over the last 20 years.

The second part of the story actually occurred with me. I had sinus problems for many many years and finally ended up having my first major surgery a few years ago. After the operation my mind was “cloudy” and “slow” for almost three months. So I started looking into what I could do to get my usual mental “speed” back. During my research I found out that in Germany alpha lipoic acid is a prescription drug while here in the U.S. it is over the counter. Over there it is used prior to surgery to prevent post operative memory loss. Well as luck would have it I required a second major sinus surgery and this time I was ready. I took my alpha lipoic acid for two weeks prior to surgery and much to my great surprise I woke up ready to do a hundred yard mental dash. No cloudiness whatsoever.

Third story. While at a A4M (American Academy of Anti Aging) meeting I attended a lecture given by a Brazilian Physician on the effects of so called “brain nutrients” and PET (Positron Emission
Tomography) scans. He measured the activity in the cortex of the brain (the thinking part) pre nutrient and post nutrient. Scan after scan, each so called brain nutrient had no effect on cortical activity. Then came the Phosphatidyl Serine (PS) slide and the cortex lit up like a light bulb. In fact no other nutrient that he measured had the same effect. This proved to me that if you want to increase the activity and blood flow to the thinking part of your brain you had best take PS.

So of course I had to try it. My brain felt like it was back in college, everything I read seemed to stick and all I wanted to do was keep on reading. And I have heard this story over and over again also.

It seems lately that more and more of my friends and acquaintances are complaining about their memory, so I had been telling them that they should take some or all of the above. I went to our local “health food store” to look at bottles that I could recommend and much to my chagrin I could not find one that incorporated all of the things I wanted to recommend. That was the final impetus to make my own and make one that incorporated all the ingredients that could really make a difference.

Below you will find a bullet point list of all of the actions attributable to each ingredient. I decided to put everything in bullet points rather than giving you long detailed scientific references for each point. Please keep in mind that all of the below came from medical reviewed journal articles. I have filtered and condensed over 100 articles to give you only the bottom line facts.

Let’s try a little quiz to see how good your mind and memory really are.

1. Who was President Jimmy Carter’s VicePresident?
2. Who wrote,”An appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile, hoping it will eat him last”.
3. Two Fathers and their sons go fishing. Each person on the fishing trip catches a fish. In total they catch three fish. How is this possible?
4. What was the first ship to use the S.O.S. signal?
5. What State has the third largest land mass?
6. Who are the true “blue bloods” of this earth?
7. Which country has the largest volcano in the world?
(Answers are at the bottom)

Dr Murray’s Memory Enhancing Formula™

Phosphatidyl Serine

• Increases cortical blood flow
• Increases communication between brain cells
• Restores neurotransmitters (acetylcholine and dopamine)
• Increases the availability of choline for the brain
• Improved scores on neuropsychological performance testing
• Improves mental function symptoms
• Blunts the Cortisol response to vigorous exercise by 20%
• Improves the memory in age related memory loss
• Improves cognitive brain function in young people
• Improves ADHD
• Involved in cell signaling and apoptosis. Incomplete apoptosis has been implicated in neurodegenerative diseases
• Large studies show it is safe in the elderly population at doses of 200 mg t.i.d. (three times a day)
• Shown to increase acetylcholine in the brain
• Laboratory animals show improved performance in water maze escape tests
• Reserpine causes an amnesic response but when PTS is given it reverses the effect or if PTS given before the drug it blocked reserpine’s action
• In a study of 150 elderly people with age associated memory impairment, those with the highest level of impairment improved
the most on computerized, standard neuropsychological
testing and clinical ratings
• In a study with 10 severely depressed elderly women given PS, there was consistent improvement in their depressive symptoms, memory and behavior.
• Alzheimer’s disease causes the cellular membranes to become less porous to enzymes, and the dendrites less able to send out branches, PS has been shown to reverse some of this cellular disorder.
• Anticholinergic drugs ( drugs that tend to stimulate the cholinergic nervous system that usually leave you with a dry mouth can neutralize the effects of PS). Some of these are:

1. Atropine- Used in codes to stimulate the heart rate
2. Belladonna (Donnatal)- For abdominal Spasm
3. Cogentin
4. Librax- Stomach Tranquilizer
5. Clozaril
6. Enablex
7. Bentyl- used for stomach spasms
8. Benadryl- An antihistamine
9. Robiul
10. Haldol- used for Psychotic Behaviors
11. HLevsin- used for stomacj spasms
12. Atrovent-
13. Transderm Scopolamine- used for sea sickness
14. Spiriva
15. Detrol
16. Sanctura
17. Aricept-used for dementia
18. Urecholine- for bladder spasms
19. Reversol
20. Razadyne
21. Guanidine
22. Provocholine
23. Exelon
24. Quelicin
Cognex-used for dementia


• Known as the “Mother Hormone” it is a pro-hormone made from cholesterol and is the precursor to DHEA, progesterone, testosterone, estrogen, cortisol and aldosterone (a hormone from the adrenal glands).
• Levels decrease by as much as 60% from age 35 to 65
• Decreases mental fatigue in stressful jobs.
• Increases memory, concentration and retrieval in both men and women in standard memory tests.
• Improves NMDA receptor function (the receptor in the brain responsible for memory) which deals with learning, memory and alertness.
• Acts as a natural anti-depressant.
• Ameliorates the effects of over active cortisol production.
• The cytochrome P450 enzyme system in the liver is responsible for detoxifying and metabolizing most drugs and chemicals and hormones in the body. When overstressed and therefore unable to detoxify the body Pregnenalone restores its natural function.
• Proven to be safe at 500mg daily for long periods of time.
• GABA receptors in the brain have a calming effect while pregnenalone causes brain excitement.
• Pregnenalone is a Neurosteroid that affects synaptic functioning, is neuroprotective and enhances myelinization,in other words it allows the neurons to communicate with each other, protects the brain from other Neurosteroids that could damage the brain and improves the speed of transmission of impulses within the brain.

The most common drugs that can interact with Pregnenalone
are the tranquilizers. A comprehensive list of these is listed

1. Xanax – Tranquilizer
2. Librium – ”
3. Klonopin – ”
4. Tranxene – ”
5. Valium – ”
6. Dalmane – ”
7. Ativan -
8. Versed -
9. Serax -
10. Doral -
11. Restoril -
12. Halcion -
13. Seizure medicines

Acetyl-L- Carnitine
acetyl-L carnitine

• Participates in cellular energy production
• reverses age related decline in the number of neuron membrane receptors
• In combination with Alpha Lipoic acid it is a powerful and potent anti oxidant
• No toxicity was found in humans but it is highly lethal for cats to ingest it.
• It is made in the mitochondria, readily crosses the blood brain barrier, and excreted by the kidneys.
• Slows down the aging of the mitochondria in the hippocampus of the brain.
• It improved the hearing of laboratory animals.

There are very few drugs that interact with AcetylL-Carnitine.Below is the short list.

1.Cisplatin – an anti cancer drug
2.Didanosine -

Alpha Lipoic acid (ALA)
alpha lipoic acid

• Necessary for energy production
• Converts glucose into energy
• Is an antioxidant
• Recycles the anti oxidants Vit. C and glutathione
• Functions in both water and fat environments
• ALA has been shown to help with peripheral neuropathies,
• especially of the diabetic type
• Thought to protect the brain by acting as an anti oxidant.
• ALA may improve blood sugars therefore for diabetics one should always consult a Physician before using the supplement.
• ALA was first used in the 1970’s to successfully treat severe liver damage.
• It takes ten tons of liver just to make 30 mg of lipoic acid therefore all lipoic acid is synthetically made and bio identical
• In combination with acetyl L carnitine it has been shown to increase memory
• Lipoic acid is present within every cell of the human body.
• In multiple studies it appears to modulate the damage that diabetes does to the heart, kidney’s and nerves
• Using four times the doseage in Dr Murray’s Memory enhancing capsules there was no toxicity noted in several studies.
• It recycles Vitamin C and E
• Highest concentrations in the diet are found in the liver
• Taken in pill form it can be found in all areas of the central nervous system and in all the peripheral nerves
• When given orally it increases intracellular glutathione concentrations.
• Orally it slows down the aging of the mitochondria in the hippocampus.

There are very few drug interactions. These include
1. Levothyroxine and other thyroid regulating drugs
2. Antibiotics
3. Cyclophosphamide


• The Framingham study is one of the largest longitudinal on going studies in America and has been evaluating health parameter for over 40 years. When they did a retrospective analysis they found that high levels of DHA had a 47% reduction in all causes of Dementia and a 39% lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease. This study lasted 9 years and all participants were free of Dementia at the onset of the study.
• In multiple double blind randomized controlled trials DHA has been shown to benefit AD/HD (Attention Deficit/ Hyperactive Disorder), autism, dyspraxia, dyslexia, aggressivism, major depressive depressive disorders, bi-polar disorder, and borderline personality disorder.
• Accelerated cognitive decline has been associated with low levels of DHA and appears to be reversible with supplementation.
• The combination of DHA with Phosphatidyl Serine has been shown to have very positive effects on AD/HD
• DHA has been shown to lower C-Reactive protein thereby decreasing cardiac risk.

Drug interactions with DHA are primarily the NSAID’s and Heparin like products. They can also interact in a positive manner by accentuating the effects of lipid lowering drugs.

1. Celebrex – Antiinflammaroy
2. Voltarin ”
3. Lodine ”
4. Motrin ”
5. Indocin ”
6. Ketoprofen ”
7. Toradol ”
8. Mobic ”
9. Naprosyn ”
10. Anaprox ”
11. Relafen ”
12. Daypro ”
13. Xenical
14. Coumadin – Blood Thinner
15. Fragmin ”
16. Lovenox ”
17. Innohep ”
18. Asprin


• Glycine modulates the NMDA deleterious effect receptors thereby increasing cognitive functions. NMDA is a brain receptor which requires glycine to activate it and is responsible for taking in an electrical response and converting it to a chemical neurotransmitter
• Inhibiting glycine with MAO inhibitors has a deleterious effect on memory formation
• In laboratory animals blocking the glycine site caused memory impairment but when unblocked reversed the visual recognition memory deficits.
• In a Swiss randomized, doubled blinded crossover study the effects of glycine on memory and attention in both young students (mean age 20) and middle aged (mean age 59) were evaluated. In the pre-study the middle aged subjects had poorer verbal memory and attention. Glycine improved memory retrieval in both young and middle aged but had no effect on attention. Glycine had no effect on mood, no stimulatory properties and primarily improved memory rather than attention.

• The drugs known to interact with Glycine are
1. Clozapine
2. Haldol
3. Olanzapine
4. Risperidone


• NMDA is an excitatory glycine receptor in the brain. Its activation requires D-Serine and glutamate. D-Serine is released exclusively from the astrocytes of the brain and appears to be one of t he rate limiting steps to the glycine receptor.
• D-Serine stimulates the NMDA receptors far more powerfully than glycine.
• When D-Serine is absent the excitatory NMDA receptors are unable to work in many parts of the brain.
• D-Serine dramatically decreases with age in the hippocampus of the brain (glycine however does not). The hippocampus is that area of the brain that deals with long term memory. It interacts with the Neo-cortex (new Brain) which stores short term memory and the Para hippocampal region which stores intermediary memory.
• When D–Serine is added to the diet the age related decrease in the NMDA glycine mediated synaptic potential is reversed.
• In summary age related spatial memory deficits are attributable to loss of plasticity in the hippocampus and were preventable and somewhat reversible with large doses of D-Serine. The older the patient was the higher the response of D-Serine in the brain (hippocampus)
• D-Serine and Schizophrenia. Low functioning glycine receptors (NMDA) have been implicated in Schizophrenia. D-Serine has been shown to stimulate the NMDA receptors directly, therefore when D-Serine has been added to Schizophrenia medicine regime it has been shown to decrease undesirable symptoms.
• In a study of 31 Taiwanese Schizophrenics when D-Serine was added there was significant improvement in their positive, negative and cognitive symptoms.

Even if these bullet points are a bit overwhelming the value inherent in the capsules is not. I have spent decades prescribing many of these ingredients individually and if you had to buy them that way it would cost you literally hundreds of dollars. And if I had to buy them individually I do not think that I would pay that price….but by combining them and making them my self the value is unsurpassed!

Answers to the Quiz:
1. Walter Mondale
2. Winston Churchill
3. The three people that went fishing were the son, his father and the Grandfather of the son.
4. The Titanic
5. Montana
6 Lobsters have blue blood
7. The U.S in Hawaii, Mauna Loa

If you got all of them right please exit this site immediately and go and thank your parents for giving you a great brain and/or education.

Dr. Murray’s Memory Enhancing Formula – $69.45

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