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Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy
Posted on: September 4, 2014

It’s important that everyone stays informed and involved in their own heath care.

Bio-identical  Hormone Replacement Therapy  is  not a new concept but a very big topic today. Replacing the hormones your body loses – the estrogens, progesterone, and other hormones – with hormones bio-identical in nature can make you look and feel years younger.

Most individuals experience an almost immediate benefit with bio-identical hormones therapy. Within several days you will begin to sleep better, and the hot flashes will go away, weight regulation and lost sex drive will also begin returning to normal.

Bio-identical Hormones vs. Synthetics

Bio-identical hormones exactly mimic the structure and function of the hormones inside your body. Bio-identical hormones come from plant sources, and help women rebalance hormone levels in their bodies in a natural way.

Synthetic hormone drugs, on the other hand, do not mimic your body’s natural hormones. They mainly turn off menopause’s symptoms rather than rebalancing hormone levels.

Recent studies have shown synthetic hormones – specifically estrogen in combination with progesterone – significantly increase the risk of breast cancer, heart attacks, and strokes. Additionally, synthetics, a one-size-fits-all pill, are often prescribed in combination with sleeping pills and antidepressants, which can slow your metabolism and can cause weight gain.

Three Steps in the Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy Process

Step One: Get a Hormone Analysis.

The hormone analysis lab results will give you precise measurements of the following types of hormones:

• Estrogens: There are three types of estrogen hormones — estradiol, estrone, and estriol. Estradiol is about 80 times more potent than estriol in its effect on the body.

• Progesterone: This female sex hormone helps balance estrogen levels and works as a natural diuretic to counter water retention.

• Testosterone: This hormone has an influence on energy, well-being, and sex drive.

• Adrenal hormones (cortisol and DHEA/dehydroepiandroesterone): These hormones, called “androgen hormones,” help your body deal with stress, but continued high levels of stress can deplete these hormones. When depleted, your adrenal glands will “steal” from your reproductive hormones, making menopause symptoms worse.

• Thyroid hormones: These hormones affect your energy level and metabolism.

Step 2: Receive Your Prescription and Progam.

Your tests will help determine the right course of action for you. Ideal hormone levels depend on your height, weight, genetic inheritance, diet, metabolic rate, daily stress, body composition, exposure to environmental toxins, protein synthesis, and other factors – all of which vary from individual to individual. The unique nature of your body means your prescription and program will be tailored specifically to fit you.

Although bio-identical hormones are not drugs, your prescription will be filled by a compounding pharmacy specializing in Bio-identical Hormone Replacement. The compounding pharmacy will measure out the precise dosage levels your health practitioner prescribes.

Step 3: Track the Effect and Continue To Communicate with Your Health Practitioner.

By tracking the effect of the hormones and regularly communicating with your health practitioner, you may have to adjust the dosage according to the effects you describe.

After three months, you should return to your clinic for a follow-up hormone analysis to once again measure your hormone levels, moving closer toward your ideal levels.

It is important to remember that any situations of unusual stress can throw off your hormone balance. In this instance you would contact your doctor right away to see if you may need to have your hormone levels retested and a new prescription made.

What Causes Menopause Symptoms?

Losing chemical substances that were once natural and common throughout your body, which regulated and assisted with your bodies daily functioning, throws your body out of alignment. The hormonal shifts, imbalances, and fluctuations in menopause may cause all the following:

  • Weight gain
  • Night Sweats
  • Thinning hair
  • Brittle nails
  • Hot flashes
  • Mood Swings
  • Lack of energy
  • Forgetfulness
  • Dryness
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of sex drive

Why the weight gain? Fat cells contain an enzyme that creates estrogen – so the body tries to hold onto fat. Weight gain also results from high levels of cortisol. This is because cortisol interferes with insulin, a hormone that converts sugar in your blood to useable energy. Additionally, when your cortisol levels overshadow your DHEA hormones, you lose energy and feel fatigued.

Why you might suffer from insomnia or mood swings?

Sex hormones regulate melatonin, a hormone that controls your circadian rhythms and sleep-wake cycle. When your sex hormone levels drop, the melatonin production increases, throwing off your sleep rhythms as well as encouraging depression.

Estrogen also has an impact on your body’s temperature regulation. A sudden fluctuation can trigger a hot flash.

With mood swings, the culprit here is, once again, imbalanced estrogen levels. Estrogen receptors inside the brain increase neurotransmitter and synapse connectivity. Fluctuations of estrogen can cause neurotransmitters to fire unpredictably, creating seemingly unexplainable mood swings.

Imbalanced hormone levels can become increasingly complex, because sometimes the level of a hormone is not as important as its ratio to the other hormones. This is why we talk of “balancing” hormones rather than merely increasing them.

Can Men Have Imbalanced Hormones Too?

Men lose their hormones too, only not in the dramatic fashion as women do. It may be over a decade that men’s bodies produce fewer hormones. Although men don’t have ovaries with declining estrogen production, two main causes can deplete men and women’s hormones: stress and toxins.

What we know!

Long and stressful work hours combined with environmental pollutants from poor diet and exposure can cause low hormones levels. As a result, you can lose your energy for life. You may become apathetic towards ideas and goals you once earnestly strived to reach, losing your zeal. Low levels of testosterone are also correlated with depression and diminished sex drive.

So there is no reason to suffer in silence. You have options! Now is the time to take control of your health and seek the right treatment for you.

Posted on: July 13, 2011

At the turn of the 19th century the average life expectancy was 58 and today it is well into the eighties. We are connected with each other via iPhones, iPads, laptops and voice over IP. But on an interpersonal level, many are losing the intimacy and connectedness we had in our youth. By age sixty most men begin having physiologic problems with intimacy and most women yearn to have the closeness they had before.

With today’s technology we can overcome and modify the physiological barriers our grandparents had. Whether or not you have hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or peripheral vascular disease, today’s technology still allows you to have a fulfilling relationship with your spouse.

Female Sexual Disorder affects over 50 millions woman in the U.S and spans the gamut of arousal disorders, aversion disorders, desire disorders, pain disorders and orgasmic disorders. This subject and knowledge was taboo as little as 40 years ago but now more than 45% of woman who suffer from one of these disorders are being successfully treated.

Using natural hormones, more definitive diagnoses and more knowledgeable physicians more and more people are enjoying these extra 20 years that science has given us.

What’s New and a Message from Dr. Murray
Posted on: July 2, 2010

Sometimes it seems as if life’s events take over and we forget to actually live out our lives the way we want them to be.

World Cup Soccer Championship seems to have captured our fascination. The Gulf oil spill, Afghanistan, the economy, Obama-Care and Iran are like chronic sores in our consciousness, but somehow we manage to come back to reality with our National Holidays, the smiles and antics of our children and grandchildren, a day of fishing, a round of golf or a great night out with our spouse. Yes, these are hard times, but when we pull together as a nation we are unstoppable.

Wishing you and your family a very Happy 4th of July! Travel safely and don’t forget the sunscreen!

-Dr. Murray

What’s New?

Introducing the ImplicitGuide (iGuide) Surgical Suture System
The ground breaking new standard in technology for a younger looking you!

This May, I had the pleasure and privilege to train with the inventor himself, Dr. Gregory Mueller in Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Mueller spent almost three years perfecting this neck lifting operation. The iGuide is used to over sew the muscles of the neck restoring the neck to a more youthful jaw line. Unlike all other neck lifting procedures, this one leaves NO unsightly scars, it is performed under local anesthesia and the down time is minimal.

The full procedure involves small liposuction under the chin using local anesthesia, the trampoline suture system is then inserted using a patented fiber optic rod. It is these fiber optic rods that make this procedure unique and different from all the others.

Total Interconnectivity

While the following might not seem to have anything to do with medicine, I thought it was interesting. The interconnectivity that we feel today with iPhones, iPad and Wi-Fi is now going to occur on the battlefields of tomorrow (maybe as soon as next year). A company out of Chicago called Tanagram is putting a 360 degree camera into the helmets of our soldiers that communicates with a battle base somewhere in the U.S. The soldier is then able to “laser paint” a building, person or even room as being dangerous which is then sent immediately to all other soldiers in the vicinity. If a place has been shown by a previous soldier or encounter to be a dangerous place, the “virtual battlefields” computers will let the soldier know where those areas are and appropriate measures can be taken. And most of this technology will be available via the soldier’s iPhone by next year!! Dick Tracy you are already outdated!

Your Personal Genome

If you wanted to get your entire sequence of your Genome (all of the millions of genes that make up you) it would currently cost you about $20,000.00 to $48,000.00. The previous goal has been to get it to about $1000.00 Not Bad! Now a team from Harvard University has devised a way to make pico liter droplets of water; putting these on as many as 1000 computer chips will allow them to give you your entire genome for about $30.00. Production is still a year or two away but, the future possibilities are practically endless at these prices.

Pancreatic Cancer

Although we are uncertain why, we do know that pancreatic cancer is on the rise. The Koch Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts has devised a technology that implants an electrode carrying anti-cancerous medicine directly into the pancreas. A second electrode is then applied to the outside of the body and an electrical current is activated which drives the medicine directly into the tumor.

The reason pancreatic tumors have been so hard to cure is the blood supply that carries the anti-cancerous medicine to the pancreas is very limited. This technology will allow hundreds of times greater concentration of medicine to that area.

Solar Doomsday?

Scientists believe the Earth will be hit with unprecedented levels of magnetic energy from solar flares after the Sun wakes “from a deep slumber” sometime around 2013. NASA said the “super storm” would hit like a bolt of lightening and could cause catastrophic consequences for world’s health, emergency systems and national security. They believe it could damage everything from emergency service’s system, hospital equipment, banking systems, air traffic control systems as well as every day items such as home computers, iPods, and GPS navigation systems. Due to our heavy reliance on electronic devices, which are sensitive to magnetic energy, the storm could leave a multi-million dollar damage bill.

Dr. Richard Fisher, director of NASA’s Heliophysics division recently reported that every 22 years the sun’s magnetic energy cycle peaks while the number of sun spots and solar flares hits a maximum level every 11 years. Dr. Fisher, a NASA scientist for 20 years, said these two events would combine in 2013 to produce huge levels of radiation and could cause major problems for the world.

In parts of Europe where the electrical grid is fragile they could be without power and access to electronic devices for hours even days or weeks. The economic costs could be twenty times greater than Hurricane Katrina ($125 Billion).

Singularity is around the Corner

The genius and inventor Raymond Kurzweil has been telling us that singularity is just around the corner. This will be the point in time when computer machines will exceed the capacity and performance of the human brain. In other words, it will be the integration of man and machine into one. Recent articles have assessed the impact that the iPad will have on the approach of singularity and the consensus is that this one single device will accelerate the eventual time by 7 years. The Singularity University claims that when the time comes old age, disease, and even death will become a thing of the past. I mean we already have robotic Avatars that will allow our offspring to continue to interact with all of our past experiences after we are dead!

Google and IBM are currently working on a computer that will not only be as powerful as our brain but will be able to flawlessly retrieve and solve any problem that is in their data base. Their data base is absolutely massive. In other words, as soon as the computer can continually answer the question “what if” in an infinite manner, Singularity will have arrived.

If you are interested and are accepted, the Singularity University currently offers 9 day courses where you can interact and learn the newest scientific breakthroughs in fields such as nanotechnology, artificial intelligence robotics, genomics and energy. Of course there are detractors. I personally dismiss them all out of hand because history shows us that as long as technology improves length, ease and quality of life, it cannot be stopped.

The Beauty and Charm of Women
Posted on: March 31, 2010

Usually my blogs consist of what’s new in science, medicine and beauty, but today I thought I would like to digress and forward to you something that my Father-in Law just sent me. It is an email which professes the beauty and charm of women. Attached are some quotes and words of wisdom, I have also added a few of my own. I hope this brings you a few laughs, a few aha moments and some reflectivity. Enjoy!

• Charming is making others feel accepted, loved and respected. Charm is the true source of beauty.

• It’s beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart.

• It has been said that a pretty face is a passport, but it is not. It is a visa and it will run out sometime.

• There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of the people you love. When you learn to tap this source you will truly have defeated age. ~Sophia Loren

• No matter what a woman looks like, if she is confident she’s sexy. ~Paris Hilton

• Beauty is not in the face: beauty is a light in the heart ~Kahlil Gibran

• Beauty always promises, but never gives anything. ~Simone Weil

• There is a road from the eye to the heart that does not go through the intellect. ~Gilbert Chesterton

• Beauty – in projection and perceiving – is 99.9% attitude ~ Gary Livingston

• Taking joy in living is a woman’s best cosmetic. ~Rosalind Russell

• Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. ~Confucius

• I’m tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin deep, that’s enough! What do you want – an adorable pancreas? ~Jean Kerr

• Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we will not find it. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

• Sexy to me doesn’t have anything to do with beautiful. Sexy is kind of like an aura around someone. ~Shane West

• The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone. ~Johann Goethe

• You are beautiful when you are genuine, real, honest and true to yourself.

• When you reach the heart of life you shall find beauty in all things, even in the eyes that are blind to beauty. ~Kahlil Gibran

• Beauty is the wisdom of woman. Wisdom is the beauty of man. ~Chinese proverb

• Youth is happy because it has the ability to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old. ~Franz Kafka

• A beautiful thing is never perfect. ~Egyptian proverb

• Whatever makes an impression on the heart seems lovely in the eye.

• It is amazing – complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness. ~Leo Tolstoy.

• You can take no credit for beauty at sixteen. But if you are beautiful at sixty it will be your soul’s own doing. ~Marie Stopes.

• Rarely do great beauty and great virtue dwell together. ~ Francesco Petrarch

• The absence of flaw in beauty is itself a flaw. ~ Havelock Ellis.

• Ugliness and beauty are both an illusion. ~Margaret Cho.

• A man snatches the first kiss, pleads for the second, demands the third, takes the fourth, accepts the fifth and endures all the rest.

• When I let go of what I am I become what I might be. ~Lao Tzu

• All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That’s his. ~Oscar Wilde

• What would men be without women? Scarce, sir….mighty scarce. ~Mark Twain.

• Women who seek to be equal with men…lack ambition. ~Timothy Leary.

• Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired. ~Mark Twain.

• The very essence of romance is uncertainty. ~Oscar Wilde.

• The best thing about me is you. ~Shannon Crown.

• I generally avoid temptation unless I can’t resist it. ~Mae West.

• Love is a moment that lasts forever.

• A successful marriage requires falling in love many times always with the same person. ~Mignon McLaughlin.

• Beauty is the proper proportion of one facial feature to another, overlaid with a picture of health that produces a childlike appearance engendering feelings of love, protection and possession. ~ Roger Murray MD

Sclerotherapy, New Discoveries on Cell-Touching and Ultrasound to Cure Strokes
Posted on: March 15, 2010


By now we all know that sclerotherapy means the injection of a solution to eliminate spider veins. I would like to spend a little time with you and explain the beginnings and current therapies available.

In 1831 Dr. Prevaz, a Portuguese military Surgeon, invented the syringe as we know it today. Ten years later a Dutch Physician by the name of Dr. Rynd, invents the metallic needle. Within two years they were injecting 200 proof alcohol with disastrous results. There was massive inflammation and blood clots. The early users used arsenic and mercury, various sugars, iodine, iron mixtures and all sorts of toxic solutions that they thought would eliminate varicose veins. In the early 1920s a French Phlebologist, Dr Sicard, began using a solution of Salicylate (a form of aspirin). They not only hit upon a solution that was safe, albeit painful, but it also had an unexpected side effect – it made the pain of their arthritis dissipate. Mr. Bayer a German Chemist picked up on that and aspirin was born. In the 1930s and 1940s almost all of the solutions that we use today were invented. There has not been a new sclerosing solution in over 50 years.

So what is available today? Everybody would like lasers to take care of their spider veins, but the reason no laser today works successfully on spider veins is that spider veins are not always the main cause. The feeding ‘reticular’ veins, those larger and deeper blue veins, which are also called ‘feeder’ veins are the real cause and unless those are sclerosed (injected first) the spider veins will quickly return which is why today sclerotherapy is still the gold standard. Think of it like this, you have a sprinkler system; under the ground are the pipes that feed water to the sprinklers above ground. If one of the sprinklers stops working and you only fix the sprinkler without checking the underground pipes first, you might only be masking the root of the problem. Same with spider veins or varicose veins, if you have superficial veins that are less than esthetically pleasing, then it is best to check the “piping” before fixing the leak, otherwise you could be masking a much larger problem.

Lasers are however, the gold standard for facial veins. The veins above the heart are trying to collapse by gravity while the veins below the heart are trying to stay open. We never inject the facial veins because there are so many A-V malformations (arterial-venous malformation) in that area and should solution get into one of them, the patient is at a much higher risk of having a severe scarring ulcer on the face.

Now is the time to start having your veins treated so that by the time Spring comes, (and it feels like it never will this year) you’ll be ready. So in these times of Obamanomics we will offer a 10% discount through the month of March. Think of it as a tax incentive to stimulate the looks of your legs!


There are more cells in your body than there are stars in the universe, but how do they know where to go and what to do without some sort of direction. Up until now most have said that each cell responds to its surroundings by chemical messengers or by cytokines(cells that secrete a protein or messenger next to the cell it is influencing). Let’s face it they can’t see, hear, feel or smell . Or can they? The cytokine theory says that they can “smell” a chemical messenger but what about tissue that has no or little blood supply such as cartilage. How can a cytokine work in such an environment?

The latest findings are that cells “feel” their way to perform their specific functions. If one tries to grow bone stem cells on a soft matrix the ensuing bone is soft and weak, but when the matrix is stiffened the ensuing bone cells develop into strong bony tissue. If we take stem cells and expose them to flowing fluid they turn into blood vessels. When stem cells are exposed to rhythmic forces they turn into heart cells or cartilage cells, in other words if you mimic the environment to which a cells is ultimately destined to be you can influence the final specialty of that cells. In an experiment at the University of Pennsylvania they grew stem cells in a Petri dish and exposed the outer regions to stresses and the inner core to virtually no stress. The outer portions of the dish turned into bone cells while the inner sections turned into fat cells. So it appear that cell growth may well be influenced by cytokines but also and to a great extent by the “touch and pressure” of the environment within which the cells finds itself.

Tumors, lumps and bumps are usually found by feeling and represent stiffened tissue that we say needs biopsy or further investigation. Paul Janmey at the University of Pennsylvania found that cell division of breast cells stops when fully grown on a soft gel and they remained in a quiescent state but when made rigid by any method they started growing again increasing the risk of cancer. In a similar experiment of the U. of C San Francisco they took breast tissue cells and grew them in a soft media which made them less likely to form into malignant cells. This may explain why women with very dense fibrous breast tissue are more likely to develop breast cancer than those who do not have dense tissue and why there is a higher incidence of tumors arising from the scar tissue of breast implants.

Editors Note; All of this makes perfect sense. Back in the 1980’s we found that if women took 1000 IU’s of Natural Vitamin E for 6 months there was a drastic reduction in the mammographic appearance of their fibro-cystic disease. Their incidence of breast discomfort and cancer were both reduced. In some studies they used synthetic Vitamin E and had minimal results, but since Natural Vitamin E is 7 times more potent than its synthetic counter part those studies showed dramatic decreases in breast cancer. In countries such as Japan where the majority of their protein is either from soy or fish and where both fibrocystic disease and breast cancer are at their lowest one should also consider the effects of our diets on disease.


The University of San Diego is using an ultrasonic devise that generates signals from 1000 ultrasound transducers focusing on a blood clot in the brain to break it up. Currently the only two ways to dissolve blood clots are to inject a solution of TPA within three hours of the stroke or surgically attempt to remove it. With this non invasive devise ultrasound is generated through the skull and focused on the clot, and with sound waves breaks it up. It’s still experimental, but looks like it will save a lot of lives and recuperation. Currently, strokes are the largest cause of long term disabilities in the U.S. and the number one and two causes are hypertension (high blood pressure) and high cholesterol.

Lipocavitron and Ultrasonic-Lipodissolve

As many of you know we have been developing the Lipodissolve for quite some time. We have reduced the pain to almost nothing and the recovery with the cold laser has reduced the amount of swelling time to less than a week. While recently reviewing the literature I came across an article written by a French Physician, Dr. Thierry Marechal, who was using his Lipocavitron machine with Lipodissolve. The more I read the more I became upset with myself for not having thought of this sooner.

It appears that when he used his Lipocavitron machine alone he was getting an average loss of 5.5 cm (2 ¼ inches) and when he used the Lipodissolve alone he was having an average loss of 8 cm (3 inches), but when he combined the two treatments, his average loss was an astounding 13.5 cm (5 ¼ inches)! That is remarkable for a non invasive procedure. I personally think that is very close to traditional Liposuction. We have already begun the using Lipocavitron in conjunction with Lipodisolve on our patients and the results are pretty amazing.

What is Lipocavitron? It is a 29 KHz ultrasound devise that puts sound waves very superficially through your skin. It is totally painless and has no adverse side effects whatsoever. I have the only Lipocavitron in the U.S. The FDA explained it to me this way; one machine is allowed into the U.S., but two is “distribution”. The Swiss company that makes it will have to go through all of the FDA approval process in order to sell a second machine. Most small European companies cannot afford that lengthy and expensive process. There are literally thousands of these machines in work all over Europe for the last 25 years, but not until recently did anyone think to combine the two technologies.

So since we now have this technology we are offering this to our patients – if you want to lose 5 ¼ inches off of your abdomen this is probably the least expensive and non invasive tool ever.

And here is a BONUS/contest …I like the name “Ultrasonic Lipodissolve”, however it’s not that catchy. Therefore, I challenge all of you to try to come up with a better name for the treatment. Should I select your creative idea, I will give you one full session – free of charge.

(Some restrictions apply.)

Information about Reiki Energy Medicine
Posted on: February 4, 2010

Reiki Level 1 – First Degree Class
Reiki Level 2 – Second Degree Class
By: Dr. Bina Shah, Reiki Grand Master
Dr. Bina Shah, Reiki Grand Master, will be teaching:

Reiki Level 1 – First Degree Class

On Saturday, February 27, 2010, 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Come spend a few hours to find out how Reiki works. In a supportive, interactive environment, you will learn ancient techniques to help yourself, your friends, family and others.

The address is M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Lewis Pavilion, 4th floor, Classrooms 1&2
Phone numbers are: Office: (407) 206-1500; Home: (407) 996-6440
The fee is $90(cash or check) – please bring your own lunch.

From East:
• Take I-4 West to Exit 82B at Anderson St.
• Turn right on Anderson Street
• Turn left at Division Street. Turn left at Gore Street
• Turn right on Orange Avenue, MD Anderson is ahead on the right.

From West:
• Take I-East to Exit 81BC and turn right (east) onto Kaley
• Turn left (north) onto Orange Avenue, MD Anderson is ahead on your left.

Parking will be validated for free in the ORMC A Deck parking garage only.

What will you learn?
1. Everything about Reiki energy and how to heal, to bring health, happiness, peace and joy at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level
2. You will experience “Energy” and “Vibrations” by demonstration
3. About Nadi, meridians, chakras and auric bodies
4. Healing at all levels
5. Past healing and future programming
6. Reiki meditation
7. You will become a “channel” to Universal Life Force Reiki Energy, so you can harmonize, energize, treat, and balance all energy systems for yourself and others, by touching with your hands or even without touching.

The class will end with Reiki meditation and distribution of certificates.

1. Dr. Bina Shah, Reiki Grand Master, will be teaching:
Reiki Level 2 – Second Degree Class
On Saturday, March 13, 2010 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The address is 7932 West Sand Lake Road, Orlando FL 32819, Suite 306
Our phone number is (407) 206-1500
The fee is $200(cash or check) – please bring your own lunch.

Coming from I-4 West
• Take Exit 74-A Sand lake Road,
• Make a left on Sand lake Road, Take Sand lake down to The Esplanade.
• Look for a large Barnes and Noble on your left, turn left
• Park at the Phoenicia Center (large 3-story yellow building), go to Suite 306 – The Murray Center

Coming from I-4 East
• Take Exit 74-A Sand lake Road
• Make a right on Sand Lake Road, Take Sand lake Road down to The Esplanade.
• Look for a large Barnes and Noble on your left, turn left
• Park at the Phoenicia Center (large 3-story yellow building), go to Suite 306 – The Murray Center

What will you learn?
8. Everything about Reiki energy with sacred symbols to bring health, happiness, peace and joy at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level
9. You will experience “Energy” and “Vibrations” by demonstration
10. About Nadi, meridians, chakras and auric bodies
11. To prepare your own Reiki box
12. Distance healing (absent healing)
13. Healing at all levels
14. Past healing and future programming
15. To develop intuition
16. How to cut cords of attachments and be free
17. Reiki/sound/soul meditation with mantras
18. Black Pearl and Blue Pearl meditation
19. You will become a “channel” to Universal Life Force Reiki Energy, so you can harmonize, energize, treat, and balance all energy systems for yourself and others, by touching with your hands or even without touching.

The class will end with Reiki meditation and distribution of certificates.

2. Foreword to Energy Medicine

I recently sent out my announcement that I was resuming doing Family Practice. In that email I mentioned that I believe that the future of medicine is Total or Whole Integrative Medicine. That means that we look at you as a whole, the sum of all of your parts, for example if you have a Blood Pressure problem then you might also have a kidney problem, a weight problem, a nutritional problem, a psychological issue, an ophthalmic disorder, a mineral problem and maybe even a heart problem. Our aim is to treat the “whole” you.

With that preamble I would like to introduce to you a person who I met several years ago and she has become a friend and healer to me and my family. Her name is Dr. Bina Shah. She is a retired OBGYN doctor who now just does “energy medicine”. She is a Grand Master in Reiki and performs many other well known forms of energy medicine. Attached is her Curriculum Vitae and synopsis of her personal life along with some very telling testimonials? I would strongly recommend that you read her synopsis of what she does and who she is.

Dr Shah will be working out of our office as an independent Physician and you may call our regular office number (407-206-1500) to make an appointment. I can personally give you a testimonial that she possesses incredible healing powers without the use of drugs or any other herbal medicines. After the recent tragic death of my son Jason sleeplessness was the norm and the incessant crying was totally disabling. Dr Shah came over to my house and administered Reiki to me on many occasions. Without the use of drugs (which I personally hate) I got my first four hours of sleep, was able to begin functioning by at first just taking a shower then actually interacting with people and finally eating food. I am not sure I can quantify what she did for me but each time she came over I felt a little better and was able to begin to interact with society again. But the best part was I that I went through the painful steps necessary for a recovery with an intact brain and I believe in the fastest way possible.
Please read the article below and if you do not know what Reiki is, it will be a great learning experience and if you do know what it is, then know that she is an incredibly strong Reiki Grand Master.
Dr. Murray
the Murray Center

3. Dr. Bina Shah Email:
Reiki Grand Master Website:

7932 W. Sand Lake Road Suite #306
Orlando, FL 32819
Office Phone (407) 206-1500
Home Phone (407) 996-6440

What is Reiki?

Reiki, a form of Holistic Healing, is a healing approach to transfer Universal Life Force Energy to heal and harmonize the body, mind and spirit.
Reiki is a Usui system of Energy Medicine developed by Dr. Mikao Usui of Japan. Dr. Usui, The Grand Master and Founder, was enlightened by Reiki divine light in the 18th century.

Reiki can be summarized as: Rei-Ki. Rei means spirit/soul and Ki means Universal Life Force Energy. This subtle energy pervades through all levels of the physical, emotional mental and spiritual bodies. Everything and everybody in the universe is made of matter, which is simply frozen light energy with consciousness.

Thus, anything and all living beings can be energized and healed with Reiki Energy. Reiki knows no caste, creed, doctrine, or religion. It simply happens by Reiki’s Grace, Love and Light.

A Reiki Healer becomes channel of Universal Energy after an attunement by a Reiki Master. Energy starts to flow from healer’s hand to the receiver’s body. We all have inner healing powers to heal ourselves but a Reiki Healer is able to transfer large amounts of pure, concentrated Universal Life Force Energy to the receiver and thus enhance and speed up the healing process.

Reiki helps to:
• Reduce stress
• Relieve pain
• Promote restfulness and improved sleep
• Relieve anxiety and depression
• Accelerate wound healing
• Ameliorate pre-operative anxiety
• Decrease post-surgical pain
• Increase immune function
• Improve circulation
• Increase a sense of well-being

Reiki Compliments Medical Treatment:
Reiki is simple, gentle, non-invasive and safe can be self-administered and used as tool for relaxation at any time works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques beneficial during any illness.

4. How is Reiki Provided?

The person receiving Reiki is fully clothed and may be relaxing on a table, or sitting comfortably in a chair. Reiki can be received in any state of health. With stillness and concentration, the healer connects with her Life Force Energy, which then flows through her hands to the recipient. The recipient will receive the amount of energy he/she needs to bring his/her body and mind into balance. Sessions vary in duration, most are 45 minutes long.

Can Reiki be given without touching human body?

Yes, it can be given at “Ethric Double Auric Body Level” and is extremely powerful, without the healer even touching the recipient.

Can Reiki be sent to a distant person?

Yes, since it is vibrational frequency that passes from healer with intention to the receiver. It can be sent to any person, places, situation, emotion, pets, plants, planets, or even to non-living things that are not in physical proximity.

Is Reiki healer drained of her/his own energy after treatment?

No, healer is only a “channel”. What he receives from divine light as universal life force energy, he gives to the recipient. But, the healer is more energized and experiences all wonders and miracles of these sacred energies.

What Does Reiki Feel like?

The most common response to a Reiki session is deep relaxation. Quite often the experience is so relaxing that recipients may even fall asleep. Some report a profound sense of calm and peacefulness during and after the session. Many others report a sense of openness with others, which is not surprising as the sharing of Life Force Energy is the true experience of Reiki.


After each session with Dr. Bina Shah, I do not only feel the difference in pain, mood, and anxiety, but my spirit is also uplifted. I laugh more frequently and forget about the threats of my cancer diagnosis.
MM, age 72, Orlando, FL

For the first time in over 5 years, I went to my doctor’s office without my cane. My doctor was surprised how well I was walking! Infact, after my session with Dr. Shah, I received so much energy that I felt as if I ran out of the building, not walked!
JC, age 59, arthritis patient

During my first Reiki session, I was having physical pain, particularly in my right hip. I could actually feel tingling in the area where Dr. Shah applied Reiki. This was a pretty good indication that something was happening! The next two sessions, going in, I had been distraught about a friends terminal diagnosis; but I left Dr. Shah’s office feeling much more peaceful and with a relaxed attitude.
JB, singer, Orlando, FL

As a television producer, I have had the good fortune of meeting a diversified group of healers over the years. However, nothing could compare to the quiet power of Dr. Bina Shah. The energy transfer begins the moment she shakes your hand and does not even until long after she leaves the room. Don’t be fooled by her small stature, her endurance and stamina have GOT to be too huge with the work she does! I would recommend her to anyone who needs to rid themselves of toxins within. Thank you Bina!
AA, TV Producer, Orlando, FL

After just a few treatments, my quality of life has improved tremendously. My right foot, which used to swell all the time, is almost back to normal now. The tearing from my eyes has almost completely gone away.
PD, age 68, Orlando, FL

Since I started receiving Reiki Energy, some of my previously destroyed relationships have been restored. I am able to handle my financial problems better. I am planning for the near future more than I have ever done. During the last 2 sessions, I see and feel the color white, which to me represents purity, healing and my dream of getting married in a white dress some day.
EG, age 47

My doctor and I noticed small, red bumps forming on my left chest near my surgery site that had been growing for several weeks. My doctor wanted to do a biopsy; Dr. Shah used Reiki to stimulate my body to rid itself of these bumps. Several days after this session, they appeared to be dying out. A subsequent PET scan showed no unusual activity in this area.
HC, age 57

I was bleeding from uterus off & on with clots, pain, backache, and depression with fatigue for 8 months. Sonogram was normal. My doctor advised surgery but I refused. Dr. Bina Shah gave 3 reiki energy sessions. I felt much better, but bleeding did not stop completely. Then Dr. Shah did “psychic surgery” on me and since that day, I have not had any more bleeding problems. Thank you Dr. Binaben.
BC, age 51

I was breathless and sneezing during Christmas. When I retrieved my voicemail, I heard Dr. Bina’s voice saying “Merry Christmas to you with light, love, and reiki greetings”. Believe me, the moment I put my phone down, all my breathlessness was gone and I felt relaxed and energetic. Thank you Bina,
DT age 43

I had a breast cancer diagnosis in fall of 2006, and Reiki was key in changing my attitude and outlook, both emotionally and physically. Side effects of courses of treatment this past year included hand/foot syndrome, high blood pressure, peripheral neuropathy, pain, fatigue, vomiting, IBS, breast cancer cells developing in the skin on my chest, and the inability to walk for a couple of days (unexplained); I also suffered from what many patients call “chemo brain”, which affected my memory and ability to concentrate and formulate thoughts, so much that, combined with my physical symptoms, I became disabled and unable to work. It was most fortunate that I was offered the opportunity to meet with Dr Bina Shah in November 2007 and was introduced to Reiki. I have since become third-degree certified, and have learned many techniques to keep my energetic body strong and cooperative to the strong chemotherapies I receive, as well as methods to deal with the many side-effects of these drugs, examples of which include:
• Migraine headaches: during the third round of chemotherapy I experienced intense pains; rather than using drugs to alleviate the pain, I used Reiki techniques, and have eliminated this symptom.
• Hand/foot syndrome: the soles of my feet were turning black, and walking was becoming painful. Dr Bina and I used Reiki methods on these areas, and stopped the progression of the discoloration, and eliminated the pain. My feet have since returned to normal color.
• Fatigue: I spend nearly three hours each day doing Reiki and Energy Medicine. On the days I skip or abbreviate, I notice that my energy level is not as high as days that I complete the full regimen. I have not been sick with colds or flu since beginning Reiki.
• Physical symptoms: my doctor and I noticed small red bumps forming on my left chest near my surgery site that had been growing for several weeks. My doctor wanted to do a biopsy. Dr Bina and I used Reiki methods to stimulate my body to rid itself of these bumps; several days after doing this they appear to be ‘dying out’ and sloughing off of my skin. A subsequent PET scan showed no unusual activity in this area.
• Pleural Effusion: on three separate occasions I have had over a liter of cancerous fluid drained from my left pleura; the first incident was accompanied with severe, debilitating pain. The second incident I was asymptomatic, which I attributed to Reiki methods I used to energize my body and eliminate pain. In fact, I was back home, riding my bicycle only three hours after the second thoracentesis.

• Abdomen pain: I would have unexplained sharp pains in my abdomen, so severe that it hurt to move. By using Reiki techniques I was able to ‘chase’ the pain out of my body.
• Lymphatic system: A result of my surgery was increased risk of lymph edema. My left arm swelled and became painful; I tried physical therapy and lymphatic massage with only limited
• Pleural Effusion: on three separate occasions I have had over a liter of cancerous fluid drained from my left pleura; the first incident was accompanied with severe, debilitating pain. The second incident I was asymptomatic, which I attributed to Reiki methods I used to energize my body and eliminate pain. In fact, I was back home, riding my bicycle only three hours after the second thoracentesis.
• Abdomen pain: I would have unexplained sharp pains in my abdomen, so severe that it hurt to move. By using Reiki techniques I was able to ‘chase’ the pain out of my body.
• Lymphatic system: A result of my surgery was increased risk of lymph edema. My left arm swelled and became painful; I tried physical therapy and lymphatic massage with only limited
• Success. Only after supplementing these therapies with Reiki was I able to substantially reduce the swelling and am now able to maintain my status, pain-free.
• Several days after going through third-degree training, I suddenly was not able to walk or stand due to deliberating pain in the Liver and Kidney accu-pressure points of my knees. My oncologist advised me that this problem was outside the scope of oncology and was not a symptom of my treatment or cancer. I believed that toxins were exiting my body through these points; however, modern medicine would not allow for this explanation. After a trip to the emergency room revealed no cause for my excruciating pain and inability to walk, I was told to go home and take pain medication. I was wheelchair-bound for two days. Dr. Bina was contacted on the second day and she performed distance Reiki along with me performing Reiki on myself. By the next morning I was able to walk again, slowly. After a couple more days I resumed my normal activities pain-free.

I am absolutely certain that had I not learned of, nor applied, these techniques and methods to assist in my cancer treatment, my prognosis would be short and dismal. I am thankful every day for Reiki and for Dr. Bina Shah.
JC, age 41

I stay in a highly secured subdivision with full safety. Some days ago, we heard our door bell ringing two-three times in the middle of the night. My husband and I opened the door, but no one was outside. This went on happening for a few days more, and I was so frightened that I couldn’t leave the house even in the day time. I could not sleep, I got nightmares, and my health was affected. We tried all means we could to remove my fear and this evil spirit. A friend suggested Dr. Bina Shah, who gave me Reiki energy psychology sessions. After my second session, I felt no fear, could move everywhere. After my third session I had so much courage that in the middle of the night I would go out alone and had a walk on the road too. Thank You Dr. Bina Ben.
KK Age 38

I had Lymphoma of skin with hyper sensitive skin, redness, and patches on the skin, sometimes itching with cracking of nails. I received treatment of Dr. Bina Shah once a week, which was very effective in regards to redness, sensitivity, and also mood anxiety and energy level. Dr. Bina Shah is highly proficient with the application of Reiki medicine. I highly recommend anyone in need of the benefits of energy medicine. Patches on my skin are almost gone. Thank You Dr. Bina Shah.
EP Age 69

I had swelling, pain and redness, and fungal infection on both feet, stiffness of ankles, I could not walk and my life was miserable. I was treated with medicines and creams for a long time without much effect. Dr. Shah treated me with Reiki energy and energy psychology and all symptoms were gone within three sessions, it is completely gone. Today my feet are normal, I feel energetic, relaxed, and peaceful, and healthy. Thank You Dr. Bina Shah
PD Age 59

I had a left hip replacement done twelve years ago. The Dr. advised that we repeat the hip replacement surgery because of pain in the left hip joint. I was worried as I had to suffer a lot after my last surgery. I took two sessions with Dr. Bina Shah and my fear was completely gone, I felt relaxed and energetic. The second hip replacement surgery was a miracle. The surgery was easy and I had no pain. As I was anemic, the doctors told me that I would require blood transfusions but I did not require a single transfusion. I never used any pain medicine and even the nurse asked me why I was not taking any pain medicine and I answered that I already taken energy medicine. I felt energetic, relaxed, I am in a good mood; I am amazed at the amazing Reiki treatment. I strongly recommend Dr. Shah. I have referred many of my family members and friends to Dr. Shah for Reiki sessions. Thank You Dr. Bina Shah
PL Age 54

My left arm was amputated and I felt like a part of the upper arm was hanging from the shoulder joint. After the amputation, I started feeling that the left amputated arm was lying on my chest with pain and itching, constant weight of the left arm continuously on my chest was becoming too hard to suffer. My doctor said it was phantom limb effect, but no one could cure me. I felt miserable and crazy. I was recommended Dr. Shah’s name. She gave me Reiki energy medicine and within the first half hour of treatment, I started feeling that my left amputated arm was moving down and it came to the left side of my abdomen. My left hand was on my left thigh but then it stopped there. Dr. Bina Shah tried different methods and different types of breathing. It was difficult for her too because I could see from her face. She tried again and then suddenly, my left arm was pushed down by my left side with a thud. Suddenly I felt that my left arm was on my left side as it was before amputation. I was extremely relieved and happy. Dr. Shah asked me to move my left hand and left arm as I was doing before amputation. I could feel that I could move without pain and itching. Seeing a big smile on my face, Dr. Shah asked me how I feel. I said great and wonderful but there is numbness at the sight of the stitches. She worked for a few more minutes and that too was gone and I felt normal. This was a great miracle making my life happy. When I thanked her she said “it was his grace”. I thank God and Dr. Shah.
JK Age 57

I was in the last stage of cancer with chronic depression, fatigue, worry and fear of death. I had hallucinations with aches and pains all over. I was anemic, no energy, no friends, and felt only misery and loneliness. Dr. Shah gave me Reiki sessions, she went on counseling, healing and changed my attitude towards life. She removed all fear and helplessness and fear of impending death by energy psychology and Reiki sessions. Suddenly I started feeling new strengths and changes in my life. I felt alive, got new friends, and new confidence. She changed me completely and I became a new person. Today I can face anything. Reiki energy is wonderful, and Dr. Shah’s ways of changing me also gentle, kind and loving. Thanks a lot.
CK Age 63

What Is Aesthetics?
Posted on: January 13, 2010

Welcome…..I think… to 2010. Thank God 2009 is over and hopefully never to be repeated.

Rather than jumping into my usual predictions I am going to address a subject that has been coming up a lot lately, namely what is aesthetics. And the colliery – how do you know where to put the filler or enhancer and how much?

To answer the above let me try to explain, as an artist how I approach the face. From a medical point of view it is your computer and home to most all of your senses but from an artistic point of view it is about emotions and sensations. Most doctors who talk about beauty usually start telling me that it is all about symmetry, balance, harmony, and proportions. And while it is true that if your facial symmetry is off the harmony and balance seem discordant. But we have all known people that have ebullient personalities, fantastic voice expressions, great attitudes and what I call “Olympic listeners” who are so vivacious that we completely overlook any facial asymmetry that they might have. And they leave us with warm fuzzies and the feeling that they really do care about us. It’s all about emotions and sensations.

As a sculptor I am mostly concerned with texture, size, shape, proportions and volume. And I am also starting with a square block of marble, whereas in the human face we already have a set of defined proportions and interactions. So I look at the face and think, restore, enhance and rejuvenate.

It is sadly too often that I see patients who have been to someone who attempted to build, replace and remove facial features. We have all seen the women with the “monkey upper lip”, or the “sponge Bob” squared off face, or the beautiful Farah Fawcett smile now replaced with tight lips and stretched skin.

My job as an aesthetic surgeon is try and make you look as close to your best, which is usually about 10-15 years younger and enhance what I can and leave alone that which defines you. We do this by giving you the fullness of your lips that you used to have, (never put big lips on someone who never had them, in spite of their sometimes persistent requests) restore the volume that has been lost due to sun, running, dieting or just age, restore the eyebrows to their youthful place, eliminate gravity wherever we can, reestablish volume where it used to be, and make the envelope (skin) as smooth as it can be. This now leads me to my definition of beauty which is…”the proper proportion of one facial feature to another overlaid with a picture of health producing a child like appearance engendering feelings of love and protection”.

After reading this to my staff they encouraged me to say something about the products and procedures we do. For the lips we usually recommend to start with Juvederm Ultra and if you like the look then the next time after the Juvederm wears off go to Silicone which is permanent. For early gravity issues we recommend skin tightening with the Thermascan laser, and for more advanced gravity laxity we recommend the Silhouette thread lift. This is not a barbed thread lift but instead a thread with Hyaluronic cones knotted into the thread which makes each one of them capable of lifting 35 pounds. For areas of fat loss we use only Sculptra which is an enhancer and can last up to 4 years in my experience. Of course there is always Botox and Dysport for the wrinkles and for the more damaged skin we recommend the Erbium laser peel. Many of you have had the various Fraxil lasers on the market today, and many of you are substantially poorer with minimal results. Most of you are now coming back to get the much cheaper and more effective Erbium Laser peel.

The most famous Italian Liposculturer is Dr. Gasparotti who so famously said “it is not the wand type that counts, it is the man holding the wand”. And it is the same with all aesthetics. It is not the product that is the most important thing it is the man or woman holding the syringe, scalpel or laser head that really counts.

For all of our new subscribers I usually write a section on What’s New in science. Most of the time it is about new scientific findings on the body but occasionally its just about cool new things.

What’s New

Blio. Yes the newest version of a Kindal, those electronic books. This one is by Microsoft and what distinguishes it from the others is that when you click on a picture in the over 1,000,000 book selection it turns into a video. In addition if you are a college student (or any other student you want to be) you can have the book read out loud on your way to school, or on a long trip or to work …’s endless. What a great gift to a student or for your self.

Cell Phones reverse Alzheimer’s Disease

Wow! In a ground breaking study performed at the U. of Miami researchers exposed 96 mice for more than 9 months to the same radiation emitted from a cell phone. They took mice that had been genetically engineered to get Alzheimer’s disease and normal ones and exposed them to the cell phone radiation for one hour a day for nine months. Those mice that were supposed to get Alzheimer’s disease when exposed at a younger age fared better than the older mice and the normal mice actually had improvement over their normal non exposed peers. Those mice that already had the disease improved and reversed many of their symptoms. Obviously human applications will follow very shortly. I guess we can’t berate our kids any more because they are actually getting smarter the longer they are on their phones…….who would have guessed. The study was published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease

Werners Disease

This is a disease that causes accelerated aging in humans and animals. In this study from Canada mice that have been bred to get this disease were given plain Vitamin C. It not only stopped the disease but also reversed it. Some of the other associated conditions that go along with the disease such as atherosclerosis, liver disease and heart disease also showed regression. On a sided note there have been now multiple studies showing that smokers who take 1000 mg per day may reduce the harmful effects of smoking by as much as 80%.

So while this vitamin has had its good times in the literature and its bad times taking 1000 mg daily could at worse cause you no harm and at best help dramatically.

An Anti cancer Cocktail?

Scientists working together in Calif. and Mass. have developed a series of nano tubes and particles that when ingested orally fist go to the tumor and mark it and then send in some other nano tubes with anti cancerous drugs in them that kill the tumor. You simply ingest the cocktail and only your tumor dies and none of the current nasty side effects of chemotherapy. This is obviously still experimental but for some of us this technology will be available in our life times.

Does anyone know what a Boskop is?

We have all been taught that we Homo Sapiens are the highest form of evolution. Right? Wrong! The Boskops were a civilization that lived on the east coast of South Africa 10,000 years ago. The most interesting finding is that their brains were about 30% larger than ours and in adulthood they exhibited a child like face. If you speculate on their brain sizes it means that the average IQ was about 150, close to what we call genius today. And that being average about 5% probably had IQ’s in the 180’s. Which means that their integrative capabilities of information would have been on the order of four times ours. Imagine the ability to look at a complex task and be able to come up with four simultaneous ways of solving it. Imagine being able to run parallel thoughts simultaneously. They probably could. What happened to them? No one knows except we do know that even today there is greater mortality amongst large headed babies. Perhaps they evolved into extinction because of the size of their brains. It also turns upside down the concept of forward linear evolution. In this case we went backwards. Why would a race that is at least 30% smarter than us gone into extinction? Obviously it is evolution backwards. You can read more about it in the book Big Brain by Gary Lynch.

Just as a reminder, now is the very best time to get your laser treatment while the sun is still weak and the temperature still cool.

Dr. Murray’s Memory Enhancing Formula™
Posted on: October 13, 2009

Every new venture has a story behind its inauguration and mine is no different. People have asked me “Why have you started your new production company with a memory pill? Well, this is my story.

Many years ago I was the Medical Director for the Alzheimer’s Foundation and as such began getting a lot of patients with the disease. While running routine laboratory tests I noticed that almost all of the patients had low Pregnenalone levels. Then I started testing some of their relatives and noticed that they too had low levels of Pregnenalone, so much so that the correlation was in excess of 80%. So curiously I started ordering Pregnenalone levels on people who had no symptoms and no family history of Alzheimers and much to my surprise almost none of them had low levels of Pregnenalone. I observed these phenomena for almost 20 years and it has held true ever since.

Somewhere in the early 90’s a young woman in her 30’s whose mother had contracted the disease came in complaining of memory loss. I ordered a Pregnenalone level and as predicted it was very low. I started her on Pregnenalone and within a week she called me back thanking me for getting her memory back. With slight variations I have seen this story play itself out innumerable times in my practice over the last 20 years.

The second part of the story actually occurred with me. I had sinus problems for many many years and finally ended up having my first major surgery a few years ago. After the operation my mind was “cloudy” and “slow” for almost three months. So I started looking into what I could do to get my usual mental “speed” back. During my research I found out that in Germany alpha lipoic acid is a prescription drug while here in the U.S. it is over the counter. Over there it is used prior to surgery to prevent post operative memory loss. Well as luck would have it I required a second major sinus surgery and this time I was ready. I took my alpha lipoic acid for two weeks prior to surgery and much to my great surprise I woke up ready to do a hundred yard mental dash. No cloudiness whatsoever.

Third story. While at a A4M (American Academy of Anti Aging) meeting I attended a lecture given by a Brazilian Physician on the effects of so called “brain nutrients” and PET (Positron Emission
Tomography) scans. He measured the activity in the cortex of the brain (the thinking part) pre nutrient and post nutrient. Scan after scan, each so called brain nutrient had no effect on cortical activity. Then came the Phosphatidyl Serine (PS) slide and the cortex lit up like a light bulb. In fact no other nutrient that he measured had the same effect. This proved to me that if you want to increase the activity and blood flow to the thinking part of your brain you had best take PS.

So of course I had to try it. My brain felt like it was back in college, everything I read seemed to stick and all I wanted to do was keep on reading. And I have heard this story over and over again also.

It seems lately that more and more of my friends and acquaintances are complaining about their memory, so I had been telling them that they should take some or all of the above. I went to our local “health food store” to look at bottles that I could recommend and much to my chagrin I could not find one that incorporated all of the things I wanted to recommend. That was the final impetus to make my own and make one that incorporated all the ingredients that could really make a difference.

Below you will find a bullet point list of all of the actions attributable to each ingredient. I decided to put everything in bullet points rather than giving you long detailed scientific references for each point. Please keep in mind that all of the below came from medical reviewed journal articles. I have filtered and condensed over 100 articles to give you only the bottom line facts.

Let’s try a little quiz to see how good your mind and memory really are.

1. Who was President Jimmy Carter’s VicePresident?
2. Who wrote,”An appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile, hoping it will eat him last”.
3. Two Fathers and their sons go fishing. Each person on the fishing trip catches a fish. In total they catch three fish. How is this possible?
4. What was the first ship to use the S.O.S. signal?
5. What State has the third largest land mass?
6. Who are the true “blue bloods” of this earth?
7. Which country has the largest volcano in the world?
(Answers are at the bottom)

Dr Murray’s Memory Enhancing Formula™

Phosphatidyl Serine

• Increases cortical blood flow
• Increases communication between brain cells
• Restores neurotransmitters (acetylcholine and dopamine)
• Increases the availability of choline for the brain
• Improved scores on neuropsychological performance testing
• Improves mental function symptoms
• Blunts the Cortisol response to vigorous exercise by 20%
• Improves the memory in age related memory loss
• Improves cognitive brain function in young people
• Improves ADHD
• Involved in cell signaling and apoptosis. Incomplete apoptosis has been implicated in neurodegenerative diseases
• Large studies show it is safe in the elderly population at doses of 200 mg t.i.d. (three times a day)
• Shown to increase acetylcholine in the brain
• Laboratory animals show improved performance in water maze escape tests
• Reserpine causes an amnesic response but when PTS is given it reverses the effect or if PTS given before the drug it blocked reserpine’s action
• In a study of 150 elderly people with age associated memory impairment, those with the highest level of impairment improved
the most on computerized, standard neuropsychological
testing and clinical ratings
• In a study with 10 severely depressed elderly women given PS, there was consistent improvement in their depressive symptoms, memory and behavior.
• Alzheimer’s disease causes the cellular membranes to become less porous to enzymes, and the dendrites less able to send out branches, PS has been shown to reverse some of this cellular disorder.
• Anticholinergic drugs ( drugs that tend to stimulate the cholinergic nervous system that usually leave you with a dry mouth can neutralize the effects of PS). Some of these are:

1. Atropine- Used in codes to stimulate the heart rate
2. Belladonna (Donnatal)- For abdominal Spasm
3. Cogentin
4. Librax- Stomach Tranquilizer
5. Clozaril
6. Enablex
7. Bentyl- used for stomach spasms
8. Benadryl- An antihistamine
9. Robiul
10. Haldol- used for Psychotic Behaviors
11. HLevsin- used for stomacj spasms
12. Atrovent-
13. Transderm Scopolamine- used for sea sickness
14. Spiriva
15. Detrol
16. Sanctura
17. Aricept-used for dementia
18. Urecholine- for bladder spasms
19. Reversol
20. Razadyne
21. Guanidine
22. Provocholine
23. Exelon
24. Quelicin
Cognex-used for dementia


• Known as the “Mother Hormone” it is a pro-hormone made from cholesterol and is the precursor to DHEA, progesterone, testosterone, estrogen, cortisol and aldosterone (a hormone from the adrenal glands).
• Levels decrease by as much as 60% from age 35 to 65
• Decreases mental fatigue in stressful jobs.
• Increases memory, concentration and retrieval in both men and women in standard memory tests.
• Improves NMDA receptor function (the receptor in the brain responsible for memory) which deals with learning, memory and alertness.
• Acts as a natural anti-depressant.
• Ameliorates the effects of over active cortisol production.
• The cytochrome P450 enzyme system in the liver is responsible for detoxifying and metabolizing most drugs and chemicals and hormones in the body. When overstressed and therefore unable to detoxify the body Pregnenalone restores its natural function.
• Proven to be safe at 500mg daily for long periods of time.
• GABA receptors in the brain have a calming effect while pregnenalone causes brain excitement.
• Pregnenalone is a Neurosteroid that affects synaptic functioning, is neuroprotective and enhances myelinization,in other words it allows the neurons to communicate with each other, protects the brain from other Neurosteroids that could damage the brain and improves the speed of transmission of impulses within the brain.

The most common drugs that can interact with Pregnenalone
are the tranquilizers. A comprehensive list of these is listed

1. Xanax – Tranquilizer
2. Librium – ”
3. Klonopin – ”
4. Tranxene – ”
5. Valium – ”
6. Dalmane – ”
7. Ativan -
8. Versed -
9. Serax -
10. Doral -
11. Restoril -
12. Halcion -
13. Seizure medicines

Acetyl-L- Carnitine
acetyl-L carnitine

• Participates in cellular energy production
• reverses age related decline in the number of neuron membrane receptors
• In combination with Alpha Lipoic acid it is a powerful and potent anti oxidant
• No toxicity was found in humans but it is highly lethal for cats to ingest it.
• It is made in the mitochondria, readily crosses the blood brain barrier, and excreted by the kidneys.
• Slows down the aging of the mitochondria in the hippocampus of the brain.
• It improved the hearing of laboratory animals.

There are very few drugs that interact with AcetylL-Carnitine.Below is the short list.

1.Cisplatin – an anti cancer drug
2.Didanosine -

Alpha Lipoic acid (ALA)
alpha lipoic acid

• Necessary for energy production
• Converts glucose into energy
• Is an antioxidant
• Recycles the anti oxidants Vit. C and glutathione
• Functions in both water and fat environments
• ALA has been shown to help with peripheral neuropathies,
• especially of the diabetic type
• Thought to protect the brain by acting as an anti oxidant.
• ALA may improve blood sugars therefore for diabetics one should always consult a Physician before using the supplement.
• ALA was first used in the 1970’s to successfully treat severe liver damage.
• It takes ten tons of liver just to make 30 mg of lipoic acid therefore all lipoic acid is synthetically made and bio identical
• In combination with acetyl L carnitine it has been shown to increase memory
• Lipoic acid is present within every cell of the human body.
• In multiple studies it appears to modulate the damage that diabetes does to the heart, kidney’s and nerves
• Using four times the doseage in Dr Murray’s Memory enhancing capsules there was no toxicity noted in several studies.
• It recycles Vitamin C and E
• Highest concentrations in the diet are found in the liver
• Taken in pill form it can be found in all areas of the central nervous system and in all the peripheral nerves
• When given orally it increases intracellular glutathione concentrations.
• Orally it slows down the aging of the mitochondria in the hippocampus.

There are very few drug interactions. These include
1. Levothyroxine and other thyroid regulating drugs
2. Antibiotics
3. Cyclophosphamide


• The Framingham study is one of the largest longitudinal on going studies in America and has been evaluating health parameter for over 40 years. When they did a retrospective analysis they found that high levels of DHA had a 47% reduction in all causes of Dementia and a 39% lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease. This study lasted 9 years and all participants were free of Dementia at the onset of the study.
• In multiple double blind randomized controlled trials DHA has been shown to benefit AD/HD (Attention Deficit/ Hyperactive Disorder), autism, dyspraxia, dyslexia, aggressivism, major depressive depressive disorders, bi-polar disorder, and borderline personality disorder.
• Accelerated cognitive decline has been associated with low levels of DHA and appears to be reversible with supplementation.
• The combination of DHA with Phosphatidyl Serine has been shown to have very positive effects on AD/HD
• DHA has been shown to lower C-Reactive protein thereby decreasing cardiac risk.

Drug interactions with DHA are primarily the NSAID’s and Heparin like products. They can also interact in a positive manner by accentuating the effects of lipid lowering drugs.

1. Celebrex – Antiinflammaroy
2. Voltarin ”
3. Lodine ”
4. Motrin ”
5. Indocin ”
6. Ketoprofen ”
7. Toradol ”
8. Mobic ”
9. Naprosyn ”
10. Anaprox ”
11. Relafen ”
12. Daypro ”
13. Xenical
14. Coumadin – Blood Thinner
15. Fragmin ”
16. Lovenox ”
17. Innohep ”
18. Asprin


• Glycine modulates the NMDA deleterious effect receptors thereby increasing cognitive functions. NMDA is a brain receptor which requires glycine to activate it and is responsible for taking in an electrical response and converting it to a chemical neurotransmitter
• Inhibiting glycine with MAO inhibitors has a deleterious effect on memory formation
• In laboratory animals blocking the glycine site caused memory impairment but when unblocked reversed the visual recognition memory deficits.
• In a Swiss randomized, doubled blinded crossover study the effects of glycine on memory and attention in both young students (mean age 20) and middle aged (mean age 59) were evaluated. In the pre-study the middle aged subjects had poorer verbal memory and attention. Glycine improved memory retrieval in both young and middle aged but had no effect on attention. Glycine had no effect on mood, no stimulatory properties and primarily improved memory rather than attention.

• The drugs known to interact with Glycine are
1. Clozapine
2. Haldol
3. Olanzapine
4. Risperidone


• NMDA is an excitatory glycine receptor in the brain. Its activation requires D-Serine and glutamate. D-Serine is released exclusively from the astrocytes of the brain and appears to be one of t he rate limiting steps to the glycine receptor.
• D-Serine stimulates the NMDA receptors far more powerfully than glycine.
• When D-Serine is absent the excitatory NMDA receptors are unable to work in many parts of the brain.
• D-Serine dramatically decreases with age in the hippocampus of the brain (glycine however does not). The hippocampus is that area of the brain that deals with long term memory. It interacts with the Neo-cortex (new Brain) which stores short term memory and the Para hippocampal region which stores intermediary memory.
• When D–Serine is added to the diet the age related decrease in the NMDA glycine mediated synaptic potential is reversed.
• In summary age related spatial memory deficits are attributable to loss of plasticity in the hippocampus and were preventable and somewhat reversible with large doses of D-Serine. The older the patient was the higher the response of D-Serine in the brain (hippocampus)
• D-Serine and Schizophrenia. Low functioning glycine receptors (NMDA) have been implicated in Schizophrenia. D-Serine has been shown to stimulate the NMDA receptors directly, therefore when D-Serine has been added to Schizophrenia medicine regime it has been shown to decrease undesirable symptoms.
• In a study of 31 Taiwanese Schizophrenics when D-Serine was added there was significant improvement in their positive, negative and cognitive symptoms.

Even if these bullet points are a bit overwhelming the value inherent in the capsules is not. I have spent decades prescribing many of these ingredients individually and if you had to buy them that way it would cost you literally hundreds of dollars. And if I had to buy them individually I do not think that I would pay that price….but by combining them and making them my self the value is unsurpassed!

Answers to the Quiz:
1. Walter Mondale
2. Winston Churchill
3. The three people that went fishing were the son, his father and the Grandfather of the son.
4. The Titanic
5. Montana
6 Lobsters have blue blood
7. The U.S in Hawaii, Mauna Loa

If you got all of them right please exit this site immediately and go and thank your parents for giving you a great brain and/or education.

Dr. Murray’s Memory Enhancing Formula – $69.45

Swine Flu
Posted on: September 22, 2009

We’ve all read just about everything there is to read about the swine flu, which is also known as H1N1, referring to the antigenic sites on the virus.

Yes it can kill certain individuals, especially those undergoing chemotherapy, those who are HIV positive, people who are 100 lbs. overweight and pregnant women. But for the most part it is less dangerous than the normal flu. The big difference between this one and the regular flu is that it is sweeping the world in the summer and has affected every single country in the world.

If we put this disease in perspective we can begin to gleam why there is so much coverage. Hepatitis and diarrhea each kill more than one million children in the world every single year!!! I believe that the death rate so far for this flu is less than 300 in total worldwide. By now it should be obvious to many that there is money to be made from selling vaccines. No one even talks about the millions of children dying, but the news is full of fear talk with the swine flu.

And just in case you haven’t noticed, the usual television networks that were usually ‘quite left ‘ have been moving quite centrist of late. Have you also noticed that the number one category of advertizing that all of the stations are doing is “drug advertizing?” Car commercials are virtually non-existent and beer commercials are only seen on sports stations. Need I say more?

Yes I do, because I want to talk to you about Dr Murrays Immune Complex. This is our organic product that comes from colostrum and has Immunoglobulins added to it. The swine flu and all other flues came from birds where they were intestinal viruses. The route of entry for all flues is via the intestinal tract. Our immune complex is loaded with IgG (immunoglobulins) that kill the flu virus in the intestines before it can even get into your body. We have literally dozens of schoolteachers that take it every flu season and they keep coming back year after year because like they say, “it works and I don’t get sick.”

We do know that the swine flu will probably sweep around the world one more time and that the regular flu will come out at its usual time. The third thing we know is that the H5N1 (bird flu) is now in 17 metropolitan areas and human-to-human spread has started. What all this means to us is that we will be exposed to more viruses, and we hope that there is not anyone who will get all two or three viruses at the same time, because that means a mutation is likely. That is what is really scaring the virologists today.

Our immune complex has been tested, as to its effectiveness, against the flu vaccine, and it was proven in a double blind placebo controlled study to be three times more effective than the flu vaccine!

So please come in and get some Dr. Murrays Immune Complex if nothing more than to be safer this flu season.

How Times Have Changed
Posted on: August 19, 2009

The Last Pair of Glasses you’ll ever buy!

Like most aging scientists Physicist Stephen Kurtin had about three pairs of glasses to take on and off during his normal work day. This irritated him so much that he started working on a pair of glasses that would allow him to see both far, near and middle distances with absolute clarity. Yes we have progressives but typically there is a lot of distortion and an extremely small sweet spot that you can see clearly from and in addition you had to raise and lower your head to find the right acuity.

Enter TruFocals ( the first adjustable focusing eye glasses. It’s really remarkable so check it out on the web site. They are a bit pricey ($895.00), but not really when you consider a designer pair can be over a $1000.00, even a good pair at LensCrafter’s will cost upwards of $500.00. From my standpoint they would be perfect except that the shape has to be round in order for them to work. I mean who wants to look like John Denver or John Lennon.

What’s new in Brain Treatments

One of the most frustrating things to a Neurosurgeon is to try and find the exact outline of an irregular tumor in the brain. While MRI’s and CT scans help they are two dimensional tests, but now from the University of Washington comes the combination of a fluorescent dye and nano-particles hooked together and then injected into the blood. The tumor takes up the nano-particle dye so that when the surgeon goes in he can clearly see the boundaries between good tissue and tumor tissue.

While this may miss the microscopic spread it is still a giant step forward and then radiation can do the cleanup more successfully.

Along similar lines Wake Forest University has developed Nano tubes that can be injected into tumors and then expose the area of the skin over the tumor with Laser light which causes the nano tubes to heat up and kill the tumor from within.

All of this points to the future of surgery which will be with lasers, nano tubes, stem cells, or remote controlled nano robotic tumor eaters. The day of the surgeon cutting with a scalpel is limited.

The Military, War and Medicine

Plastic surgery as we know it today had its start during the Viet Nam war when surgeons attempted to put G.I.’s together with aesthetic results. Prior to that in WW1 the attitude of the surgeon was “if I can save you, be thankful, you are alive and the scars are part of war”. During the 60’s and 70’s giant strides were made to reduce the disfigurement that war wounds caused. Now the Military is trying to put together a whole new concept of war medicine. They are developing synthetic muscles that are stronger and better than our own, putting stem cells into wounds to heal them faster and better. Their motto will be to either replace or repair to get the soldier back in the field ASAP. They want to eliminate or drastically reduce long term disabilities. Remote robotic surgeries with the injured soldier in Afghanistan and the surgeon in Ohio are not far off.

Another Stem Cell Story

The Chinese have taken a stem cell from a mature mouse and created a live mouse from this stem cell. So what you say that’s already been done…. Yes but these mice were fertile. The real issue I think here is let’s focus on organ regeneration to replace a diseased one. Or learn to grow an arm that has been blown off in war or replace a hand that gets mutilated in a machine. All I think will be done in our life time.

How Times Have Changed

A few years ago the number one plastic surgery procedure was breast augmentation followed by lipo-suction. Today its Botox, Fillers, Chemical peels, Laser Hair Removal, and Laser resurfacing. Which by the way we do all of these.

Young Pharmaceuticals has come up with a cream for those dark circles under you eyes and it should be really good. The name of the product is KojiLac-Ci.

A recent review of all products used for lip augmentation which include the PTFE (gore-tex) implants, the solid silicone string implants, Hyaluronic acid and liquid Silicone found that the liquid Silicone given in the micro-droplet form had the best results aesthetically, and felt the most natural to both the patient and the significant other who had to kiss the injected person. Fortunately for us we have advocated and do just that for years.

Predictions from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

1.Reloxin a new company offering a botulinum toxin will be out this year to compete with Botox. As many of you know Dysport is already out and appears to have some advantages over Botox. Price being one.

2. Non invasive fat removal devises will offer an alternative to liposuction. Zerona is already on the market and shows excellent promise.

3. More men are and will continue to get more aesthetic procedures.

4. The popularity of non-invasive procedures will continue to grow and manufacturers will continue to supply new products to meet this demand.

5. Over seas cosmetic vacations for cheaper prices will continue to decrease as the horror stories continue to accumulate.

6. As consumers become more sophisticated they will be not only looking to see if the surgeon is Board Certified but also looking into his past and his artistic capabilities.


After years of trials and comparisons Sculptra® has finally gotten its cosmetic approval. (Its been out in Europe under the trade name of Nu-Fill for more than 15 years and is one of the recommended fillers sanctioned by the European Body for Injectables) You will begin to see national ads, paper ads, and I am told a reduction in price by Sept 1. As many of you know it is used to fill the hollow cheeks, deep Naso Labial fold, and other parts of the face that lose their fat. My personal belief is that when this becomes more affordable it will be one of the best fillers we as cosmetic surgeons can use.

Really Cool

Nikon has come out with a pocket version COOLPIX S1000pj which will take digital pictures at 12 megapixals (that’s sharp as an ASA100
Old fashioned film). It can take pictures and video ….. and here is the best part , you can project your images and film on a 40 inch wide screen at 30 frames per second. And all of the soft ware is built in. Nothing to do with medicine but a really cool gift for someone (usually a man)on your list.


That includes
Laser Hair removal
Laser removal of Facial veins
Erbium Laser facial Peels
Thermascan- collagen and skin tightening procedure.

I hope all of you had a wonderful summer and have gotten your children in school without problems and hope to see you soon.

The Murray Center Now Offers Cryo-Therapy
Posted on: June 24, 2009

There are times when innovations in the cosmetic world appear to be at a stand still and times when you just cannot keep up with all of the new stuff. Well this is one of those times when there is a ton of new stuff.

Firstly I would like to announce that we are now doing cryo-therapy which is the freezing of those ugly brown spots off of your body. We bought the Cryro-Probe system which is a little different than the liquid nitrogen. This devise uses the nitrogen ‘gas’ component but not the ‘liquid’ and therefore you do not get the bleached out white spots which are forever. So if you have any brown spots you want removed from anywhere on your body please call for an appointment.

Dysport vs. Botox

At long last the FDA has approved the first competitor to Botox. It is already in use in 27 other countries and has been used on a regular basis in England since 1991.

The difference is this, one it is cheaper, two it lasts longer, three its onset is much faster. Botox tends to stay exactly where it is put whereas Dysport tends to spread over a wider area.

When I return from vacation we will have both available for you.

Combined Integrative Approaches

This concept is the new buzz words for combining multiple modalities to get better results in cosmetic in cosmetic procedures. For example if you have wrinkles under the eyes we might start with Juvederm injection to fill the void space, then follow that with a laser procedure to tighten up the skin and then use a cosmeceutical cream to further smooth out the remaining fine lines.

We have already been doing that with our Lipodissolve to get rid of unwanted fat. Firstly we start dissolving the fat with the non-invasive Laser, then we inject, then we re-laser using a different setting, then we give you HCG shots to further dissolve the fat, follow that with a safe diet pill and then give you a diet which is designed to further get rid of your Triglycerides. Using this Combined Integrative Approach we quite routinely can dissolve about four inches off of your abdomen, and get you to lose about 15-20 lbs in one session.

Our new approach to tightening the skin is also I feel a giant step forward. Firstly we use the Diamond Wand micro-dermabrasion to get rid of the outer layer of dead skin cells, follow that with a 40-70% Glycolic peel which not only gets rid of even more epidermal skin cells but also has a tightening effect, and then follow that with the Thermascan Laser which penetrates laser energy even deeper into the skin to cause an even greater tightening of the skin.

Eye Lashes and More Eye Lashes

For many years we have observed that those people who took certain eye drops for glaucoma ended up with long thick eye lashes. I know because I have congenital glaucoma and have been taking these drops for years. Now a group of companies have come out with ßßthe extensions, but the downside is that it is going to take 8-12 weeks before you see the results, whereas the extensions are immediate.

Skin Tightening

In a recent survey the most popular and most frequently used cosmetic procedures were Botox, Dermal fillers, Mico-dermabrasion and skin tightening procedures. The economy has taken its toll on face lifts, breast lifts and liposuction.

Ellman is the company that has been most closely associated with radio-frequency devises. I have had my Ellman for 20 years and have removed innumerable facial moles with it. The company has just been approved to release their first skin tightening devise called the “Pelleve”. This should be a great improvement over similar devises on the market today. The most known one is Thermage.

Rejuve Cream

Our Rejuve cream (as many of you already know) is one of the most advanced creams of its kind in the world. It contains the entire cascade of Growth Factors (IGF-1, IGF-2, TGF-ß, Epithelial Growth Factor, Endothelial Growth Factor and VEGF). While anti oxidants slow the aging process growth factors can actually stop it and in many cases reverse the again process.

I recently had an unsolicited testimonial in which the woman said she had been using the face cream and then wiping the residual cream left on her right hand over the back of her left hand. After having used it for almost a year someone commented to her that her left hand had almost no signs of aging whereas her right hand had a lot of brown spots and a rougher texture. She was so shocked by this revelation that she called me to ask me if other people had noticed the same. I assured her that we had indeed heard many such testimonials.

My loss is your gain – and by that I mean that there was a confusion the last time we ordered the cream and I was sent three times what I ordered….so we are offering a one time special offer at $90.00 per bottle instead of the normal $120.00. We have an extra 40 bottles only and based on our us usual sales volume this will be gone in less than a month so call asap.

Authors Note

If you have been reading these news articles regularly I have been saying for many years that the future of medicine is Stem cells and Growth Factors. Creams that tout anti-oxidants and vitamins as their means of regenerating the skin are completely out dated compared with what is on the market now. The Swiss and Germans have been growing Growth factors on skin cultures and then incorporating them into creams for years and now a California company Histogen Aesthetics has devised their own proprietary method of doing what the Europeans have been doing for almost a decade. Expect to see more and more companies to be coming out with these growth factors for they truly are a giant step forward.

Latest Developments That Can Impact You
Posted on: May 7, 2009

In keeping with our tradition of not only informing you of all of the latest cosmetic and vein procedures I thought I would give you an update on some of the latest developments that are either impacting you now or will impact you in the near future.

The first thing to talk about is the brain. A group of researchers have recently been able to decipher the energy emitted from an object and its subsequent transcription into the brain. In other words when you see an object, say an apple with your eyes a series of electrical impulses goes to your brain and tells you that what you saw was say an apple. Those series of impulses has to be different than when you are seeing an orange. That specific energy has now been decoded. They recently showed a test subject a word and just by measuring the energy in the researchers were able to decipher the word that only the test subject saw.

What does that mean to me? In the future we will be able to go into someone’s brain and take out their thoughts!!!
Another group was able to allow a test subject to see an object and then using sophisticated MRI determine where that object registered in the brain. Then using lasers directed at that same spot allow the subject to “re-see” the object that he had only been shown once.

What does that mean to me? It means that in the future we will be able to extract from your brain any image that you have ever seen!!!
It wont be long before you and your vital functioning organs will be able to be monitored 24/7 from anywhere in the world. There are already companies that can measure your heart rate, Blood Pressure, Oxygen saturation of your blood, your response to drugs, a continuous EKG, your respiratory rate, your calories burned, your food intake, the quality, time and depth of your sleep, and the amount of UV light that you have been exposed to. All of these devises already exist , so whats around the corner?

Blood chemistry analyzers that will monitor and predict a possible heart attack. Brain analyzers that will tell you when you are mentally fatigued, depressed, or about to have a seizure. Hormone analyzers that will tell you if you are functioning at peak performance.

And lastly monitors that will survey your body to alert you when a possible cancer has arisen. There are a lot of companies already busy at work and most of the above will all be available within the next ten years.

What does this mean to me? Greater life expectancy, more control over you but loss of privacy.

Many of you have heard my predictions of our children being able to live to 300 years of age. The above is just one part of this puzzle. The real big thing will be the stem cell development in which you will be able to extract your own stem cells and build your own organs when the existing ones start to deteriorate.

Before we can reach all of these new levels of achievement we are going to have to see into the body better and now using newer metals we have a new generation of MRI’s that can see into the body with High Definition.

All of this has to happen in the nano-world (a nano meter is a billionth of meter). Using Nano-rods and balls with specific receptors built onto them we can inject them into the body where they will target and eliminate addictive behaviors. By injecting other nano particles into the brain we can activate them with light to produce dopamine and help people with Parkinson’s disease. We can also attach anti-bodies to nano probes that go to a cancer cell only and kill it. They have recently developed nano batteries made of a thin membrane which moves back and forth with body motion and thereby keeping it continuously charged. Batteries for life – sounds awesome to me.

In Texas they recently developed a muscle made of nano tubes and is stronger than steel! Atificial cartilage has also been recently made using ultra thin laminating layers which is stronger and more resilient than normal cartilage.

And of course the ultimate which is artificial intelligence and brain imitating technololgy. A group of Germans have recently developed a chip which mimics brain function, that is it has a main intelligent pathway with hundreds of thousands of side off shoots. It is my prediction that we will be able to download and upload our brains during sleep within the next 20 years. Can you imagine going to sleep and when you wake up all the new information that you would need for the next day has been downloaded. We already know that a persons intelligence is related to the thickness of the myelin layer around a never fiber. Now its just a matter of time before we can target the proteins in the myelin layer and thereby increase intelligence – even in normal people.


It’s a sad story when the lead article in your Aesthetic medical journal Reports that another Hyaluronic acid filler with Lidocaine satisfied the 12 patients in the study. Duh! Pain vs. No pain!!

The remainder of the articles concerned themselves with smaller, cheaper but not as effective lasers for office use. I think it is a sign of the times. The manufacturers are not investing in new equipment, studies are decreasing, and everybody is tightening their belts.

The good news for us is that most people are opting for the less non invasive procedures now. Liposuctions and facelifts have had a dramatic decrease, while fillers and Botox are holding their own. It turns out further that the procedures are aligning themselves ethnically. Whites are doing more face lifts, Asians are also doing blepharoplastys, while African-Americans and Hispanics are doing more nose jobs.

The procedure that is increasing the most is Facial skin tightening. We fortunately have the Sciton Thermascan in our office and we have been seeing a lot more of this lately.

And the reasons cited for women doing these procedures are for staying competitive in the work place and getting ready for a special occasion(Wedding Day and Class Reunions).


I would like to extend a special Thank you for all of the new people who have signed up to receive these blogs and our newsletters
We will not only inform you about the latest in our special field but also whats going on in other fields of medicine. We hope to keep you abreast of the latest discoveries in medicine.

The Spring Meeting of the American Academy of Anti Aging

As usual there was a mixture of quackery and real great science. The sham stuff came from Europe in the form of energy machines. There were gloves which were impregnated with silver through which a minute amount of energy supposedly passed and rubbing this on the face allegedly gave you a face lifting effect .I had it done at the show and then asked passer-bys which side was supposedly lifted and half were right and half wrong!!!

Then there was a machine that could measure your autonomic nervous system and find the disruptions in energy flow. I talked to representatives for almost 45 minutes and they were unable to my satisfaction relate their machine to my understanding of the human nervous system.

Then the good stuff was really remarkable. Stem cells that could reverse end stage disease, save limbs, rejuvenate irreparable hearts,
and the future of actually growing a new organ from your ofwn stem cells. Alas we are, due to political decisions of the past about 10 years, behind most countries in this technological field. Thailand and even Dominican Republic are performing life saving procedures on a regular basis. The future of altering disease truly is going to be about stem cells. The future of anti aging in healthy people is about the Telomere, the 10,000 pieces of genetic code on the ends of all of our chromosomes. More on this subject in a future newsletter just devoted to this topic.

The A4M has turned into a cosmetic workshop, which I guess is a form of anti aging but it appears that they are running after the dollars instead of how to get us to live longer and more productive lives.

Thank you,

Dr Murray

Posted on: February 23, 2009

I am pleased to announce the opening of


As many of you know I started my career as a Family Practioner in Altamonte Springs. After ten years, and building the largest solo practice in Orlando, I went back to school to become a Phlebologist. It was by happenchance that many of the drug and surgical supply companies saw my art work and requested that I represent them in teaching other doctors the artistic side of esthetic medicine. Doing esthetic medicine was an extension of one of my hobbies, which is sculpting the human body in marble. Life was good until the equity houses on Wall Street began getting greedy and their speculations with derivatives and wide margin calls, combined with the housing bubble, put us into this recession.

The esthetic market has taken the biggest hit and discretionary dollars have dried up. I foresaw this and began recertifying last year and have just recently been recertified and reinstated as a Family Practioner by the Florida Academy of Family Practice and the American Academy of Family Practice.

I will continue to do all of my esthetic work, all of my vein work and will add Family Practice to my current practice. Yes that’s a lot of CME’s to do a year, but I like that.

If you would like me to be your Family Doctor please call and register yourself. We are currently on all of the major health plans (BCBS is the only one pending.) I offer a full service practice for ages 15-65. Fortunately for me, when I sold my Family Practice there were about 100 people who refused to leave (that number has since grown to about 200) so I kept most of the necessary infrastructure to run a Family Practice.

Because I already have an established practice, my Family Practice will be a little different than what you might have had to become accustomed to.

1. I will see all the patients myself; there will be no P.A.’s.

2. I will not treat you like a number to be processed but rather a human being with a problem that needs to be solved.

3. I believe if you give the patient long enough they will tell you the diagnosis that you are looking for.

4. I treat patients – not lab results.

5. I believe that while drug therapy can be helpful it should not be where you start.

6. If you are looking for a type of doctor that practices by ‘give me your symptoms and I’ll give you a prescription’ – that’s not me.

7. I subscribed to the truism that “people don’t care what you know until they know you care about them”.

8. If I can cure you non- pharmacologically (for example diabetes, hypertension) then I will attempt to do so. I do not want a practice where all I am doing is writing prescriptions for chronic diseases with no end point in mind.

9. I look at our relationship as a partnership where I will do my part but I expect you to do yours

10. I proscribe to the basics we were taught in medical school: listen to the patient then inspect, palpate, auscultate, and percuss. In other words most diagnoses can be figured out with a good exam.

I hope this explains who I am and how I practice. Many of you already know this so I look forward to seeing you as your Family Practioner.


Yes even the drug companies are feeling the squeeze. Sanofi-Aventis the drug company that makes Sculptra is offering a special.

When you buy three bottles the company will give you a fourth one free.
Since each bottle costs $1000.00 dollars that’s a 25% savings. I know that’s a lot money but it’s also a lot of savings.

Sculptra is a not a wrinkle filler but a facial enhancer. If you have lost a lot of volume in your face then Sculptra reestablishes the normal contours of youth. This is seen particularly in athletes and runners (also smokers). There is no operation that can re-establish lost volume and while other “fillers” are attempting to try and do what Sculptra does, in my opinion they fall short. On the other hand Sculptra is definitely not made to fill wrinkle lines.

The nice thing is that it lasts for years by enhancing and allowing your own collagen to grow. The results are a more youthful appearance which usually not only enhances your looks but also your self esteem.


We have recently had many calls to see if we are continuing to do our specials and the answer is YES!

As long as we are in this crisis we will do our part to help you continue to look your best all the time, in spite of our economic woes.

Botox is still $11.00 per unit

Juvederm will continue to be $400.00 per syringe

Silicone will continue to be $150.00 per .1 cc

I know many of you have put off getting your legs done but the inevitable is here. One, the veins are continuing to grow and two, spring is right around the corner. We have not had a price increase in 5 years so it is still only $275.00 a session in which I maximize all the solution you are allowed to have.

The Best Scientific Breakthrough of 2008, Etc.
Posted on: February 3, 2009

Blind Sight

If a person is completely blind can he still “see”? It appears the answer is YES.
In an experiment in the Netherlands a blind man was asked to walk down a hallway which was full of obstacles and to try and avoid them. Using his subconscious mind and primitive areas of his brain he was able to completely avoid all of the obstacles. In congenitally blind people there are other abnormal brain developments that prohibit this type of “seeing” but in this individual he had a stroke in his fifties so the neural mechanisms to see were already established to entire visual parts of the brain, however these parts were completely dissolved due to the stroke. Scientists have long known that when we see something it registers not only in the visual cortex but also in the subcortex areas but this is the first time where we can actually measure the contribution of this primitive part of the brain. Further experiments were performed where a very noxious picture was shown to him and even though he could not describe the picture he had a withdrawal response and a noxious feeling inside. If you want to see a video of this go to
Science is truly amazing

We are truly going Bionic with this one

Currently there is technology where we can implant a tiny wire into the brain of Parkinson’s diseased patents and through intermittent stimulation get the brain to release the neurotransmitter Dopamine which has caused the disease. Now from England comes an experiment where a women with no sex drive had an implant put into the orbital-frontal cortex of the brain (the front part) which when stimulated made her become very sexually active. It worked perfect but the woman was uncomfortable with her new sexuality and had it removed. You and I both know where this is going and it’s just a matter of time.

The Best Scientific Break-through of 2008

The most significant discovery is called Cellular Reprogramming. With only four genes they were able to take a mature cell and turn it back to an original stem cell. The implications are of course enormous. Let’s say you have a pancreatic cancer by taking some of the pancreas cells and reprogramming them back to their original stem line you can then reprogram an organ and it will then remove the adult cells that have gone awry and reput in healthy reprogrammed cells. The implications are really beyond anyone’s dreams. For example any failing organ can now be regrown with its own genetics and give you a new one. The applications in the future will be anything from regrowing a new kidney to that all elusive ultimate anti aging eternity age (350years).

The Common Cold

If you have been following my blogs you read last year that the influenza virus be it either the common flu (H1N1or H1N3) or the Bird Flu (H5N1) are all viruses that originated in Birds. Now comes a group of Virologists who have traced the common cold back to birds about 200 years ago. Now this is very important – these are intestinal viruses. While the cold affects your runny nose and lungs its portal of entry is the intestines. That’s why we have so many teachers who swear by our Telemorx product that we sell through the office. It has massive amounts of IgG and IgA which attack the disease in the intestines before it gets into your body. If you are prone to upper respiratory cold and flu like illnesses then you need to be on this product.

Beyond Dick Tracy

Remember when we thought that having a radio or TV on your wrist was so far out there, well now UCLA has developed a cellular phone with a mini lab all built into one for developing nations. You can run a HIV, malaria, and leukemia test right in your cell phone. It won’t be long before we have the Star Trek Scanners available.

Jurassic Park Lives

Taking cells from a 16 year old dead mouse researchers have recently cloned live healthy mice using these cells. The debate is now focusing on cloning endangered species of animals such as the white rhinoceros. Obviously the wooly Mammoths which have been found frozen in the tundra are the source of much speculation but who knows.

The Quantum World is Beginning to Unfold

Why would Microsoft be interested in “fractional quantum Hall”. What is that you ask? Well it is the way that subatomic particles behave. Quantum particles are known as fermions, and bosons. These are the subatomic particles within a cell or molecule. They spin at subatomic speeds with virtually undetectable energy. If a computer could harness the spins of millions of these subatomic particles you would have a computer that would literally appear to work at the speed of light doing trillions of computations per second. Why is Microsoft interested??? You don’t need me to answer that.

What’s New in Medicine
Posted on: December 8, 2008

What’s New In Medicine

Nano technology is the science of using particles that are extremely small. A nano meter is a billionth of a meter and to put that into perspective a human hair is about 50,000 to 100,000 nanometers. The initial thoughts were that the smaller the particle the better it would penetrate the skin and there fore be more efficacious. Well now Nanophobia is setting in and scientists are afraid that nanoparticles may not only penetrate the skin effectively but then also accumulate in certain organs. Silver is being used in cosmetics and soaps in nanoparticles to supposedly kill skin bacteria and give you a smoother look. But ask any physician who was practicing in the 1950’s or 60’s and he will remind you or a cough syrup that had silver in it. It was incredibly effective in stopping coughs but it then accumulated in the skin and these people then had skin that looked like they were made of aluminum. And that was permanent. Gold is being used in upscale cosmetics in nano-sized particles. Gold is injected directly into peoples veins for Rheumatoid Arthritis. There are a lot of allergies but when it works it really loosens up the joints. It will be an interesting observation to see if those who can afford to use a nano gold cream actually have less wrinkles and no joint pain?? Up until now it was Nano this or Nano that but with the scientific community now asking a lot of questions many of the cosmetic companies are backing off of their Nano advertizing.

Movies to Reality

Since most of my readership is female and most guys are more into technology then this one is to pass onto your husbands. Remember the scene in start wars when they wanted to communicate with each other and princess Leah appeared in a mid air holographic image …well it looks like we will have that by 2018. A group of European Universities have combined their talents to produce just such T.V. Firstly will come the home movies with the glasses and then in the next three years will come the three D on your television set with out glasses and then the ultimate holographic floating in mid air “T.V.” That’s only 11 years away….how long ago was 1998?. What’s the old saying “the only difference between men and boys is the size and expense of their toys” !!!

Heart Disease Reversible without Surgery

The most common cause of heart disease is thought to be genetics, bad dietary habits with excessive amounts of cholesterol and triglycerides, lack of exercise, obesity, smoking and now micro RNA. It turns out that small pieces of microRNA can actually cause heart damage but when these were blocked the heart damage was “reversible”.
Studies using animals were dramatic and exciting and human studies should be getting under way soon. It promises to not only prevent heart disease but also reverse existing damage. Maybe some day soon treating heart disease with Statin drugs will seem so old fashioned.

Another Deficiency Study

Here comes another deficiency study showing that Vitamin D deficiency is an unrecognized cardiovascular risk factor. The article was published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology and states that up to 50% of American may be affected.
OK here my cynical response to all of the deficiency studies. If they had looked at kidney function or brain function there probably would have been some untoward bad side effect and risk factor there too. In fact if you were deficient in that vitamin almost any organ would be adversely affected not just the heart. If you took just about any nutrient and made anyone deficient it would have an adverse effect on whatever organ system you looked at.
The body requires a homeostatic balance of all nutrients…not Just Vitamin D but all vitamins and minerals, amino acids, phyto nutrients, fats and proteins…. So no matter what you study if you are deficient in anything something is going to show an adverse effect.
The collerary of that are the Vitamin pitches which go like this …this vitamin prevents this or that condition or disease…not included in that statement is that you probably don’t need it in the first place, secondly the disease only exists in third world countries or in end stage alcoholics, you’re probably getting more than you need from other food sources, and the pitch “you’re preventing” implies that you’ll probably get the disease if you don’t take the supplement which has no basis in fact to begin with.
I get so irritated with pseudoscience capitalistic exploitation of the public!!!!!!!

Finally Something for Jet Lag

Most sleeping meds are either benzodiapepines or their derivatives which means in one way or another they are addictive. Another sideeffects that people get when taking them long term is a form of depression which is marked by loss of motivation, loss of joy in theirs lives and generalized lassitude. Rozerem was the first Melatonin drug to help with sleep but left people with a heaviness when they awoke, now come Tasimelteon which is a drug that activates the Melatonin receptors thereby modifying the circadian rhythm. This is going to be a great drug for jet lag, shift workers and people who have to go to bed too early to rise for work early. Because it is a melatonin receptor inducer it is NOT habit forming. But please remember that 20% of all Melatonin users experience a paradoxical response, ie the are stimulated…..mmmm
let me see maybe for those this has other uses???

Preventing Cancer
Posted on: August 7, 2008

If there is one thing that scares all of us it’s the thought that we might one day contract cancer.
With the rate of breast cancer now approaching 1:9, the rise in pancreatic cancer, and the ever present lung cancer for smokers, it’s no wonder that we’re all a little afraid. So obviously our next question should be what can I do now and how can I prevent it?

Lets first talk about one of the main preventable causes of breast cancer and that is excessive fat. You see estrogen is stored in your fat so the more of it that you have the greater your stores of estrogen are. Most cancers have a promoter and an initiator. Many believe that the excessive estrogen in your fat combined with the hormones that are present in our chicken and beef act as promoters….we don’t know what the exact initiators are but let’s face it if you reduce the promoter you have less of a chance of initiating something. Let’s go through some of the things you can do to lessen your chances of getting cancer.

1. Exercise. We could spend hours and days talking about the benefits of exercise but suffice it to say that in those populations that exercise regularly their incidence of cancer is greatly reduced!

2. Cancer thrives on sugar, its gasoline to your cancer.
Substitute with a natural honey or molasses. Synthetic substitutes are also dangerous in different ways.

3. Cancer feeds on mucous in the gastrointestinal tract and the number one thing that causes mucous is milk. Rice Dream and Soy products are better

4. The great colon cancer rates of the 1960’s were a result of all of the beef and pork our parents ate. They produce an acidic environment in the gastrointestinal tract, which cancer thrives on, range fed organic chicken and blue water wild fish are your best substitutes.

5. The Mediterranean diet is all about fresh whole grain cereals, fruits, nuts, and of course also a little wine. Those people who partake of this diet which is about 80% of the above have 50% less heart disease and 30% less cancer. So increase your vegetables, preferably raw and drink more natural juices.

6. Large amounts of acidic drinks are also promoters, so minimize your intake of these. Distilled water is dead water, avoid it. Filter out the toxins in our drinking water with a Britta or Pur water filter and drink more green tea. It has a substance in it called catechin which is both a promoter and initiator reducer.

7. Undigested food tends to slow the gut transit time down which can then allow meats to become stagnant and putrefied. If then these meats have unwanted hormones in them this could act as a promoter. In addition it ties up many of the enzymes necessary for other digestion which could be fighting cancer cells elsewhere.

8. Vitamins, antioxidants, and immune system boosters all complement your diet and help against cancer. Of course these should be processed organically and have an organic source. Many so called healthy vitamins are grown in the Far East in toxic soil, so you can only imagine what else your getting. Remember the FDA does not control health supplements. It’s buyer beware.

9. The hardest thing in life is to forgive someone who has really hurt you, but failure to do so means that that person is controlling you from a distance.

Posted on: June 17, 2008

The quest to slow the facial aging process is occurring on all fronts and it is now generally believed that that simply stretching the skin over an aging skeleton is somewhat short sighted and shallow.

The mid-face, which is defined as that area from the brow to the end of the nose is where most all of the facial aging tends to occur.

Using new information obtained from MRIs of the face for dental surgery, has shown us that not only is there contraction of the maxillary bone (cheek bone) but that it also moves toward the back of the head and upward. This would then cause sort of a shortening and contraction of the bones around the nose. The frontal bone (forehead) on the other hand moves forward and downward, again causing a more forward mid-face contraction look. If you then add the fact that the size of our teeth are contracting anywhere from .5 mm to 1mm on both the top and bottom its no wonder we tend to lose that open smooth look of youth as we age.

Studies are also showing us that our faces have individual pockets of fat, which tend to dissolve over time. In the past we thought of the facial fat as one continuous but interrupted layer, but now we find that the pockets are not only separated but each one has its own time table of falling and disappearance.

All of this is not to depress you but to realize that if we can identify the specific type of aging you are undergoing then the more specific and better your results can be.
So it’s not just about stretching, but also thermal lifting and replacement of the volume.
Reversing the facial signs of aging is primarily about replacing the youthful volume that has diminished.

At the Murray Center we have believed this for many years and that is why our approach has been to lift with the Silhouette threads (not barbed sutures), revolumize
with Sculptra, and tighten with the laser Thermascan. This way there are virtually no scars to deal with, the look is a natural look (not stretched and wind-blown) and should the day arrive when surgery is indicated it can be done with the best possible results.

Docs turn to Botox to make ends meet
Posted on: October 21, 2007

That’s the title of the article from The Seattle Times. At the Annual American Academy of Family Physicians where they usually talk about diabetes and high blood pressure there were ten continuing courses ranging from Chemical peels, facial fillers and Botox. The courses are so popular they have waiting lists. The Family Physicians like it but as one plastic surgeon said ‘patients don’t come to me to get a pap smear’. The main reason cited by F.P.’s is that they don’t have to deal with insurance companies.

Authors Note: I believe that this is just one more sign that we are ready to try and circumvent the two greatest impediments to ‘proper’ costing, quality health care, namely the insurance companies and the drug companies.

Who is going to take care of us?
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With socialized Health Care looming on our horizon a recent study by the British Medical Association showing the attitudes and working conditions of our counterparts on the other side of the ocean many be useful.

11,000 G.P.’s were asked how things are now vs. five years ago and 53.2% said things were now worse. 63% said that practicing good medicine was now harder, 52% said they would not recommend medicine as a career, 53% said they thought extending office hours would be good if they got paid for it, but 72% said that would be a bad allocation of resources. Considering that the first year G.P’s get about $200,000.00 dollars salary, which is substantially more than their American counterparts, it may surprise many that American Doctors will be financially better off with a Universal Socialized Health Care system.

Authors Note: As a private practicing physician of 30 years I have only had four two week vacations in my entire working life, the rest being either one weekers or long weekends. Being salaried sounds pretty good to me because my 3000+ dollars a day overhead would be eliminated, 6 weeks of vacation a year sound unbelievable, having my own health care provided for, minimalized risk of mal-practice, and anything approaching a 40 hour work week would be almost unbelievable. From my stand point, call it what you want, Socialized Health Care, Universal Health Care, Hillary Health Care, I believe doctors would have better quality of lives than under our current system.

The Current Health of Americans
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The following report is a compilation of three recently released studies on the health of Americans.
In a study comparing the health of Americans with our European counterparts we were compared to Austria, Denmark, France, Germany Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. We have higher rates of cancer, diabetes, obesity and heart disease. So much so that it adds an additional 100-150 Billion dollars more than our European counterparts. The obesity rates for us are 33.1% vs. 17.1%, and for smokers 53%vs. 43%. We spend about $6,102 dollars per person in the U.S. which is nearly twice that of Netherlands, Germany or France. The study pointed out that the single thing Americans could do to reduce our spending costs is for the country to go on a diet. This would have a positive impact on diabetes, hypertension and health disease.
The study points out the fact that the American medical system is an intervention at point of disease contact and there is virtually no disease prevention as there is in Europe. The authors point out that the average American takes between one and two weeks vacation per year whereas our European counterparts believe it is a God given right for them to take 6 weeks per year, which they all do.

Authors Note: Having spent a large amount of time on both continents I have noted the following. Americans live to work Europeans work to live. They do take 6 weeks per year and I believe because of that they maintain a better balance in their lives. They take longer to eat and it takes them longer to prepare the food that they are going to eat. They spend more time socializing and less time in church, more time talking to each other and less time in front of the T.V., they walk more and drive less, and find more satisfaction in their lives with less accumulation of “stuff”.

The current status of our health. More than 109 million Americans report that they have one or more of the following:

Cancer 10,555,000 (3.7%)
Diabetes 13,729,000 (4.9%)
Heart Disease 19,145,000 (6.8%)
Hypertension 36,761,000 (13%)
Stroke 2,245,000 (.9%)
Mental Disorder 30,338,000 (10.7%)
Pulmonary Conditions 49,206,000 (17.4%)

The impact of these diseases on our economy is 1.3 trillion dollars per year. 277 billion is in the cost of treatment or 21% and 1.047 trillion dollars in lost productivity. It is estimated that by implementing preventive measures we could reduce the impact of all of these diseases on our economy by 18%.
If you could see a map of the highest prevalence of disease it would show that the entire Southeast has the highest incidence of disease, the mid west less and the entire western states are the healthiest.

Authors Note: If you add the above numbers up you find that there are 161,979,000 million Americans that are sick with some sort of on going disease. Since there are about 40 million children that are not in the above statistics and about 300,000,000 million Americans in general that means that 53% of adult Americans are SICK. One out of two Americans have a chronic illness!!! It’s no wonder we rank number 14 in the world for longevity. As shocking as these statistics are the real question is what can we do about it. I think the answer lies in my 13 Tip of a Healthier and Happier Life that you can get from the front web page. These by the way are just the out line of the book by the same title that will be out next year.

Farmers are the Unhappiest Workers
Posted on: August 20, 2007

In a Finnish study involving 5000 workers farmers scored the lowest in job satisfaction. In questionnaires given in which personal productivity, health status and quality of life were evaluated farmers scored the lowest. Salaried workers came in second and entrepreneurs scored the highest.

Ovarian Cancer- Early
Posted on: August 19, 2007

More than 20,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year in the U.S. Almost 80% of these will already have spread by the time they are diagnosed. Current early detection methods are a blood test called a CA125 and an intra-vaginal ultrasound. In several retrospective studies recently they determined that early detection was possible if the physicians asked the following questions to all women under going their annual pap smears.

1. Are you experiencing any pelvic pain?
2. Have you had any abdominal pain for more than 12 days per month?
3. Have you noticed any increase in the size of your abdomen?
4. Have you noticed more abdominal bloating lately?
5. Do you experience a rapid feeling of fullness when eating?
6. Have you had any difficulty in eating?

While these symptoms may sound vague they may be life saving if you bring them to the attention of your Doctor.

Death Risk from Air Pollution
Posted on: August 18, 2007

The College of London looked at death rates and compared them to black smoke and sulphur dioxide environmental exposure for the years 1982 through 1998. They found that black smoke and sulphur dioxide levels decreased by five and four times respectively during those years. However the death rates attributable to black smoke increased from 10% to 19% during the study and from 10% to 20% for sulphur dioxide. The study underwent critical statistical review and the results stood.

It is theorized that there may be other more potent pollutants that are not measured that could be causing the increase in death rates or they could be acting in synchrony with the existing pollutants thereby being more lethal.

Authors note: Whether you get second hand smoke from cigarettes or industrial pollution in the air, or increased ozone levels form global warming, or carcinogens in the water, each and everyone of us has a responsibility to try to change it for our children and grand-children.

Suicide Rates increase in Hotter Weather
Posted on: August 17, 2007

An analysis of 50,000 suicides in England and Wales between 1993 and 2003 found that as the temperature rises so does the suicide rate. In fact for each degree above 18C there was a four percent rise in suicides – and for violent suicides the rate was 5%. Some of the reasons put forth were that people become more irritable and aggressive in hot weather, serotonin levels decrease in the summer, and people tend to drink more alcohol in hotter weather. In fact in the 1995 heat wave the suicide rate increased by 46.9%. The highest day for suicides was January 1 and the Mondays were the worst day. As with all suicides 75% are by men and 25% by women.
Authors Note: I was always under the assumptions that since Oregon and Washington have about 220+ days of rain and the suicide rate is highest in those states, that rainy weather was the culprit. Maybe we should do some comparative studies here in the U.S.

Job stress leads to Depression
Posted on: August 16, 2007

In a study involving 1000 thirty two year olds 45% of new onset depression was attributable to job stress. These jobs involved lack of personal control, long hours, non-negotiable deadlines and too much work. The jobs ranged from surgeons, teachers, pilots, garbage men and policemen; the higher the pressure the higher the percentage of depression. They concluded that managers should lead by praise and reward rather than punishment and lack of control.

Changing views on Menopause
Posted on: August 14, 2007

In study done in San Francisco involving 53 Americans, Latinos and African American women aged 40-48 they found that menopause was a back burner issue. The women were more concerned with their current health and appearance than in a life event over which they had no control. The women tested were more about individual responsibility and control of their lives. They believed that staying younger physically, mentally and in their appearance was the most important aspects of their lives in their forties.

Botox® for Low Back Pain
Posted on: July 20, 2007

In a study out of Kuwait 8 patients with severe chronic low back pain were injected into the lumbar Para-spinal muscles (the low back muscles on either side of the spinal canal) three sites were injected. 63% had remarkable recovery in both muscle spasm and pain relief, and 25% had improvement only in muscle spasm. The effect was still working after 30 days. The conclusion was that this is an easy procedure, well tolerated, virtually no side effects and does not require either expensive or invasive procedures.

Low Dose Aspirin – Finally Yes
Posted on: July 19, 2007

In 1976 the Nurses Health Study started and included 121,701 nurses. Evaluation of the people in the study after six years showed no improvement in the mortality rates, however in this study they looked almost 80,000 nurses at 24 years of taking low dose aspirin. What they found is that the incidence of deaths from heart disease was substantially reduced and those from cancer were also less but not as dramatic as those for heart disease. Further evaluation of the data allowed the researchers to say that at 24 years of taking low dose aspirin the risk of mortality from all causes was reduced (and this includes colorectal cancer the third leading cause of death). 80,000 people over 24 years that’s good enough for me, I think I’ll start taking low dose aspirin.

New Treatment for Women with hot flashes who have had Estrogen related cancers
Posted on: July 18, 2007

Gaba-pentin also known as Neurontin is usually used for seizure disorders, nerve pain and Trigeminal Neuralgia. It works by stabilizing the nerve membrane. When given to a group of women who had had breast cancer it appeared to work as well some of the antidepressants. In fact the drug cut the frequency of hot flashes in half. This is great news since this drug has very little side effects and does not change a person’s personality.

Mediterranean Diet Protects Against Asthma
Posted on: July 17, 2007

A very large study from the island of Crete found that children who adhered to a Mediterranean diet had less asthma and allergic rhinitis than a conventional western diet. There were 690 children involved and the Mediterranean consisted mostly of grapes, oranges, apples fresh tomatoes, essential fatty acids (mostly olive oil), vegetables, nuts and fish.

High nut intake, grape, oranges and kiwi consumption was inversely associated with wheezing but margarine proved to be a risk factor. The stricter the adherence to the diet the less asthma symptoms there were.

Since asthma is currently increasing at an alarming rate in the U.S this may be yet another natural way to combat this terrible disease. This study showed that those children which had the strictest adherence to the Mediterranean had the least amount of allergic symptoms. Maybe all of the preservatives that keep our food from turning rancid are having adverse reactions in our lungs?

Stockings after Venous Surgery
Posted on: July 16, 2007

There has always been amongst Physicians a wide diversity regarding how long someone after surgery should wear stocking. The French are probably the most laisser-faires with the English being the strictest and the Americans in between. A study recently reported out of the U.K. on 300 patients after venous surgery found that there was no benefit to wearing stocking for more than one week. The parameters looked at were post operative pain, complications, time to return to work and patient satisfaction. This is great news for all of my surgical patients.

Female Sexual Arousal Disorder
Posted on: July 15, 2007

A new central nervous system drug for female sexual desire disorder has just completed the first two clinical trials. The name of the drug is Bremelanotide. In the group taking the drug 67% reported feelings of desire vs. 22% of the placebo group (the most common placebo effect is about 20% no matter what is being tested). 72% of those taking the drug had genital sexual arousal vs. 39% in the placebo group. In summary 75% of the women taking the drug reported sexual arousal and 50% had increased sexual desire vs. 25% and 19% respectively.

Red Korean Ginseng
Posted on: July 14, 2007

It has long been known that there are a variety of Ginseng products from a multitude of countries – some have efficacy and some do not. In this study they used Korean Red Ginseng to men with erectile dysfunction. The study was double blinded and placebo controlled ( in other words neither the doctors doing the study or the recipients getting the product knew what they were getting until after the study was completed and the code given). Using the International Index of Erectile Function the Ginseng group reported a 66.6% improvement in erection and also improvement in rigidity, penetration and maintenance. Red Korean Ginseng is an effective alternative for men with erectile dysfunction.

A Smoke Free World?
Posted on: July 13, 2007

In 2004 Ireland become the first country in the world to ban smoking in the workplace, bars and restaurants – nationwide. Congratulations!!

There are many states in the U.S. that have similar laws, California being the first to enact it in the U.S.

There is now irrefutable evidence that second hand smoking causes premature death and disease, lung cancer, and heart disease. Tragically there are over 5 trillion cigarettes smoked annually and even though the World Health Organization has issued a Convention of Tobacco Control and 145 countries have ratified this treaty the United States of America has not!

Indoor smoking bans have cut cigarette smoking by almost 4% and doubling  the taxes  has cut new young smokers from starting by almost 30% in Canada. We still have no national consensus (or will) to do the same throughout America. There are only 17 States that that have adopted comprehensive anti smoking legislation.

Over 100 million deaths have been attributed to smoking in the 20th Century and yet the manufacturers continue to target the adolescents, minority groups, women and the young in developing countries. This translates in to over 1.3 Billion people still smoking in the world. Congratulations to the Buddhist country of Bhutan which is the only country in the world to ban the sale of tobacco. We have the knowledge and resources to win this battle in our country so is it our lack of will or are the manufacturers smarter and stronger than our will and resources?

Bird Flu Vaccine
Posted on: July 12, 2007

The FDA has just awarded the French drug company Sanofi the approval to make the first H5N1 flu virus vaccine. But before you get too complacent this is not going to totally protect you from the bird Flu. If the H5N1 mutates to become virulent for human to human transmission it will not be ‘exactly’ the current form of the existing virus. This one will have some immunity and maybe bide you some time until the virulent form has a specific vaccine against it. It will also not be available to the public because the Federal Government will buy all of the vaccine for the U.S. Strategic National Stockpile. This of course means the military, federal employees, first line medical personnel, police and National Guard will get the vaccine and it will be unlikely that it will filter down to us

Posted on: July 11, 2007

There has been a lot of publicity regarding chocolate as a neutraceutical lately. It does contain anthocyanadins which is a type of flavenoid, and this mainly applies to dark chocolate. In several studies it has been shown that those people who consume the largest amount of dark chocolate tend to have less heart disease and lower blood pressure. I mean let’s face it would you like to take your beta blocker daily or two ounces of dark chocolate. Maybe the drug industry could make their beta blockers in chocolate instead of pill form?

Both chocolate and initial love produce a chemical in the brain called phenyl ethylamine. This has been found to affect many of the ‘feel good’ neuro-transmitters in the brain. The flavenoids in chocolate have also been shown to inhibit platelet aggregation – so is it a chocolate a day or a baby aspirin? You guess who is going to win.

Posted on: June 26, 2007


In a study out of Iran 25 patients with warts on both hands were recruited into a study using the white latex juice from a fig tree and standard cryotherapy (freezing of the wart). The fig tree latex cured 44% of the warts while the cryotherapy cured 56%. Conclusion was that fig tree juice is slightly less effective than standard therapy, and therefore a good alternative, but the latter had  more side effects such as blanching of the skin and scars.

Author’s comments: It has been well known that most warts disappear within three to five years anyway with no treatment and that if you irritate them with anything (frog juice, WD-40, pepper, window cleaner etc – you get the point) about another fifty percent will also go away.


It is estimated that more than 50% of Americans are now overweight and the number is rising. Obesity leads to decreased life expectancy, heart disease, stroke, elevated blood fats, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and gall-bladder disease. Obviously losing weight reduces the above as well as improving high blood pressure and mood.
The rebound rate for people who do “fad dieting” is almost 98% and some have surmised that this might be due to not incorporating exercise along with their reduced caloric intake. The usual barriers elicited by patients are that exercise consumes too much of their time and gyms require both time and money.
Studies have shown that exercise alone is an excellent weight reducer but when combined with caloric restriction the effect is greater. This study showed that the higher the exercise intensity the greater the weight loss. The following types of exercise all caused weight loss: walking, jogging, bicycling, swimming, weight training, calisthenics and group ball sports. (The list is obviously bigger but were not measured in this study).
Bottom line, adding exercise to your weight reduction program will improve your results!


Within our DNA are certain mutations called ‘premature termination codons’ or (PTC’s) which tell the cells protein making machinery to stop making crucial proteins before they are completely made. Now from the University of Pennsylvania come trials with a drug PTC124 that shows promise in mice and humans to reverse the effects of muscular wasting in Muscular Dystrophy using this new drug. In muce studies it actually was able to produce normal muscle tissue.
This to me is science at its best.

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Long term use of daily aspirin and incidence of Cancer from the Cancer Prevention Study II Nutrition Cohort Study shows ten different types of cancer were evaluated among 69,810 men and 76,303 women from 1992 to 2003. After exhaustive statistical analysis the bottom line is that one full aspirin a day for greater than five years that the overall incidence of colorectal, prostate, and breast cancers ‘may  be modestly reduced’.


They measured 56 women who had severe carotid artery blockages and then age matched an equal amount of controls. They then measured the testosterone, lipid levels, and all of the other sex hormonal levels. The results were that those who had blockages had significantly lower levels of testosterone and androstenedione (another male hormone) than their controls. Their conclusions were that physiological levels of androgens play a protective role in the development of atherosclerosis of the internal carotid artery.


In a study that lasted 10 years and involved 9 clinical centers and 1021 men, there were 516 men that were put on 1 mg of Folic acid and 505 that were given a placebo. The end result was that 1 mg of Folic acid did not reduce colon cancers and there is some suggestion that it might actually increase your risk for the cancer.


By a 93 to 1 margin the Senate passed legislation that would greatly the FDA’s safety office. There are currently 90 people in that office and this would double their office and fund it by 2012 to nearly 1 billion dollars. It is estimated that nearly one in two people today take a prescription drug and this bill will allow for extensive computerized reviews and association of any side effects that might not show up until it is too late. It goes to the House where amendments are likely to be attached.


The pungent smell of ginger comes from the ketone gingerol and is in the family of cardamom and turmeric. And although not actually a root its culinary delights rate it extremely effective. In most studies that were double blinded ginger proved to be better than placebo for post operative nausea. In the sea sickness studies there are mixed results. In one study it was superior to Dramamine and in others it did not reduce the vertigo associated with sea sickness. Although it has been proposed for arthritis the results were mixed. Since it is safe and free of most side effects it is great for pregnancy caused nausea.

Deaths from Heart Attacks – Good News
Posted on: May 19, 2007

In a very encouraging report involving 44,373 patients, spanning 7 years, and involving England, Germany, Canada, France and Spain they found that the death rates fell from 8.4% to 4.5%. Even in Mild heart attacks the death rate was reduced from 2.9% to 2%. These improvements have been attributable to angioplasty (putting a catheter into the artery of the heart and opening up the blockage), and anti clotting medicines. The risk of heart failure brought on by a severe heart attack was also reduced from 7.1% to 4.7%. All of this points to coordinated efforts from the Emergency Room to the operating room in record time. Time to treatment seems to be the critical factor in heart attack survival.

Face masks – if you need them, it might be a good idea
Posted on: May 18, 2007

From the CDC’s Clinician’s Terrorism Update comes the question of facemasks to prevent spread of the disease. Of course first line treatment should included hand washing, anti-viral medications, avoiding crowded places, stay at home as much as possible, and the use of facemasks.

The standard facemasks that you see a surgeon wearing is essentially useless in a pandemic situation. The ones you should be looking at are termed N-95 which means that it eliminates 95% of particulate matter which goes down to .3 microns. This is great for bacteria but viruses are thousands of times smaller. What they are good at is preventing you from inhaling someone’s sneeze droplets or coughing spray. Stay at least 6 feet away from infected persons, and make sure that your N-95 mask is tightly fitted.

Better Looks? Better Pay?
Posted on: May 17, 2007

Here is a study from the U of Texas that tells us once again that if you’re good looking you’re going to make more money – about 5%.

The better looking you are the greater your chances of promotion. You’ll be perceived to be smarter, and have more confidence. These studies have been done for the past 50 years – all with the same results. In the past they related this to the fact that you would be more likely to mate and have better offspring. Lets face it who isn’t attracted more to a beautiful person of the opposite sex (or same sex depending on your orientation)? So for the rest of us – well we’ll just have to work harder.

Pediatric Flu Deaths – what’s going on here?
Posted on: May 16, 2007

The CDC reported that from October 2006 through may 2007 there have been 55 children that have died from the flu. This is data from 23 states. Bacterial secondary infections are a complication of the flu and the most lethal of these is usually Staphylococcus Aureus. In 2004-5 there was one such lethal case, in 2005-6 there were 3 cases and now 55? I do not have the answers but as a physician the following questions come to mind. Were these children in the hospital and are these hospital acquired infections? Were more of these children immuno-compromized to begin with? Are physicians beginning to become less vigilant knowing it’s “just the flu”?

To Take or Not to take Estrogen – That is the question
Posted on: May 15, 2007

In 1991 the Women’s Health Initiative was begun to see if post menopausal women were befitting from taking estrogen. This was a $725 million dollar project involving 27,000 women. Abruptly in 2002 the NIH (National Institutes of Health) stopped the study and announced that estrogen hormones were increasing the rates of heart attacks.  Millions of women abruptly stopped their estrogen therapy and looked for another means to control their symptoms. Now in a major flip flop new analysis has emerged showing that estrogen may be beneficial for people early in menopause, that is the first ten years of menopause. The new data shows that women aged 50-59 who took estrogen had a 30% lower risk of dying, 10-19 years into menopause had a 22% increased risk,  but if you were over  20 years into menopause and continued to take estrogen you had a 71% increased risk of death .

The problem with this entire study appears to be that the average age was 63 and only about 10% of the women were in their first ten years of menopause. Before this data can be widely disseminated it has to get the approval of the AMA and its publication JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association). And herein lies the problem. Apparently JAMA has tightened up the statistical requirements for the data to be “statistically significant”.  In technical jargon they are now requiring a P value of .01 not the usual .05. And to put that in layman’s terms for every 10,000 women aged 50-59 who use hormones there would be 10 fewer deaths and in women aged 70-79 there would be 16 additional deaths. Now you don’t have to be a statistician to realize that someone here has a vested interest to get this published and therefore into mainstream medicine as “evidence based medicine”, the new jargon to justify prescription filling. My personal take is if you have to take hormones make sure they are human bio-identical and be judicious – you should not substitute a pill for proper diet and life style.

Human Pappilloma Viral Infections (HPV)
Posted on: May 14, 2007

The highest incidence and deaths from HPV occur in the Southeastern U.S. The FDA has just released a vaccine for four of the most common sub-types of HPV that cause both the genital warts and cervical cancer. The vaccine is intended for use in all females ages 9-26 but routine usage is now recommended to start at 11 or 12 years of age and consists of three injections. The second dose should be given two months after the first and the third 6 months after the second.
The vaccine covers HPV subtypes 6 and 11 which are the ones primarily responsible for 90% of genital warts and subtypes 16 and 18 which are the most common ones responsible for about 76% of cervical cancers.

Why should I get the vaccine and just how prevalent is this disease? The answers are alarming! The more sex partners you have the more likely you are to get it. HPV was detected in 14.3 % of women ages 18-25 with one sex partner. Two partners increased your risk to 22% and 31% with more than two partners. The following data will probably shock you as much as it did me. According to the National Survey of Family Growth 24% of girls are sexually active by age 15. Nope that’s not a typo. 40% by the age of 16 and 70% by age 18. HPV is associated with about 50% of vulvar squamous cell cancers and most vaginal cancers are positive for HPV. Almost 90% of anal squamous cell cancers are associated with HPV.

Current treatments include freezing the virus, burning it electrically, laser therapy, surgical excision and blotting the lesions with Podophyllin all of which only control the lesions and none are curative. Condoms help but early abstinence cures. In my opinion every woman should get screened with her annual next PAP smear and continue to get annual PAP smears. The vaccine has been established to be effective for about 5 years and long term studies are underway.

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