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Nutraceuticals are an organically produced, specially formulated, proprietary line of cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals invented by Dr. Roger Murray that will help to enhance your life experience by giving your body the elements it needs to feel Forever Young and Healthy.

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What is Colostrum?

Colostrum is the initial feeding that a mammal gives its newborn. It is only produced during the first three days after birth. Many people believe it is nothing more than fortified milk – it is not. It is a clear nutritional product that ensures the survival of the newborn. It is loaded with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, growth factors, cytokines, hormones, and many other nutritionally important factors. Most animals in the wild do not survive if they are not given this incredible fluid.

How is it produced?

This is the key to effective colostrum. To be fully effective it should be processed under sterile cold conditions. Our product is processed via centrifugation, enzymatic emulsification, micro-filtrated and ultra-micro-filtrated and then freeze dried. It is not pasteurized which destroys most of the active ingredients in colostrum.
Our product is produced only from European certified organic cows and European certified organic farms. This is the strictest certification available in Europe today. It means that the cows never receive any antibiotics, animal by-products in their feed, hormones, or pesticides. The cows must do what a cow does which is ruminate which means they eat natural grass. They are treated homeopathically for all conditions. The farms are E.U. certified which means that they have not had any herbicides or pesticides for at least five years. The soil is tested for contaminants on a regular basis. All cows are tested for B.S.E. and Para influenza on an annual basis.

Are there any additives in it?

There are absolutely no additives whatsoever in our product. It is 100% naturally and organically pure.

How much does it cost? And why are there widely differing prices?

The cost is $69.95 for a bottle of 60 pills which is a month’s supply. The difference in our product is that it is not pasteurized, like most of the “other” brands. Most of the “other” brands process their colostrum by simple filtration to try and remove most of the fat, then pasteurize the product by shooting a fine jet of colostrum into a heated vat and then freeze drying it. This process can be done in a day or two. Our process (see how it is produced) takes about five days to accomplish and the product is kept under refrigeration during the entire process ensuring maximum viability of all of the nutrition. In other words you get what you pay for.

What ailments can it address?

There are over 95 different ingredients to our product. We have kept them all. A recent study (see attached study in its entirety) showed that taking our product can raise your IGF-1 levels. This is anti aging in a pill form at a fraction of the cost of HGH injections with the same results. So, almost everything that HGH does, our pill can do also. People reported an increase ability to focus, a greater sense of well being, a sounder sleep with no drug hangover or dependence, and a large increase in energy. Many studies have shown that our product decreases recovery time in athletic endeavors. It also increases performance in long distance sports (see testimonial section).

There are many studies that show tremendous improvement in gastrointestinal disorders. This is due to the large amounts of immunoglobulin in our product (35g-60 per 100g of IgG). Several studies show an improvement in the early Alzheimer’s stages. These improvements were actually shown to have benefit for up to two years of the disease. This same methodology might also be responsible for the almost universal reports we see in all age groups stating that they have an increase in concentration and focus.

Because of the large amounts of immunoglobulin (IgG, IGA, IGE, IGD) minerals, vitamins and cytokines, it has a variety of good clinical immune responses across the board. These range from Alzheimer’s disease, diarrhea diseases, infectious diseases from both bacterial and viral sources (see flu study) and recovery from illnesses and injuries.

How do I know it’s good for me?

In my personal opinion as a physician I know of no other single supplement that gives you as much as our product. It has all of the vitamins that you need, just about every mineral, every single amino acid that you can use, nine growth factors that are known to decrease with age, a trace of almost all of the hormones you need, cytokines and immunoglobulin to replace our aging immune systems and glycoprotein which allows our product to get absorbed better than almost every other product on the market. There are no adverse side effects and the usual dose is 500mg twice a day but in many studies, and my personal injuries, I and many others have taken up to six and eight times the amount without any adverse side effects.

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