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Within the next ten years, I believe there will be quantum advances in Health care (please be cognizant that I said Health Care and not Sick Care which is what we have today). Between the advances in genetic engineering and manipulation of aging markers, eternity (life spans of 350 years) will definitely be available for our children. For us, depending on how old you are physiologically (not chronologically,) we will probably be able to add as much as an additional 65 years. These are not idle pipe smoking, beer dinking fantasies, but hard, scientific facts that are currently emerging. Some of the greatest minds in anti-aging today, such as Aubry De Gray from Cambridge, England, Michael Fossil from Ada, Michigan, and Thierry Hartogue from Brussels, are now actively pursuing and endorsing the above concepts.

The Holy Grail of anti-aging is thought to be the Telomere. At the ends of our 46 Chromosomes are DNA snippets (short pieces) with the base pairs of TTAGG, which stands for Thymine-Thymine-Adenine and Guanine-Guanine. This is the Telomere and the time clock of our cells. Each time our cells divide we lose anywhere from 50 -100 of these snippets. When we are down to less than 1000 the cell just dies because it can no longer divide. When you look at people with diseases, their Telomeres tend to be much shorter than their aged matched controls. The question has arisen, is it the disease that has shortened the Telomere or did the shortened Telomere predispose it to a disease process? It turns out that it is the shortened Telomere that allowed the disease to manifest itself. So our goal therefore is to keep our Telomeres as long as possible and when and wherever to reverse lengthen them.

Telomerase is the enzyme that slows down or stops the Telomere from shortening. We have not discussed this in any of our previous letters, but the liquid form of Telemorx® has been laboratory proven to contain Telomerase activity. There are currently several products in the market place that are doing “positional advertising”. That is they are giving you a whole host of true information regarding Telomerase and then without claiming that their product has any in it, place their product right behind the information and talk about their product. Your mind tells you that their product has Telomerase activity in it, but when you read closely, they make absolutely no claims about their product whatsoever. It’s an advertising trick all too common in the world of nutritional supplements.

So, in my personal and professional opinion, Telemorx® is one of the best nutritional supplements on the market today and the United States Patent and Trademark Office has just issued a full trademark of the Telemorx® brand name.

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