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Posted on: July 9, 2008

With the opening of Whole Foods grocery store down on Sand Lake and Turkey Lake Rd, and Publix having just opened another store at The Marketplace, the healthy food industry is becoming more and more important to the consumer. So I thought I would give you an over view of the entire industry.
When we speak of ‘organic’ we are talking about standards for growing, storage, processing, packaging and shipping.

It generally involves:

1. Avoidance of synthetic chemicals in the production of food
2. Growing food on Farmlands that have been free of chemical for at least three years
3. In farms where both organic and non-organic are grown there must be strict separation.
4. Strict on site inspections and meticulous record keeping.

In the U.S there are three levels of “organicity”. If all of the ingredients are 100% organically grown then you can use the label “100% organic.” If the ingredients are 95% organically grown then you can use the label “organic.” If 70% of the products of an item are grown organically then you can use the label
“made with organic ingredients.”

Do not confuse the word “natural’ or “authentic” with “organic”. Most ‘natural and authentic foods’ are grown with herbicides and pesticides.

In looking at labels from foreign counties the European Union and Japan have state mandated strict standards but even within the E.U Sweden, England and Ireland have their own standards. Australia, Canada and India have private agencies which control
their accreditation.

Organic foods are more expensive because of the time intensive systems necessary to produce them, and they do NOT get Federal subsidies.

In a recent large survey consumers rated “eating healthy foods” as the number one important thing in their live style. This superseded weight management, vitamin intake and exercise. As far as healthy foods were concerned, consumers wanted whole grains, reduced trans fats, and reduction in cholesterol above “organic” foods which came in last at sixteenth place. Interestingly “natural” came in ninth which technically is far more unhealthy than organic, and in the same study 71% of consumers said they more concerned with pesticides than anything else. Perception (no matter how wrong) is everything.

The entire back to nature movement has also hit the nutraceutical and cosmetic industry. We now have cosmetic lines that are “farmaceuticals” “organoceuticals” and “greenceuticals” to mention only a few. But who knows how to really read a label anyway. Parabens, which are preservatives, have been shown to have estrogenic function and with breast cancer rates now at one in nine who needs more estrogens? These have also been banned by the European Union. Sunscreens have also been implicated with carcinogens particularly diethanolamine, DEA and TEA. The Aveeno botanical cosmaceutical line contains some very good and safe ingredients.

Our neutraceutical line Telemorx and Dr Murray’ Immune Complex along with all of our creams are EU certified (this is the most stringent of all of the state run agencies). Our neutraceutical lines come from both organic farms and organically certified cows, and our products are preservative free having been processed under refrigerated conditions and filtered by ultra filtration all the way to sterility. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Posted on: June 17, 2008

Liposuction (LS) is firstly the sucking of fat out of your body. From this point forward, there are variations and opinions on what way, which catheter, method of anesthesia etc etc.

Let’s start out with the anesthesia. You can either put someone under general anesthesia or do tumescent anesthesia. The former is obvious. Using a gas, you are put to sleep for the duration of the procedure. The pros are that you will feel nothing initially, but afterwards there is quite severe pain. The second and most distressing fact is that 95% of all adverse side effects, including death, have all occurred under general
Anesthesia!! The reason is simple. Most Plastic surgeons who do it under general anesthesia do multiple procedures or multiple fatty areas all at once. And all Physicians know that the more procedures you do under general, the greater the risk.

Now Tumescent anesthesia. First, you are awake for the entire procedure. Using Dr Klein’s Solution, the area to be suctioned is infiltrated (filled) with the fluid, which numbs the area, and then, using your preferred catheter (we’ll talk more on this later) you evacuate the fat. You are monitored, just like under general anesthesia but because the physician can and does talk to the patient during the entire procedure, you have control of the patient. Up until last year there had never been a reported death doing this method, but a very careless and cavalier doctor who used inappropriate drugs during the procedure, and then left the operating room before the end of the procedure, did cause the death of one patient. Again, I believe after reading the case that it was the inappropriate use of the drugs that killed the patient. So it had nothing to do with the actual anesthetic solution.

Catheters are like fishing lures, everyone has their own favorites and swears by their selection, but in reality, there is a specific lure, or catheter, for each specific fish, or area to be suctioned. There are catheters with vibrating tips, ultrasound tips, laser tips, oscillating tips (some of which go up and down, and others side ways.) Others whirl randomly in all directions. And then there are the straight catheters. I personally use the straight catheters because I believe that you have the most control – and while it takes a lot longer to do the procedure, the results, in my opinion, are far superior. Dr Gasparotti, perhaps the most artistic liposuctionist in the world likes to say, “It is not the catheter that counts, but the man (woman) holding the catheter”. I agree.

So when would you chose liposuction over Lipodissolve? I believe the answer is, when there is a large volume of fat to remove, multiple areas that need addressing, when the patient wants it all done at once, and in the love handles in men and the knee areas in both men and women.


Lipodissolve is the injection of Phosphatidyl Choline (PC) directly into the fat. PC is a natural derivative of the soybean. Unfortunately, there have been freelance writers who have, out of ignorance, claimed that we do not know how it works. We do know! The PC works by causing the cell membrane to reverse its polarity and as it does, microscopic holes are produced in the cell membrane. We call this a “Zwitterionic defect”. The cell membrane disintegrates, the triglycerides (which is what fat is made of) are released and the body turns them into diglycerides. The body breaks these down one step further to mono-glycerides and finally to free-fatty-acids. This is what the body uses as energy. So in essence fat is stored energy, and the PC breaks down those fat stores in specific areas and turns them into energy. This is a permanent loss of fat in the areas injected. I like to say that it is “chemical liposuction”.

Rapid Laser Lipodissolve is all of the above, plus we add three sessions of a cold laser to the areas being injected. This causes more destruction of the fat cell membrane and a more rapid resolution to a thinner you.

High Definition Rapid Laser Lipodissolve is the final addition to these non-invasive ways of losing fat. In addition to all of the above, we add in a hormone injection that aids in the dissolution of fat. In our studies not only did it appear to enhance the fat loss in the injected areas, but also (as has been established over many years,) aids in the resolution of subcutaneous fat in the whole body.


This is a patented French machine that uses low frequency Ultrasound to dissolve the cellulite. The low frequency ultrasound is at 27 KHz, which is just above the hearing for a human and it painlessly dissolves the fat beneath the surface of the skin. In medical terms the fat is “cavitated”. In essence, ultrasound transducers are applied to the skin with a gel interface and you lie there for about 30 min. The draw back to this is that it takes about 10 sessions to see a really good result. Typically the skin is much smoother and the dimpling is greatly reduced. The positives are that there is absolutely no discomfort whatsoever, and it is completely non invasive. For the best results, the ten sessions should occur over a one-month period. The transducers can be applied to just about any part of the body.

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Within the next ten years, I believe there will be quantum advances in Health care (please be cognizant that I said Health Care and not Sick Care which is what we have today). Between the advances in genetic engineering and manipulation of aging markers, eternity (life spans of 350 years) will definitely be available for our children. For us, depending on how old you are physiologically (not chronologically,) we will probably be able to add as much as an additional 65 years. These are not idle pipe smoking, beer dinking fantasies, but hard, scientific facts that are currently emerging. Some of the greatest minds in anti-aging today, such as Aubry De Gray from Cambridge, England, Michael Fossil from Ada, Michigan, and Thierry Hartogue from Brussels, are now actively pursuing and endorsing the above concepts.

The Holy Grail of anti-aging is thought to be the Telomere. At the ends of our 46 Chromosomes are DNA snippets (short pieces) with the base pairs of TTAGG, which stands for Thymine-Thymine-Adenine and Guanine-Guanine. This is the Telomere and the time clock of our cells. Each time our cells divide we lose anywhere from 50 -100 of these snippets. When we are down to less than 1000 the cell just dies because it can no longer divide. When you look at people with diseases, their Telomeres tend to be much shorter than their aged matched controls. The question has arisen, is it the disease that has shortened the Telomere or did the shortened Telomere predispose it to a disease process? It turns out that it is the shortened Telomere that allowed the disease to manifest itself. So our goal therefore is to keep our Telomeres as long as possible and when and wherever to reverse lengthen them.

Telomerase is the enzyme that slows down or stops the Telomere from shortening. We have not discussed this in any of our previous letters, but the liquid form of Telemorx® has been laboratory proven to contain Telomerase activity. There are currently several products in the market place that are doing “positional advertising”. That is they are giving you a whole host of true information regarding Telomerase and then without claiming that their product has any in it, place their product right behind the information and talk about their product. Your mind tells you that their product has Telomerase activity in it, but when you read closely, they make absolutely no claims about their product whatsoever. It’s an advertising trick all too common in the world of nutritional supplements.

So, in my personal and professional opinion, Telemorx® is one of the best nutritional supplements on the market today and the United States Patent and Trademark Office has just issued a full trademark of the Telemorx® brand name.

Bird Flu
Posted on: November 27, 2007


Plagues have periodically spread across the world killing literally millions of people. There have been three major plagues that raced across the world. One in the 6th, 14th and seventeenth Centuries. The one in the 17th Century was known as the Bubonic Plague 1347-1351. It started in the crowded cities of Europe and was spread by fleas biting infected rats. It lasted for four years and wiped out half of the population of Europe, a total of 137 million people died. The causative organism was the bacteria Bubonic Pestes, a strain that we can easily eradicate with antibiotics today. Most of these people died of pneumonia.

The most recent pandemics (an epidemic that has spread beyond a defined area to become world wide) were those 1918, 1957 and the Hong Kong flu of 1967-68. I will not dwell on the 1967 Hong Kong flu only to tell you that I personally was on R&R during the Viet-Nam conflict when I contracted it from there. I was in a delirious state for three days and my only recollection of those three days was that “I could see blue skies through the white ceiling”.

This 1918 pandemic is thought to have started in China in Guan-dong Province and was caused by the influenza virus. Influenza is mainly a virus of birds which occasionally mutates and becomes infective to animals and humans. Guan-dong Province incidentally is the same area where the SARS virus is thought to have originated along with the recent ‘Bird Flu’. This is an incredibly densely populated area where many of the population breed chickens and small animals in their back yards. This condition therefore makes it ripe for humans to have very close contact with their foul and when the latter become infected it becomes easier for the virus to spread to their owners. Recent evidence obtained from slides of soldiers who died in the 1918 pandemic and from an Alaskan village known as Brevig Mission that was wiped out during that same time has shown that the DNA sequence was entirely from avian origin. That particular virus mutated directly from birds to humans bypassing the usual route of domestic animals (usually pigs).

The 1918 Pandemic is also referred to as the Spanish Flu. This is not because it started there but that because Spain stayed neutral during WW-1 it had a more open and free press that reported on it. Tragically because many combatants and families fled war torn lands the flu hit Spain exceptionally hard, killing over 8 million people. The reports of the world wide death counts of the 1918 pandemic range from 20 to 100 million, however, majority of historians have settled on 40 to 50 million deaths. Whatever the number really was, it was the most virulent and probably the worst pandemic in history. To put it into perspective WW-1 which lasted for four years (1914-1918) killed nine million people and that was a war marked by mustard gas, trench warfare and no antibiotics.

The virus spread throughout the world following the trade routes. In those days shipping was the mainstay of transportation and the earliest cases appeared in the port cities. America reported its first cases in March of 1918, China and Japan reported cases in April and Africa and South America by May. Those populations that did not receive annual infective bouts of influenza were particularly hard hit. In India 22% of the entire Armed Forces and 5 % of the entire population was wiped out, 17 million people. Sixty percent of the Eskimos in Nome Alaska were wiped out and 80-90% of the Samoan population was devastated. In Fiji 14% of the population died within 2 weeks. The death toll in America was mild compared to many counties with ‘only’ 670,000 deaths being reported. The only known place in the world that did not have any reported cases was the island of Marajo at the mouth of the Amazon river in Brazil. Heat kills the virus. In America the government responded by instituting quarantines with little success. Theaters, dance halls, churches and other places of public gathering were ordered closed for a year. Stores were prohibited from holding sales and funerals were limited to 15 minutes. Gauze masks were distributed by the Federal government but with little effect. Many towns formed armed defenses not letting in any strangers. Health care workers, coffin workers, grave diggers and social welfare people died at alarming rates leading to bodies stacking up and people in their homes too sick to care for themselves and too weak to even eat. Many died of dehydration and starvation. To compound things even more most of the medical doctors were away fighting the war. Medical schools were closed and 3rd. and 4th. year medical students manned the wards.

Treatment then was rudimentary by today’s standards. Aspirin had just been invented by the German company Bayer but because of the war many feared that it might be a form of germ/chemical warfare and would not take the anti fever medicine. Cinnamon in powder or oil mixed with milk was usually given for fever. When patients became so short of breath they could hardly breath they gave epinephrine which is used to today to open up the airways of an acute asthmatic attack. Unfortunately the duration of actions is only a few minutes so it was an extremely short reprieve.
The Bird Flu of today is caused by a strain of the virus known as the H5N1. It is extremely virulent and appears to be mutating to a more virulent strain. Today about 50% of the people being infected expire, whereas the 1997 “Bird-Flu” had only a 33% mortality rate. Today it is gaining the scary title of
the “Chicken Ebola Virus”.

Current and Past Viruses

Currently the strains that we usually encounter and those that are covered by our current vaccines are the H1N1( also known as Type A New Caledonia), the H3N2 ( also known as Type A California) and the Type B Victoria and Yamagata. Unfortunately many people erroneously do not take the vaccine because they have memories of the old types of vaccinations that used to bring on a mild case of the flu. These were caused by making the vaccine using ‘whole inactivated viruses’, but today we use only purified surface antigen preparation ( in English we take only the sub-viron particles that are known to be the cause of flu and only those go into the making of the vaccine). This has eliminated most of the old side effects. Today there are currently only two types of vaccine available on the market:

1. The inactivated trivalent vaccine
2. Live attenuated influenza vaccine.

In the 1918 pandemic the age group that had the highest percentage mortality was the 20-40 year olds. But when we look at the national data today on who is getting flu shots the numbers are alarming. For 18-49 year olds only 24% get vaccinated and for 50-64 year olds its 46%. I guess at our age we no longer believe we are invincible. The CDC has been remarkable for predicting which strain will hit us at home. They have been correct 28 out of the last 30 years and when they are right the efficacy of the vaccine is 70-90%. The efficacy is measured by reductions of occurrences of influenza like illnesses, number of episodes, days of work missed, days of illness, health care visits, days on antibiotics, and in days of over-the-counter medicines taken. To me it is quite remarkable that if the vaccine is that effective and then when you look at Dr. Cessarone’s study using cold processed bovine colostrum to think that it is more than three times effective as the vaccine – that says a lot
The H5N1 virus of today is spread from infected birds via their saliva, nasal secretions, and feces. It has spread from domestic husbandry to the wild migratory birds. As of 2005 human cases of the flu have been reported in Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey and Iraq.

The above picture of the world indicates that so far the problem areas are mainly Asia and Europe but as you can see Alaska is just a short flight from Kamchatka and it is on the migratory bird pathway. Below is the pattern of migratory ducks in the North American Continent. Several mathematical models and ornithologists have predicted that the Bird Flu will show up in some form in the U.S. during the 2006 migratory cycle.

The problem is that we have never had to have a vaccine for the H5N1 virus and on top of that the virus appears to kill the eggs upon which the virus is made. Recent studies are showing that ducks are shedding more virus for longer periods of time which is allowing the transmission to continue for longer periods of time, hence greater infectivity.

The current method of trying to prevent spread of this virus is to destroy any foul suspected of being infected. The two problems that we see today vs. 1918 are that then they international ports – today we have internal air-ports. Studies show that if someone is infected in an aircraft that after a four hour flight , 72% will be infected. The virus can live forever in freezing temperatures such as the northern most latitudes of Siberia and Alaska. However if it is warmed to the freezing point 32 degrees Fahrenheit or zero degrees Celsius then it can only live for 30 days. Warming it up to body heat 98.6 F. kills the virus in six days, but heating it up to 140 degrees F can kill it in 30 minutes.

The incubational period for humans is 2-17 days.
An April 2006 report released by NIH (National Institute of Health) describes the interregional spread of influenza through the U.S. Their findings were that the spread of the virus is connected with the rates of movement of people going to and from work. The more populated a region was the faster it spread. The study also found that when a virus is introduced into a populated state it spreads faster than say an unpopulated state. Most epidemics tended to spread from California, our most populated state. While the annual flu epidemics take about 5 weeks to spread it is predicted that a pandemic would take 2-4 weeks to spread to every state. Adults were more responsible for the spread than children.

Many people are asking their physician what would it take for this ‘bird flu’ to become a ‘human’ flu and what conditions must happen for a pandemic to start. Firstly, there must be a new influenza sub-type for which humans have no immunity. Secondly it must be able to infect and cause illness in humans and thirdly the virus must be able to be spread from one human to another. The first two criteria have been met. For the third to occur the virus has to mutate either by ‘reassortment’ or ‘adaptive’ mutation. Reassortment can occur almost instantly and very easily, whereas adaptive mutations take a much longer period of time.
Since there are over one billion cats and dogs in the U.S. a frequently asked question is, how susceptible is your pet dog or cat? So far known transmission has occurred in pigs, tigers, domestic cats, ferrets, leopards and weasels. In October 2004 147 0f 441 tigers has to be euthanized in a Thai zoo. The exact amount and numbers will never be known for all of those animals in the wild. As of this writing I am unaware of any domestic dogs being infected.


This section is perhaps the scariest section of all. The presenting symptoms are usually just the same as any regular flu. Fever, sore throat, headache, muscle aches, joint pains, cough and vomiting. This then progresses to shortness of breath followed by severe difficulty in breathing, which then progresses to ARDS (Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome, otherwise known as Shock Lung) and death. In the latter stages, which if left untreated can only take 6-8 hours to reach, the person dies by suffocation. There is such an overwhelming infection that the virus preferentially attacks the lungs and the victims literally drown to death within hours. Tumor Necrosis Factor responds to the infection and then elevates the temperature to near delirium heights. This then stimulates more cytokines which because of the virulence of the H5N1 virus sets of a ‘cytokine storm’ making the victim feel extremely sick.
There were many stories of a parent going to work feeling well but never returning, dying on the job that day. There is a story of four elderly women who met regularly to play bridge. They began as usual one evening but by morning three of them were dead.
Of all the human cases examined so far the treatment has consisted of Tamiflu, Steroids, I.V. fluids, anti-fever medicines, nutritional and ventilator support but only about 50% have survived. The only two drugs that have helped have been Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) and Zanamivir (Relenza). The older drugs Amantadine (Symmetrel) and Rimantadine (Flumadine) have been found to be ineffective.

Solutions and Planning

Unfortunately many of the countries that are at highest risk have been routinely treating their poultry with anti viral drugs. This has had the consequence of making two of the four anti viral drugs ineffective. In other words resistance has set in and now we only have two drugs that are of any use against the H5N1. The FDA has now proposed a sweeping and protective rule that would inhibit using anti-influenza drugs for any extra-label use. The consequence of this should help prevent resistance from building up here in America.
Should the unthinkable occur, that is, the virus mutates and spreads human to human, what should you do?
I am going to give you a somewhat biased opinion based on the fact that I have experienced the Hong Kong flu directly and I am a physician who knows quite a lot about this potential killer.
1. My first suggestion is to be prepared to stay at home and lock down for as long as three months. That means having enough food, water and cash for three months.
2. Even though the regular flu shot will not be directly effective against the H5N1 virus it will help elevate part of your immune system. Get your flu shot.
3. Having some Tamiflu on hand will also be a good idea.
4. If you need to go outside for brief periods, have a N95 rated face mask.
5. Antibacterial soaps and solutions. Since the virus can be inactivated by acidic solutions have plenty of white vinegar (acetic acid) on board. Iodine and Hibeclens soaps and solutions also kill the virus.
6. Even if you are locked down someone may cut themselves and the last place you want to unnecessarily visit will be the Emergency Room. Have a really good First Aid Kit at home.
7. For those of us that live in Florida we are used to knowing that in any natural emergency we should stock up on batteries, flash lights, propane gas, battery powered radios, candles, matches, mobile generators and enough gas to keep them all going.
8. If you have the time and have a medical condition that requires you to take medicine on a regular basis make sure you have enough.
9. Books, DVDs, board games, playing cards and hobbies will be a necessity to keep your mind working well.
10 But don’t forget about such things as ‘real necessities’. I’m talking about a supply of toilet paper, tooth paste, soap, diapers, coffee, garbage bags and water. It would also be prudent to have the capability to purify or filter the water.
10. Food. There are a lot of things that could be said on this matter and although I am not a Mormon, they because of their belief system, have protocols for storing food that would well be worth looking at. I am sure they have a web site although I am not sure what it is. But from my standpoint you need to have a store of multivitamins, enough protein in the form of canned or frozen meats, fish and beans. You should have an adequate amount of starches in the form of rice, dried potatoes, pasta and beans. Dehydrated and cans of fruits, and vegetables. Cereals in the proper form can also be very nutritious. We all tend to eat differently so the main thing think about is what are your specific food preferences, keeping in mind that which will provide good nutrition for your immune system.
11. Since Dr. Cessarone’s study (page 131) showed that cold processed bovine colostrum was more than three times ‘more’ effective than the flu vaccine I would also strongly suggest that you have a large supply of this on hand.
With a virus so virulent being adequately prepared might be the difference between life and death.

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