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This is a facial enhancer and not a facial filler. The difference is that Sculptra is a liquid that is injected in to the face where there is loss of fat and then stimulates your own collagen to grow. The product itself is for the most part completely absorbed within three days. A filler on the other hand is inserted into the Dermis of the skin and mechanically pushes the wrinkle outward making it disappear. Fillers are for little lines whereas Sculptra is for filling out sunken cheeks, loss of fat around the mouth and around the temples. Fillers typically last around 6-9 months whereas Sculptra can last up to two years. Frequently the best results are obtained by “layering” that is using both, one for the deeper layer and the filler for the more superficial layer. This is a fairly new product is the U.S. but has been in wide use in Europe for more than ten years.

Using fillers is fairly easy for most Doctors but Sculptra requires some artistic skill to get the best results.

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