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New iGuide® 2.0

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Redefine Your Neckline With The Minimally Invasive iGuide® Technology

iGlide 2.0

iGuide® simply weaves a standard, braided polyester suture (no barbs) underneath the jaw line with one continuous thread. In properly selected patients, iGuide® provides a technique to improve the neck and jaw line with minimal incisions, compared to traditional techniques, with minimal swelling, bruising and scarring.

Minimally Invasive. Maximum Results.

iglide2You can have a firmer, more youthful neckline, with minimal incisions and virtually no scarring. Introducing the ImplicitGuide® Surgical Suture System. Now you can enjoy natural-looking results with less recovery time. iGuide® creates a lasting, natural-looking neck contour, in many cases without general anesthesia, in less than half the operative time of traditional surgery.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ImplicitGuide® Surgical Suture System (iGuide®)?
iGuide® has FDA clearance, for soft tissue approximation and elevation of sub-dermis and underlying muscle. iGuide® provides a technique to improve the neck and jawline with minimal incisions as compared to traditional techniques, while reducing side effects such as swelling, bruising and the risk of nerve and muscle damage, and decreases recovery times. The iGuide® was developed by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory Mueller to improve neck, face and brow contours resulting from aging and inherited through genetics.

How does iGuide® work?
iGuide® is packaged in a sterile kit that is comprised of five unique surgical tools which allow surgeons to elevate and define any soft tissue areas by weaving a suture trampoline® underneath the jaw line. This is achieved through a series of needle punctures with one continuous thread, instead of cutting and repositioning muscles and soft tissue that can cause damage to the nerves and blood vessels of the neck, face, and brow. Using these unique tools, the system creates a trampoline-like structure that provides dynamic low tension support, elevating the skin, muscle and soft tissue as one unit.

What are the benefits of iGuide® over traditional, invasive procedures?
iGuide® provides patients with a minimally invasive surgical option that delivers consistent, natural-looking results, while leaving minimal to no swelling or bruising, and reducing the possibility of muscle or nerve damage that can occur with traditional necklift procedures. Additionally, iGuide® allows procedures to be performed quickly and in many cases using local anesthesia alone.

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