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Liposuction/Lipo-Sculpture is the most asked for cosmetic procedure in the U.S. There are innumerable variations on the techniques. I believe the bottom line is not the technique that matters the most but the skill of the Doctor holding the wand. The current fad is all about the Smart Lipo. A very catchy word for sure and it involves the use of a Laser wand to dissolve the fat before it is removed. This is very effective for small areas only and comes with a higher than normal price tag. Then there are the different types of oscillating wands. Some vibrate back wards and forward, others side to side, and still other in a random fashion. They all work – how well determines who is holding the wand. There is also Vaser which uses ultrasound energy to dissolve the fat and then suck it out, using this technique larger amounts of fat can be removed. Personally when I see some of the work done of T.V. I am horrified at the size of their catheters and their techniques. Dr Jeffery Kline invented the tumescent technique of anesthesia which uses a local solution so you are wide awake, small cannulas so there is alost no postoperative pain and virtually no visible scars. This takes longer but is also much safer. I am proud to tell you that Dr Kline also taught me how to do Liposuction.

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