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Chemical (Free) All Natural Peels

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Lyco-Ionic Jessner Peel™

For Professional Use Only
PH 2.2
Combines Resorcinol, Salicylic Acid, L-lactic Acid, Red Wine and Lycopene to provide a very noticeable and effective exfoliation. Great for skin types that are acne prone, photo damaged/hyper-pigmented,
Have fine lines, or have post inflammatory pigmentation due to acne scarring.

Glyco-Ionic Gel Peel™

For Professional Use Only
PH 2.15 – Gel Form 10%
Excellent for photo-damage, fine lines, enlarged pores, acne 1&2, hyper-pigmentation, dull complexion and ingrown hairs. Glycolic acid peel derived from its natural source (sugar cane), not synthetic thus less chance for irritation or complications. Glycolic acid’s small molecular size allows penetration of the epidermis, stimulates new growth of skin and collagen by decreasing the bond that holds dead skin cells on the surface.

Lacto-Ionic Gel Peel™

For Professional Use Only
pH2.0 – Gel Form 15%
Milder on skin than other peels, and well tolerated by most skin types including sensitive and rosacea skin, this peel is beneficial in improving hyper pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, photo damaged skin, enlarged pores, and rosacea. This exfoliator removes outer layers of thickened or damaged skin leaving a smoother
And healthier appearance.

Sal-Ionic Gel Peel™

For Professional Use Only
pH2.3 – Gel Form 10%
Well tolerated by all skin types (Fitzpatrick I-VI) this highly effective peeling agent is excellent for treating
Acne, large pores, fine lines, acne scars, melasma, and post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. Salicylic acid
Is an excellent “pore cleanser” due to the fact that it is lipophilic (oil soluble), so it penetrates sebum filled
Follicles. It is anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial.

Neova Renaissance 2™ Peel

For Professional Use Only
Skin Resurfacing + DNA Repair – Improves the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, photo damage, skin discoloration, pore size, mild acne scars & some forms of acne.

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